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I've not seen something from you in quite some time. I hope this is a more regular thing now heh.

I think it's looking pretty good so far. My only complaint is that the text is a bit too hard to read. Maybe thickening up the lines on it would help.
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Well, I'm not one to do much graphic design outside webdesigning, and I never got much feedback from my last posts. I think I'm not talented at titlin threads lol.

*notices his banner hasn't changed in 6 months o.O*

As for readinglyness (I made up a word! *giggles*), well, the jpg is harsh to the thin lines, but you've got a point. I don't want to touch to the lines (I want to keep the same effect as on the [URL=http://cest-pas-pareil.net]current layout[/URL] ), but I made the inside more contrasted, and it does look much better.

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by CharmedImmortal [/i]
[B][size=1] Ohh kool...That's a nice webdesign....but...can you make the message a little bit more clearer? o.O
[/size] [/B][/QUOTE]

Well... I don't like one-line posts, especially if I'm the one making them, so it's nothing more than filling.

I used masks, brushes and the cut tool from Paint Shop Pro to work out the layout. Simple as that.
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