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Anime Radditz Question


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[b]Akay, here I'll go (as per usual) making myself looking like a ditz but I really needa know:
Does Radditz ever return as a SSJ?
Because my friends all say 'yes', and I say 'no', and I just realised that the chances of all of them being wrong and me being right is pretty small.
I mean, you never know..but then again, there still is that chance, right?
Does Radditz ever return in Dragonball Z/GT as a SSJ?
And whether or not he [i]does[/i] return, what would be the physical appearance differences between a Radditz SSJ, and a radditz SSJ3?[/b]
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Guest Altron Gundam
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Trotenks [/i]
[B]comeing from a dbz no it all no considering i stumped you all in my quiz in otakuboards v 2.0 [/B][/QUOTE]

I know more knowledge about DBZ in my sleep than you do in your life sucka. You aren't a know-it-all, you're a cocky punk. I finished watching DB/Z/GT when you were prob. still in 1st grade sucka, so don't come in here showing off.
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Listen... He doesnt go SSJ, only saiyans to go SSJ were: Goku, Gohan,Goten, Goku Jr,Vegeta Jr, Vegeta , Trunks, and all of the 3 fusions.
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