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Anime DBZ Movies Question


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I've seen there are other movie threads on the front page here, but i took a quick look and saw that my question wasn't really answered in them, so thats why i'm making this. I notice there are a lot of rules here so i hope this isn't breaking one of them.

Basically, i want to buy all the DBZ DVDs that weren't the normal episodes.

I think there are 13 movies? Can anyone list them from #1 to #13 please?

Also, are there any other extra DBZ DVDs on top of the 13 movies?

I searched DBZ on cdnow.com and it only brought up episodes as a result. I knew the title of a couple movies and sure enough it listed them but not when typing DBZ.

Anyway, i've got [b]The History of Trunks[/b] and [b]Bardock The Father of Goku[/b] and the other day i ordered both Cooler movies, the Android 13 movie and the Brolly movie.

But could someone please just list them all?
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