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I'm going to start a . Hack quest. I don't know the specfic goal of our journey, but I should have one soon. It may have something to do with finding the Key of the Twilight and helping Tsukasa. or it may deal with Kite like on the game. But if you're interested in joining this quest type your characer name and his/her class here.
And don't forget the weapon.

Twin Blade
Dante's Blade

:excited: :) :( :o :D ;) :p :cool: :rolleyes: :mad: :eek: :confused: :ball: :wigout: :love: :tasty: :flaming: :babble: :smirk: :laugh: :devil: :cross: :sleep: :blush: :angel: :smooch: :bawl: :blackeye: :butthead: :drunk: :demon: :freak: :box: :toothy: :mrt: :naughty: :nervous: :therock: :worried: :whoops:
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[color=green]Hi, Tujex, and welcome to OB. :)

A couple things you should know. The first post of the recruitment thread should contain a rundown of the back story to your RPG. So, you should have a general idea of the back story [i]before[/i] you post. Please edit your first post to include a storyline, ASAP.

Also, signup sheets are required to be somewhat more extensive than just the character's name, class, and weapon. This is to prevent people from signing up with three-word posts, which is considered spam at these boards. You may want to add in a description, brief bio ... anything to give the characters a bit more substance.

I'd encourage you to check out some of the other RPGs in the forum for some examples. Also, remember to read the rules for OB, as well as the sticky at the top of the forum, if you haven't already.

Oh, and finally, though it is interesting to see every smiley for the forum in one post ... it's probably not really necessary. That's not a rule, really, just my advice. :p

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Okay let me tr again... *ahem*

This story revolves around the show .Hack//SIGN. My good friend Tsukasa tells me he has trouble logging out. He says the only that can help him is some illegal item called the "Key of The Twilight". And if things aren't weird enough I've been stuck with this mysterious necklace. First I must find Tsukasa who ends up moving eery time I get near him. On my journey I will ned some adventurers to journey with me to help me conquer the many dungeons,monsters, and traps. If yo're willing to help me please leave a message on this board.

Leave your characters name, his or her vocation and weapon, and some info like how long they've been playing, how they lok and so forth.

Here is an example (My information)
Vocation:Twin Blade
Weapon: Dante Blades
Info: Tujex is a newb on The World. Tsukasa told him about "The World" ,but his friend, Elk, helped him get used to the gameplay. But Elk mysteriusly disappeared with with a cat girl like Mia, so now Tujex is left alone to train. He met a girl amd Blackrose who was willing to help Tujex train until he was strong and skilled enough to veture on his own. But one day while in a dungeon, Tujex was attacked by a man dressed in all white. Hi long golden hair was like vines that would have crushed Tujex. But as the monster created some sort of gate thing called "Data Drain" a necklace apeared around his neck. The neclace reversed he effects of the blast causing the man/monster to run away. The next day Tujex read about his real-life friend Yasuhiko/ Orca being put in a coma after being "Data Drained" and sme boy who had a myterious bracelet that allowed him to "Data Drain". The messages were deleted soon after. Once he logged on that day Tsukasa messaged him saying he couln't log out. No Tujex must help his friend Tsukasa, while searching for the boy named "Kite" with the bracelet, the man that tried to "Data Drain" him, and trying to figure out what happened to Orca...
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Long Blade
(Crims blade)
Kyo's real name is Kyoshiro Sakamoto. He plays the world for one reason, he has no real friends. He met plenty of people on the world and loves it there. He met up with Tujex, a fellow newbie, and decided to help him and his friend Tsukasa. He has never been data drained but his friend Sikai (someone be him please) was right in front of him. Sikai went into a short coma and awoke not remembering the incident. Kyo and Sikai have to figure out the mystery for his sake.
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User:Heavy Blade
Weapon: Mimiru's sword
The World: In the world, He was Data Drained and
he didn't remember the incident. His online
friend,Kyo, told him all about it, but hes still clueless and is determend to find the answer. Kyo told him he knew a guy named Tujex, that is going for the same goal.
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Guest Skyechild91
Name- Siriko
User- Darkstarr*
Weapon- Tsukasa's glaive/staff
The World- She has been playing for about a week longer than the rest, but is still not very good. Recently knocked out, she was Data Drained. Not good. Unable to Log OUt, she tries to find someone who knows anything about her.

OCC: This is pathetic, I know....
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Name:Kredion Animaya

User:Vahn Akiama

Weapon:Sliver Knight's Sword

Bio:Tends to watch the world more play but is one of the first to notice the change in events being a hacker he try to hackt he world and finds a a strange data form that he can't figure out .

After posting the the message boards to bewere of strane monster not seen before he heds in looking the the trouble.
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Guest bahumant111088
Name: Sion

User: Izzy
Weapon:tiger nails

Bio:learn the game from his mother who is one of the players
He plays the game more than anything, he sometimes hacks
and sometimes just trains

Apperanceof character: black hair,green eyes,blackpants,red shirt
a cloack and the blades hang from he's sides
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name: kris

weapon: reverse blade sword
class: katana

bio: stumbled across the game by acedent. but almost instently got hooked. now she plays almost all the time and is a very good player.

apperance of the character: has extremly dark red hair with two white stips of hair for her bangs, hazle eyes, black leather mini skirt, a black spegetti strap tank top under a green net shirt, black leather gloves, military issue black boots, a black leather trench coat style jacket, black stockings.
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[size=1][color=navyblue]Generally speaking, when a thread hasn't been replied to in over 2 months, we consider it done. In the future, please don't bring back old threads - if you're still interested in the topic, just PM whoever made it.

Double-posting is also looked down on. I understand your curiousity, but please don't do it again. :p I'll also ask you to improve your grammar a bit - more effort into punctuation, capitalization and the correct spelling of words would be greatly appreciated.

For more information, you might want to check out the OB rules thread and catch yourself up a bit.

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