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Writing Growing lines...

Jesus Chicken

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[color=blue]Yeah, I just finished this one. I wrote this over two days, so it changes a little bit. I actually made use of a slight poetic device in this one. I'm so fantastic...
Anyway, this one is half about me, half about a good friend of mine. I'm sure he'll figure out it's him. Tell me what you think.

Growing Lines...

You've seen it happen before when he changes in an instant,
he'll follow her where-ever he can, now he's gone, that one who was distant,
innocence still exists in the world and he has it in his head,
just wanting to be friends at first but he finds himeself in bed,
with a girl he wanted as a soul mate,
but for that kind of thing, its all too late,

he watches the little kids playing in the park,
he wishes things weren't so dark,
he just wants to be a child again,
forget the misery and pain,
back to the world where it all was bright,
a simple life where it all was right,
a simple life with a simple girl,
the teacher gives him a sticker-star,
leans his head outside the car,
a simple life for the little ones,
a simple life with a simple girl,

now things have changed hes a bit older,
the world is smaller, but its much colder,
the magic and mystery is gone from his world,
he expands his mind around his books, curled,
he's growing smart enough to see he's wasting away,
but stupid enough, ugly enough, not to change his ways
because he's sick of being left by himself on the side of the road,
although deep inside, thats exactly where that boy wants to be stowed,
but the days are getting longer and the nights getting harder to sleep alone,
his time is to come along for him soon, struck dead in three days, harder then stone,
the girl she lies forgotten and end of the path with a river running heavy beneath her feet,
yes now that he's a man he can see his life is just another road, being crushed beneath the cars of the street...[/color]
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