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Sign Up .hack//REMNANT(may contain spoilers)


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[font=arial]Sorry it's so long! I just don't want any confusion.

I strongly advise knowing alot about the .hack series before participating in this RP. Of course, it's not required, seeing how that would be mean.(and against the rules)

This story takes place in the two year period between .hack//QUARENTINE and .hack//DUSK.

Corbenik was destroyed by Kite, but Morganna survived. She seeks to find a way to awaken the tainted version of Calibur, the male version of Aura. She has learned from her mistakes involving Aura and Tsukasa. She plans to succeed in fully corrupting the MMORPG, "The World," as well as the real world's electronics. She plans to do this by tricking the player character Kaiho(my character) into believing that she is his sister, who passed away years earlier. She plans to use Kaiho's negative emotions to wake up the tainted Calibur, the same fate that was supposed to befall Aura and Tsukasa. She does not succeed in trapping Kaiho inside "The World", but plans on tempting him in other ways. Her main objective, turning him against the other players inside "The World."

There is currently a rumor on the message boards about a strange boy floating around in Area Delta: Hidden, Forbidden, Holy Ground. Your character's decide to check it out. By the way, If you are not familiar with .hack, Delta: Hidden, Forbidden, Holy Ground kind of looks like a church in the middle of a mountain.

Here is the sign up sheet:

Only your original characters please.(No Blackrose, Balmung, etc.)




Class: If you are unfamiliar with .hack, the classes are
Blademaster, Twin Blade, Longarm, Wavemaster, Heavy Blade, and Heavy Axeman. They are pretty self-explanitory, except that Wavemasters are like mage's and Twin Blade's are very blaenced characters.

Level: Somewhere between 50-60. You could be lower I suppose, but not higher. My character is a small exception. I hope that's not a problem.

Weapon: Rather Irrelevent, except for skills. If you don't know any weapons form .hack, them simply put staff, or sword. If you know the names of spells or skills, you can have your character say them, but if you don't simply say you cast either a level 1, 2, or 3 spell of a certain element.(fire, wood, earth, water, lightning, dark, healing)

Personality: Only so we don't have people make each others characters do things they wouldn't.

Here's mine:

Name: Kaiho

Age: 13

Appearance:5 feet and three inches tall. Blue cape, and four small, white bird wings on his back. Blue marble-colored breastplate, armguards, and shin guards. White gloves without fingers. The sheath to his sword is on his left hip, attached to the white belt, that has a silver buckle. A second belt, more loose, and brown, is tilted, and hanging at an angle. Under is armor are baggy white pants and a white shirt that is tucked into his first belt. White, tossled hair that falls at his shoulders. Sea Blue eyes.Each cheek has a short, blue horozontal stripe.

Class: Blademaster

Level: 69

Weapon: Pheonix's Fire

Personality: Imaginative, passive, and caring, but he is spiteful and vengeful when angry.[/font]
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Name: Siaga

Age: 13

Appearance: Long white hair, long shaggy bangs that are tinted silver, pale/blue/dead eyes, pale white skin, black vest lined in white, long white sleeve shirt, black shorts lined in white, violet stockings, tall white boots, a neckless with a book pendent, and has one red slash under left eye

Class: Long Arm

Level: 56

Weapon: Javelin

Personality: Intelligent, obedient and kind. But Siaga will go against what's asked of her if she knows it will effect her friends in a negative way. But for the most part will do what she's told or asked of. Being intelligent she can think her way for the most part. And would like to aviod fighting. Although it's not always possible. Siaga also tends to get close to those who she shouldn't, or the ones who will hurt her the most. Even so, no matter how much they hurt her she'll be there to help them. Siaga would give up her life for them. She'll stay by them, and never forget anything that happens, good nor bad.
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Originals only....well....Orca or Balmung? Oh wait...Kite is stronger
then both of them in Quarintine huh!

Name:Black Rose

Age: I would have to pull out the game, but i think somewhere from

Appearence: See attachment

Class: Heavy Blade

Level: 57(even though this is after Quarintine!)

Weapon: Mimiru's Sword

Personality: Somewhat brave, but gets scared easily. Strong,
and mostly confident.
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And so it begins...

Name: Ockham

Age: 17

Appearance: Black hair, dark skin, and blue eyes. Height at 5'6". clothing is dark blue cloak with black lining and a hood. Paint design on face is Jerusalem's Cross on the forehead. Staff is iron with Fairy's Orb in the Center of a cross. Silver belt around the waist and and a silver chain with a saphire talisman hanging from it.

Class: Wave Master

Level: 55

Weapon: Although I'm fine with water based attacks I would prefer if I could say I have a Binding Staff.

Personality; Although grim at times Ockham is very intelectul and sincere about things. He does not take up causes unless he truly believes in them and tries to be friendly with people, but will not tolerate threats to his safety and the safety of his friends. While he is able to work in groups he is a loner and prefers to wander the World and gather information from people and the boards.

Tell me if I need to change anything and I look forward to working with you all.
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i hope its not too late,

Kaze Yume
image at bottem
after a very long game of rock paper scizors i decided Heavy Blade!
61, if its ok, cause i love that number!
Broad Sword: "Katana Chi" (Chi:blood+Katana:sword=Blood Sword)
wind, fire, speed
bio: a loner, never sends mail, rarely ever talks, and has an alter ego, (Chi who is basicly the same exept completyly evil and insane and LOUD) if she does talk its usualy in riddles, or fragments of sentences.

when will we start? i just wanna know. and i'll fix the rest some other time, to busy with my other rps, ya know?
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[font=arial]Eh, forgive me for not being even in further detail. Since "The World" is a video game, you can have only one weapon equipped. Also, weapon refers to an item, like a sword. And again, don't bother with names if you don't know any. And wavemaster can only use rods, blademasters; short swords, Heavy Blades; large swords, twin blades; two daggers, and heavy axeman; large axes. Once again, I apologize.

Also, It has been brought to my attention that there are too many Wavemasters! If anyone would consider changing their class, it would be appreciated.

On a smaller note, welcome to otakuboards, Avogadro522. A mod will probably tell you, but double posting isn't allowed. There's an edit button at the bottom of you post if you look. Sorry again![/font]

Edit: We will post in the Adventure Arena once everything is set.
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Guest Tsukasa.hack
Name: TB
Age: 14
Type: ???
Weapon: Data Drain (DD) spike (So what? I'm obsessed with the DD!)
Appearance: Long sleeve black shirt, Black Crim-like pants, Blu spiked hair. Face marks are X's.
Level: 60
Personality: Brave, Obsessed with trying to kill Morganna, Seems to be targeted by monsters like Skeith and the Green guardians.
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[font=arial]Tsukasa.hack, I'm sorry, but you can't do that. You must be a regular player in the game. You have to have a class. You also cannot have data drain. I believe I said that you are a normal character, that investigates a rumor. Please edit your post.[/font]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Yuumei

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment- Much like Rena, Yuumei had won her costume. Similar to Rachel and Natsume's costume. She has Rachel's orange clothing, but the colors are silvery, dark blue with silver patterns. She has waist long shimmering ocean blue hair with light blue highlights. She also has one silver ring on her ankles and wrists. She has black finger gloves. Her pants are not like Rachel's, they are shaped like Black Rose's but more Rachel. Yuumei has something like Black Rose's marks except that it is ocean blue and it appears to be a crescent moon under her eyes along with a star on the side of both eyes. On the base of her neck is an 8 pointed star. Her costume has Rachel's suspenders but in the color black and it shows her stomach. On her stomach are opposite crescent moons on the sides of her stomach and in the middle is a large 8 pointed star.

[B]Class:[/B] BladeMaster

[B]Level:[/B] 59

[B]Weapon:[/B] Stream Sword

[B]Personality:[/B] Yuumei has an attitude. She's very isolated at times and does not like to be around people. But, if it's meant to be, she is one of the most trustworthy people ever. At times, there are no flaws about her, but then again. Who's perfect? No one. She never gives up. She is loyal, understanding, knowing, at times she knows exactly what she wants and knows what to do. She is one of the best people to be around when you're on the line.[/size][/color]
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