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Sign Up Become so Numb (100 years after Kikaider)

Kyo no Ryu

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I am Jiro Kikaider. It has been 100 years since I killed Dr. Gil. I have lived all this time in pure sorrow. I have become human, but, but I am evil.
[I]Become so numb[/I]
I have been attacked many times by the restored Dark but I cannot defeat them. I fear my end will coe soon. Maybe Ill find hapiness in death, but I must live on. I have finished creating replicas of my brothers and sisters that I so ruthelessly killed before. There are 8 of them now, each has a past that they believe is their own and they blieve they are familly...
[I]Become so tired[/I]
I have decided the only way to awaken them is to give them part of my own soul, this is my last log entry. I know my children will be attacked by dark but I hope they can win. Farewell... I will meet my friends soon...
[I]1 year later[/I]
The 8 children have sepeated all over Japn but have fallen into trouble. Dark has unleashed armies of robots to destroy the world! The children must gather in yoto to defeat the army!

Transformed appearance:
Bio: (the one youve been programed)
weapons/attacks: (no more than 3)

I will not join

Inspired by Linin Park Numb. [/color]
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Name: Ijimeru (japaneese for tourment)
Appearance: Dark blue hair that falls messily around the back of his neck in back and his eyebrows in front. blue eyes and black eyebrows. Grey kikaider-style jacket and black shirt. Black pants and grey shoes/gloves.
Transformed appearance: Copletely grey, with red eyes and black vertical stripes through eyes. grey body, white joints/fingers, black x across chest. Black belt line.
Bio: Programmed: A child in the orphinage with no friends. Left the orphinage and grew up on the country side.

True: Activated one week ago.
weapons/attacks: Energy fists, energy cannon
personality: Stubborn, untalketive but relaxed.
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