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House Of The Dead


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Some of my friends dragged me to this movie, the other day. I didn't really think it would be any good, and I was partially right.

While the movie did have some bad acting and predictable scenes, it also had some really impressive gunfight scenes, along with the most zombies I've seen on the screen at one time.

The gunfights were Matrix-like, but had their own unique style.

Well, in the end these fight scenes, although mindless, were pretty much the best thing about the movie, besides getting to see Clint Howard in another horror film.:D

So did anyone else go see this movie? Or was I the only one?
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[color=darkred][SIZE=2][font=verdana]Now don't hold back craig8429, tell us how you really feel =P

I know this isn't going to be the best acted movie, I don't think I recognize any names in the movie (come to think of it, they didn't even give any names in the previews, as they usually do for movies. . ) I am more interested in seeing some good action scenes with lots of gunplay. This movie is based off of a video game, so I am not expecting an oscar worthy movie here. . just a movie that I can get some thrills from. I mean, how many movies based off video games have really been that good? (besides Resident Evil - only one I could think of). . .

Anyways, I can wait till DVD or something, and just steal it from a friend, but if I can get in for free, I wouldn't mind watching this movie in the theater (I think it would be better then on my TV) ^_^ [/SIZE][/color][/font]
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This is my pre-viewing review. From the previews, no-one should go in there expecting anything good. The movie is a typical horror/action...with the "required" Matrx-style gunfights. Simply, boorish.

The movie looks nothing like the game. The feel of the movie feels nothing like the feel of the game.

I mean, the original concept to the movie was a GREAT idea. A couple of college students get stuck in this house full of monsters. I think I heard the house was a frat house or something. That concept is a GREAT idea. But, no. They went in and added guns, guns and more guns. WTF. How many college students do you know that can leap 5 feet vertically, firing a shotgun, with no recoil, without getting sent backwards?

The problem is, George Romero hasn't done a zombie movie in ages. That's why there's crap like House Of The Dead and Resident Evil coming out. Because the good zombified horror has...died. I hear that 28 Days Later revisits Romero's ideas of Night of the Living Dead, and that is excellent. What isn't excellent is Hollywood slam-bang-explosion seeping into everything. We don't need 12-gauges and uzis to have a good horror film. We need an intelligent execution, intelligent idea, intelligent direction--intelligent FILMMAKING, not this half-assed horror/action ********.

Sometimes I think I do need to get back into my film goal, so I can start the revolution, but I'm more needed in the classroom, as our school systems are not doing so well.

But, people. Hollywood is falling apart. That's evident by RE and HotD. About RE...it fell into the curse. Horrid video game to movie translation. The only successful game to movie translation I can think of is Mortal Kombat. The first one, not that Annihilation crap.

Do you know why MK did so well? Because it had intelligent execution, intelligent idea, intelligent direction...intelligent filmmaking. It adhered to the video game feeling, and did it well. Can't say the same for Super Mario Bros (although, SMB is so bad that you love it), Street Fighter, RE, Final Fantasy, etc.

Bottom line:

HotD = teh sukinessessss!!11!1!
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