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It was now the year 2007, and I was in the least respected
sushi resturant. I was finishing up feedind Chaos, so he
could return into his magic orb before anyone noticed him.
An old man who looked about 75 saw Chaos. He screamed,
and ran home as quickly as he could. The old man caught
everyone's attention, so they went home to fetch their
shotguns. The steaming mob of villagers ran towards me,
but I grabed Chaos and we flew away. Another day spent,
trying to keep my secrets; trying to be normal and return
the future from becoming the past. " I will....find Phoenix"
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel sat in the fields of Emerald Fields. She looked to Genesis who was lapping at the pond water. She smiled and played her vertical flute. Genesis looked up and sang to the song. The petals of the flowers around them blew off of the flowers and flew with the winds that stayed in the Emerald Fields.

She stopped playing and let the flute hang from her neck. She walked over to Genesis. She put her hand near her mouth and softly petted her. She walked to her side and got on.[/i]

"Let's go home."

[i]Genesis replied with a roar. She got up and let her large wings pulse against the winds. Soon, the two were in midair. Angel trusted Genesis with all of her heart and loved her. Together they overcame the greatest battles together.

When they entered the village, the Elders of the Village had came outside. When Genesis landed and Angel got off, they came over.[/i]

"Quickly, Angel. Meet with us now." [i]Elder Viatro said pulling her.[/i]
"What's wrong, Elder Viatro?" [i]Angel asked as she was pulled into the house of Elder Hilo and Elderess Trilla.[/i]
"Welcome to our house, Angel." [i]Elderess Trilla greeted Angel as she came in.[/i]
"I am welcomed, Elderess. May I sit?" [i]Angel replied politely.[/i]

[i]Elderess Trilla nodded and she sat. Angel looked to the Elders who stood and wondered what in the world was going on.[/i]

"Elder Hilo, Elder Viatro, Elder Gainman, Elder Ligros, Elder Grifton, what is going on? Why am I rushed? Why do you look like something terrible has happened?"
[i]Elder Hilo sat down beside and explained.[/i] "Angel. Long ago, in the year of 1854, a group of dragons had saved Vietnam from their attacks. And now, Master Kakashi is trying to put more attacks all over the world. The Dragons are not able to fight by themselves, they need their trainers, partners, tamers. They are looking for the Silver Phoenix. It will help them defeat Master Kakashi. There are six dragons that are trying to find the Phoenix. The Dark, Light, Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water dragons. You have the Light Dragon. Therefore you are part of that group."
"And your point is?" [i]Angel replied.[/i]
"Our point is that if the Dragons are to save this world from those attacks again, you will need to go with them. Without you, they are useless. They need each of everyone's power to survive and get the Silver Phoenix." [i]Elder Viatro explained as he took his seat.[/i]

[i]Angel looked to the Elders and knew that in their mind they wanted her to go, but in their hearts they didn't. She had to make a decision, or it would be made for her. And she hasn't ever had a decision be made for her the day she was born.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She looked to the window and saw Genesis' calm, friendly, independant eyes. She knew that she would want to help. Angel stood up and made her decision.[/i]

"Alright. I will go. Before I do, the Elemental Terrains will keep you from harm. There those within the Terrains that I am friendly with."

[i]The Elders smiled and let her out of the house. The Village stood there and smiled. They cheered as Genesis came over and let Angel get on.

Before she left, her mother and father came over and gave her a items that she would need. Her father gave her light armor so that she would not get hurt easily. Her mother gave her money so that she would get something to eat. Each of the Elders gave her something as well. Elder Hilo gave her a crystal pendant that allows Genesis to respond to her, Elder Viatro gave her the crystal orb that which Genesis should be contained, Elder Gainman gave her a Double Edged Broad Sword, Elder Ligros gave her an armlet so that the orb can fit into it, and Elder Grifton gave Genesis a crystal pendant as well. The gifts would help Angel in her search for the Silver Phoenix as well as the others.[/i][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Nisha sat on a rock.Nothing strange about that right?Wrong.She was sitting on a rock....in the middle of the sea.Angry waves crashed around her.She put her hand into her pocket and brought out a blue ocarina.She placed her fingers over the holes and brought it to her lips.She blew into it gently.The waves calmed and Nisha heard another noise,singing in harmony with the song of her ocarina.She looked up and saw her blue dragon,Tsu.He started to descend and changed into a swoop,headed right towards Nisha.At the last second Nisha did a backflip and landed upright on Tsu's back.She ended the song.

"Time to go home Tsu."she whispered to her deragon.They had been friends since they were young.They trusted each other and had a lot of fun.They had been in battles together and Tsu was the swift,brave,strong and agile.Nisha was the same and they worked together.

They headed back to her village and landed.As soon as she had landed she was told that the Elders wished to see her.She led Tsu over to a house that held them and knocked.

"Hello Elders.You asked for me?"she asked.
"Yes Nisha.Please take a seat."

The Elder's reminded her of Master Kakashi and his minions and told her about the Elemental Dragons and that she had the Dragon of Water.Then they told her that she had to go one a quest to find the Silver Phoenix.

Then they gave her gifts.Her father gave her a glaive,her mother gave her money and supplies,the oldest Elder gave her a crystal orb in which to keep Tsu in,another Elder gave her a pair of daggers,another gave her a pair of pendants made of sapphires.One for Nisha and one for Tsu to keep control and for mind speech.She thanked them and left.She gave Tsu the pendant and then went home to rest.They would leave later that afternoon.[/COLOR]

Sorry if I copied you a bit Arika.Hope ya don't mind too much.
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"Alright, so where'd they go to this time?" A young red-haired girl ran up the side of a hill, slightly out of breath. "Drat. It seems that they got away. Oh well, I'll find them yet." She yawned, then looked at the sun, which was sinking behind the mountain that used to be her home. "Dinner, then bed. I'll find those scoundrels tomorrow." She pushed up one of the sleeves of her crimson dress to reveal a thick silver bracelet with a small ruby orb in the middle. She brushed her hand against it gently. "Come on out, Hoku!" A light glimmered slightly, but nothing happened. "Hoku, come out now, please!" the girl said in a strained voice. Still, nothing happened. "Hesperos Kahgegwagebow, come out now or I'll drench you with water!" There was a tremendous blaze of light, and a large winged figure stood beside the girl. "Don't like it when I use your real name, eh Hoku? Think it'll scare off all the girl dragons? I doubt it, but it's up to you." In her mind, the dragon called Hoku scolded the girl, whom hel called Neci, for bringing him out. She reminded him that it was starting to get cold, and besides she needed protection. That settled, she built a fire, ate dinner, and went to sleep curled up against the watchful eye of the dragon.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]OOC:[/B] No I don't mind. Hey! Maybe You and I can meet together somehow!

[i]Angel and Genesis flew through the sky. Genesis sensed a dragon nearby. It was near the Village of Waters. Angel acknowledged this and let Genesis take her to the Village of Water. They came near and when they flew overhead, the villagers were screaming.[/i]

"Dragon! Dragon! Nisha! There's a dragon in the sky!"

[i]Nisha ran outside and looked up to see the whitest, clearest, most graceful dragon she had ever seen. On top of the dragon she could see a care free girl who let the dragon do as it pleased.

Angel saw the people come out. She knew it meant troubole. Then she saw a girl run to another dragon. It was ocean blue and when it lifted off the ground it moved like the waves of the sea. Flowing gracefully, in and out, in and out. The girl soon came face to face with Angel. She took out her glaive and pointed it towards Angel who just lifted one eyebrow up as if to say, 'What are you doing?' Genesis seemed to stop pulsating her wings. She seemed to float in mid-air. When the girl saw this, she was surprised.[/i]

"Who are you and why are you here? Are you here to destroy my village?" [i]She questioned the care free Angel.[/i]
"My name is Angel. Except those who know me know that I am no angel. But, nevertheless, I am named that. I am here to seek one of the Dragon Tamers and one of the Elemental Dragons. I am from the Village of Elements. I see you're from the Village of Waters." [i]Angel said while swinging around on Genesis' tail.[/i]
"Yes. I am." [i]the girl replied.[/i] "Come with me."

[i]The girl left the air and descended down to the village. Angel followed.

Once they hit the ground, Angel flipped off of her dragon and grabbed her flute. She started to play it. The girl stopped at the house of her Elders and knocked. One of the Elders opened it and looked to the girl then to Angel. He was surprised. As was Angel.[/i]

"Elder Vaitro? Brother of Elder Viatro? This is [i]your[/i] village?" [i]Angel questioned surprisingly.[/i]

[i]Elder Vaitro nodded and let the girls in. Before stepping into the house, Angel walked to Genesis and spoke to her.[/i]

"Go play for a while. Don't go too far. Go between our Village and this Village, OK?"

[i]Genesis nodded and flew away. Angel walked to the Elders' house and stepped in. When she did she greeted them the way she would greet her Elders.[/i]

"Good afternoon, Elders of the Village of Waters. I am Angel. I come from the Village of Elements."
"Good afternoon, Angel." [i]The Elders replied.[/i]
"Take a seat. You must be tired from your flight." [i]Elder Vaitro said to her.[/i]

[i]Angel shook her head and stood politely. The girl went to the Elders' side and stood there. She didn't trust the girl. Elder Vaitro calmed her down. He introduced her to Angel.[/i]

"Nisha, this is Angel. My brother is her Elder. I have always loved Water and therefore came here."
"I already know who she is. I do not need an introduction. I do not trust any other person who has a dragon." [i]Nisha replied.[/i]
[i]Angel smirked and asked,[/i] "Alright. What would make you trust me? Test me and I will succeed."

[i]Nisha was about to speak but the Elders stopped her.[/i]

"It is not the way we do it here, but since you are new here and you do have a dragon, we shall give you a test. An Elements Test." [i]One of the Elders told her.[/i]
"Elements...Test? Too easy. Not to be rude or anything. But this is just too easy. Please remember that I came from the Village of Elements. Before I found Genesis, the Dragon of Light, I always walked through the Elements." [i]Angel explained.[/i]
"Fine, then. [i]I[/i] will prepare the test. This Elements Test will be so tough you won't pass." [i]Nisha told Angel.[/i]

[i]Angel just smiled and chuckled. The two left the house, but before Angel left, she said her good byes.[/i]

"Please excuse me from this house. It seems that Nisha, your Dragon Warrioress, would like to prepare the test for me. If I may."

[i]The Elders nodded and she bowed to them and left. When she got out, she whistled through her thumb and index finger. Genesis was in the sky, but when she heard the whistle, she turned and left for the Village of Waters. When Angel saw Genesis, she made fun of her. Genesis shook her head and made fun of Angel as well. But when Genesis came down, Angel jumped on her neck and wrestled her. But they calmed down and Angel stood up. She waited for Nisha's Test.[/i]
[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry, Ohkami. I made you kind of rude to me. But if you don't trust someone, that's what happens. And you should have every right not to trust me, right?[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Nisha talked to the elders in private for some time before leaving the house.

She reached into her shirt and held onto the sapphire pendant.

["Tsu!Come back.We have work to do."]she called to the dragon through mind speech.

Soon Nisha could hear the song of Tsu as she came in to land.Nisha got on and told it where to go.

"I have some things to prepare for the test.Just stay around this area until I am ready.You may explore the village,but if I hear of you causing any trouble we will throw you out without test."Nisha said coldly to Angel before flying off.

Nisha did everything and returned to the village.She got Angel and took her to the site of the first test.Nisha flew up and away.As soon as Angel flew into the area a large tornado started to blow.Angel wasn't surprised and easily went with the wind before getting her dragon Genesis to fly out the top of the funnel.

Nisha brought her to the next area and told Angel to get off the dragon.Angel did and the ground shook violently and rocks fell from the sides.Angel nimbly dodged the rocks and made it to the other side.Nisha just led on to the next area.[/COLOR]
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It was then, I saw a girl gathering water in a pouch, as if she was
preparing for something. Though she was beautuful, I was too shy
to go up to her. Chaos senced a unbelievably strong power near,
and decided to shoot a weird blast at her. I had no clue what
he did, weather it was good or bad, so I didn't take any chances
and just yelled,"NO!" A dragon came from nowhere in sight,
but hit the blast into a different direction. It started to fly towards us.

"Tsu, no, come back," she screamed.It did.

We were floting in air, when the girl pointed at me.
I pointed to myself, and glanced behind as if she was
pointing at someone alse. I was sooo embarrassed,
though I went down to her."Hello, I'm Nisha" she said in
the sweetest voice."uh-uh-uh-i-i-im-im...." I said.
"WOW!" she said as a sparkeling bird flew by. It
shot by like a shooting star, so there was no need to travel
after it. I flipped out a notepad, and wrote *Pheonix:NE*
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