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OOC: This takes place after Kikaider01. Jiro is still alive and wandering.

The city still struggles to clean up Armegeddon, the giant robot defeated by Kikaider. The army, of course, was the first to the sight to retrieve the blueprints, so they may one day have their own. There was a problem in delivering the file, and somehow the bluprints found there way to the black market. Potential of total destruction was distributed all over the world and sold to the highest bidder. Komyogi's legacy, the gemini, remained burried inside Misuko's house. Until...

12:00 am Misuko's House

A balding figure in a white labcoat opened the rusty doors and looked around inside. His flashlight flickered on as he stepped across the dusty floor.
[i] This is where those strange monster sightings came from. I wonder if maybe... [/i]

He looked up and noticed a faint greenish glow coming from the upstairs hallway. He walked up the stairs and looked down the hall. All of the doors were shut, except for one on the far right, which was open a crack and lighting the glow. He opened the door, to find stacks upon stacks of notes and paper crammed into a little room. On the desk sat a computor that spewed the greenish glow. He hit a button on the computor, and a large blueprint flashed onto the screen.
[i] It can't be! Is this what I think it is?... [/i]


Transformed Name
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An android origonally designed to cause Kikaider suffering but he escaped. He has been wondering trying to discover the secrets of the heart circut. He also wants to fight Kikaider as it was his origonal purpose.

wears a whte gi, black fuzzy hair, and purple eyes




black body, black gi, same hair, black eyes

black kitana
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Name Ryden
Age 2 (looks 14)
Bio No memories of past, or of self...
Desc. Black hair, falls to eyebrows in front and neck in back. blue jacket with yellow collar. Blue jeans and shoes. Green, almost glowing eyes.
Weapon: beam sword, with odd powers.

Transformed Name: Kikaider04
Description: blue and red design like kikaider. An arrow going down to his nose of unfinished glass part, outlined in black. same arrow on chest, and glass on forearms.
Weapon: energy sword and fists
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