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As I always do I get up, and get ready to go to school. When I got to school I sat down and talked to my friends until it was about time to be dismissed to classes. As we got dismissed I noticed there was a new student at our school.

This RPG is just for Guardian Storm, Ninja_Freak, and me.

name:Chaston Nealy
age:13 (14 tomorrow)
appearance:Brown hair, brown eyes, blue jeans, black shirt with dragon on it.
personality:Kind, funny, shy, and carefree
likes:music, writing stories or poems, video games, and reading mangas and stuff.

Please join soon.
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Guest Skyechild91
name: Stefani rennolds
age: 12(13 in march)
appearence: auburn hair in bun w/ some falling out, hazel eyes, white shorts, purple halter top w/ silver sparkles, white no bounries tennis shoes, amethyst pendant
personality:Swet, funny, stubborn, slightly shy, additude
likes:soccer, basketball, manga/anime, drawing, music
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