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Gaming Down with .hack in here. It's Tiger Woods 2004!


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I've hesitated in making this thread for some time now because, in part, I doubt there will be much interest in it. Let's face it, the chances of it actually provoking a discussion are slim to none. :worried:

Being pretty mindful of what kind of discussion is hosted in the Sony forum, I can honestly conclude that golf games haven't taken OtakuBoards by storm. Unless, of course, you consider Mario Golf in the Nintendo forum (and even that received a lukewarm reception).

Alas, I'm stubborn folk.

I couldn't resist bringing to fruition a thread dedicated to one of the greatest games I've ever played. That's right! [i]One of the greatest games I've ever played![/i] Rock on mama!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 20004 not only obliterates any previous golf game you can possibly imagine (yay lol). But on a more important level it's, believe it or not, one of the most expertly executed sports games on the market in general. I just can't stress how fun this product is whether you enjoy golf or not.

For quite some time, I've been impressed with how efficiently EA Sports has managed to cater to both fans of simulation and arcade-based gameplay in their sports lineup. Especially recently. Across the board they do a tremendous job providing gamers with minute details whilst not necessarily shoving them down our throats. And Tiger is no different. The front-end is incredible. There are a wealth of options at your disposal that range from lighthearted multiplayer arcade modes, to full-on tours where you create your own golfer from scratch.

The create-a-golfer mode is very detailed considering the genre we're talking about. You're able to scale your counterpart's features, adjust the shape of their eyes, and even give them acne if that's what gets your rocks off. Building them up is quite an involved process and there's no shortage of accessories to dress them in. Especially cool, is the option to endorse gear from specific brands. If you sign a contract with a company, you're rewarded depending on how much of their equipment you endorse. ^_^

In addition to the standard tour mode, you have real-time events. Specific dates open up unique challenges. For example, holidays, full moons, or golfer's birthdays allow you to compete in events and unlock even [i]more[/i] accessories for your golfer. Aside from this, there's a mode that allows you to travel around the world and face special opponents ranging from celebrity golfers to fictional characters. Once you defeat them, they're unlocked for your golfing pleasure. The presentation here is top notch. We're talking [i]backstories[/i] before the match. I've never seen such attempts to keep a golf game both fresh and interesting.

The control interface is what makes this the ideal golf game and an all around blast to play. Of course, it's not the first in the series to utilize analog golfing, but EA has tweaked the interface admirably. Having played analog golf, I can never go back to meters. It's that good. Putting isn't so much of a chore as it was in Mario Golf. If you mess up you know it's your fault. The physics engine, ball spin, and multiple swing positions all work wonderfully. This may be golf, but because of how it's set up, it can only be described as a pleasure to play.

I won't go into much detail about the graphics or sound. They're not very important. Especially for the context of this particular discussion. But, I will say that this is arguably the best-looking sports title in EA's camp. The realism the models possess is impressive indeed. And, the camera is not a problem at all. That's all I can say of reasonable importance. I just can't imagine anyone caring so much that they say "Oh my god! Look how real Tiger Woods looks!"

So, I encourage everyone to check this one out and give me a reply or two (if not, I will cry seas of sadness). You'll certainly thank me regardless of your feelings toward the actual sport.
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I commend you for treading through dangerous waters. I mean, to be honest, I think sports games are the worst possible thing to come along since - I'm not going to say it. :D I figure that if I wanted to play a sport, I could do so in real life. Video games are for fantasy, or just something you are incapable of doing. That's just my philosophy.

Having said that, you do seem to take the argument in another direction: the game is note-worthy not only for its level of enjoyment, but also for its attention to detail, intricate physics of a golf ball, and unexpected depth (who would have thought you'd "know" so much about your opponent?). It sounds like I should check the game out simply to see the effort and skill put into making it a genuine, professional golf experience.

Putting that aspect aside, will I, as a non-sports gamer, be able to enjoy this particular game? You allay the fears of people who are not golf fans, but what about someone like me?
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You couldn't imagine my astonishment upon actually seeing a reply to this thread. And such a good one too! Much appreciated. ^_^

I enjoy sports--games included. I agree on your outlook somewhat when it's applied to children that sit inside all day as opposed to benefiting from the physical and social activity that applies to playing [i]actual[/i] sports.

[i]Buuuuut[/i], the hook here is that I play games because they're fun, regardless of genre. And, from my point of view the most well-executed sports games in the history of gaming deserve to be recognized. I can't help but to list Madden 94 and EA's NHL franchise among the greatest games in the 16 bit era simply because of how fun they were to play.

I think Tiger fits into that category. Here's a franchise that began wallowing in mediocrity and has now found itself on the brim of perfection. So, I think it is worth checking out just to appreciate how much work obviously went into it. There's no doubt about it--this is one of the most well-crafted games I've played. It manages to give you realism and accuracy but not at the expense of fun factor.

If you can put aside your qualms towards the sports genre and just look at this as a fun, expertly made game, then I think you'll never look back once you play it.
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I've actually heard many, many great things about this game - it was even the Game of the Month in a recent issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, I believe.

From what I've seen and heard, this has to be a million times better than Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. Everything is supposed to be completely realistic and true to golf (unlike Mario Golf's god-awful putting, bleh).

I've also been able to check out the Create a Golfer feature. I must say that I came away very impressed. The number of differents features and the level of detail that you can put into your golfer is simply astounding - even better than the best stuff Acclaim made with their WWF games (which had really, really good Create a Wrestler features).

I really don't believe that you have to enjoy sports to like a good sports game. If the game is good, then it should be fun regardless of whether it's a football game, golf, tennis, etc. Seriously, I'd consider buying this if I had a PS2 (which I don't, unfortunately) because it really is that good.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shinmaru [/i]
[B]Seriously, I'd consider buying this if I had a PS2 (which I don't, unfortunately) because it really is that good. [/B][/QUOTE]

Actually, there is a GameCube version of the game. It's every bit as good as the Playstation 2 version. As far as I can tell the only drawbacks are the lack of online play (which I personally won't be using anyway) and the fact that it's two discs due to the huge number of courses.

By the way, I feel your pain for having suffered through Mario Golf. What a shame that turned out to be. I was so fond of the orginal too. :worried:
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Gah, and I call myself the Nintendo Mod :p

I completely forgot about the GameCube version of this game, what with all the other awesome games that are out right now or coming out, heh.

Online play is definitely not an issue with me - I've always enjoyed golf games a lot more playing single player rather than multiplayer. Plus, if I won't pay for online to play Phantasy Star Online (the best online game on GameCube), then I won't pay online for golf, heh.

The multiple discs wouldn't be a problem that I can see, either. It might be a bit of a hassle but only for the notoriously lazy.

Yeah, I know...I had really high hopes for Mario Golf. I still play the original quite often (I just unlocked Bowser - I'm way too slow -__-). Tiger Woods 2004 completely rocks all over Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.
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Eh, I think it's pretty challenging when all the variables are set up properly or when you're facing opponents on the more challenging end of the spectrum in "World Tour" mode (such as Sunday Tiger). Especially when you're going through the process of building up your character. But, I'll also admit that I mostly play against others who are close to equal in my skill level. So to each his own I guess.
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