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Writing i poem i wrote at work


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hey everyone. I was really bored at work and wrote this poem. If it doesn't make sense, that's ok. It's not suppost to. I had a friend read it, and she told me that everyone has a different way they look at things. Please tell me what this poem made you think about, or made you feel. Thanks!

With all the strength that he could muster,
just as strong as col. custer,
did he strike those men right down.
Down, oh down, into the ground.
Until right then did it dawn,
upon his face and on the lawn
of battle was not quite so true
a look of comprehension old and new
A smile on his face arose
the familar sound and then he rose
up from the field of might
to the coward's great delight
The thorn of pain was now most gone
and to this sorrow dust belong
the traveler, along his way
off to find a better day.
And to his mother's great delight,
he ran and came into her sight
of whom this man she longed to hold
this man who was so brave and told
her of his travels, day by day
for her he wished to live his life away.

please tell me what you taught!!!
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