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Kaiju summoners, summoners of the gaint beast, have a tournament every 150 years to the determind the best Kaiju and Kaiju summoner. Tournaments like this have been hidden from the outside world for ages, but the growth of the normal humans' cities, they have been brought to areas where many humans live. As the Kaiju fight they destory these cities, and some die. But the Kaiju summoners must fight. Their reasons why they fight differ from each other, but they all share the same goal.


This is not a real tournament, and characters will go on adventues to fight another fighter. Also, there will be a "bad guy" type person, but I didn't want to give who it is away, because he doesn't know the Kaiju War is going on, and he will be in the story at the end of the begining. If the story is not ok with a mod, just PM me or post and I'll change it.

Kaiju-A gaint monster, a famous Kaiju is Godzilla. They are giant by the way.

Kaiju Summoner-Holders of their family's Kaiju Soul, a soild orb that fits in or on their staff. Every family with a long line of Kaiju summoners has atleast one.

The setting is in modern times, so no swords or stuff like that.


1.Lets keep in mind the rules of RPGing and OB.

2.Lets be good RPGers.

3.LeTs nOt pOsT lIkE tHiS

4.let not pot lik tis

|Sign Up|

Kaiju Summoner-

Name:....... If you mess up on this you are not getting in.


Gender:Ohhh, is it that hard?

Description:What your character looks like >.> Make it good, about 1 paragragh

Staff Description:What your summoning staff looks like. What is it made of, what color is it, where is your Kaiju Soul is place so you can summon it.

Kaiju Soul Description:What the little soild orb looks like. What color is and such.

Personality:Lets try not to have a RPG full of gothic people....... make it good, about 1 paragraph

Bio:2-4 paragraphs please. Lets not make them all the same. Make it good



Description:What it looks like. Lets not have Godzilla, robots, and overgrown versions of real animals. Also, the Kaiju don't have to all be dragons. [B]No real Kaiju rip offs.[/B]

Abilities:What are your Kaiju abilities, like powers. Also, control over all the elements doesn't cut it. No god Kaiju please,too.

I'll post mine later, and to tell you I will use the name Kai, so nobody can take it!*runs around*[/COLOR][/size]
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[color=blue]Name: Kyoto

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Description: Black fuzzy hair, Purple eyes, freaky eyes, karate gi, comfy shoes.

Staff: 5' long blue metat pole. On the end is a gold ring with six latches around it. Coming from these latches are 6" needles. In the center is a black orb that shoots black energgy waves toward each latch.

Orb: as said, is is solid black with energy waves. Can be removed.

Personality: Very cocky, as well he should be. He is always smiling even while dying and is always saying he can win.

Bio: He loves to fight. In his last year as the familly sommuner he hopes to win this tournament. He has an 11 year old brother that will bcome the next familly summoner. His Kaiju, Kyoshiro, has been with his familly for 6 generations.

Kyo knows that he might die but does not care. Though he is a good guyhe is thought as evil by many because he has an obsession with blood.He is very determined to win and will not give up for the sake of his familly!


Name: Kyoshiro

Description: Take godzilla, turn him blue, give him purple eyes, get rid of the spikes, give him long claws and make his arms a little longer.


Tail Balence: He balances on his tail letting him jump higher.

Darkness Bomb: Kyoshiro charges an energy beam in his mouth and fires a shaow bomb.

Psycho Beam: Purple Laser Eye Beams

Is that okay?[/color]
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OOC:How could you marry Vash's Angel!!:bawl: *No offence Vash.You're ok.^_^*BIGOMY!!!!BIGOMY!!!!:bawl:
[color=navy][b]Kaiju Summoner-[/b](In bad mood)

[b]Name:[/b]Hikari "Kari" Tamasachi



[b]Description:[/b]Kari is a girl that you could say resembles Sakura from Card Captor Sakura(see banner).She has flowing,shoulder length chocolate brown hair and sparkling emerald eyes.She usually always wears a blue jacket unzipped with a white t-shirt inside.On the front of her t-shirt is a blue coiled up chinese dragon.She wears navy blue pants and blue and white Nikes.She wears silver,reflective,custom made sunglasses.

[b]Staff Description:[/b]The staff is made of chocolate brown,polished oak.On the top is something that looks like a metal claw.Her Kaiju Soul Orb sits in the claw's grasp.

[b]Kaiju Soul Description:[/b]The orb is a vibrant blue colour.Like a light sapphire.

[b]Personality:[/b]Kari is a strong willed girl.If something happens which she is against she will say so.She always speaks her mind,keeping nothing back.She is a friendly person to be around and will help in any way she can if someone's in danger.Although you'll want to avoid her when she's in a bad mood.

[b]Bio:[/b]Kari was born into a magical family.Her father is a summoner,her mother is a healer and her brother does magic.When she was young her father decided to teach her to summon.Kari fell in love with the magic,she played with the monsters that came forth every time her father called.Her favourites by far were Dragoon and Driger.So her father began teaching her how to summon small,normal animals.Kari picked it up very fast and then her father started on harder and harder before she finally learned how to summon Driger.She mastered it and her fathers gave her the staff and orb that she now carries.She practised in fights against her father and soon she beat him.When there was news of a Tournament Kari decided to register.



[b]Description:[/b]It's Driger from Beyblades.

[b]Abilities:[/b]Tiger Fang,Vulcan Claw,Tiger Claw,A bit of control of elements.[/color]

[b]OOC:[/b]*Still in a bad mood*Fix up your spelling errors.It's GIANT and TOURNAMENT.
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Yeah man! That's like cheating on Ohkami! Except.. she knows.. soo... yea! This sounds like fuuun.


Name: mAtT HawKE (sorry I just [i]had[/i] to do that)


[b]Name:[/b] Matt Hawke

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Gender:[/b] Yes.. this is hard.. Umm Male?

[b]Description:[/b] Matt has Blonde hair, blue eyes. He is the average height for a kid his age and wears a white shirt with 2 black eyes. He also has 2 white wristbands and a white Visor. He has long black shorts with a white stripe down the side.

[b]Staff Description:[/b]

[b]Kaiju Soul Description:[/b] Green, round and veeery shiny.

[b]Personality:[/b] Gothish. Just kiddin. very carefree guy, Matt is kind to everyone but when the tough gets going... the going gets tough.

[b]Bio:[/b] Matt comes from his Dad and Mom's house in Canada who do not know about this summoning power he has. Only his Uncle and his brother know and they must teach him the true power of Kaiju.


[b]Name:[/b] Frosha

[b]Description:[/b] Take King Kong, give him a rhino horn and 2 big blades on his arms and a long monkey tail and you've got Frosha.

[b]Abilities:[/b] Switch Blade (fires his arm blades), Charge Up (charges enemy with extra speed and strength). The monkey tail is super strong and hold all Frosha's weight.

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[COLOR=darkred][size=1].........*feels Ohkami is going to kill him over AIM*...... >.>.... *feels that Lrb was not helping, glares at Lrb* =_=

Could we stray away from "So and so looks like this... but-" so please fix your descriptions so they don't look like that(I am not talking about you Ohkami). Could we also stray from just words in the "Personality" also, please?

I'll do mine.

Kaiju Summoner-

Name:Austin McDormain



Description:Kai has dark brown hair with a red hint and light blue eyes. His skin has a pale tan, and he wears a white t-shirt, black baggy shorts, and black leather boots. He also wears a dark red vest over his t-shirt, and a pair of red framed googles.

Staff Description:See magical attachment

Kaiju Soul Description:It is a mixture of dark and normal red, and even though it is soild, there seems to be a cloud inside of it.

Personality:Austin is hot head, and tends to rush into fights without thinking. He is friendly, but you must gain his trust first. He tends not to like when he cannot do anything to help. He is brave when others are in need, and just helps his self esteam if he has others around him, and he hates being alone.

Bio:Austin comes from a long past of Kaiju summoners from Europe, the moved to the United States of America. His father and mother are the most powerful living family members, his father able to summon the most powerful Kaiju, and mother can call past Kaiju Souls to battle. He lives with his grandmother and grandfather, who teach him about Kaiju and how to summon them.

But now, even thought his grandparents do not want to him to go, his father has said for him to enter the tournament. The powerful summoner line is delt with by marrying another powerful family's child. Even though, he knows who he will marry, even if he doesn't want to. The thought of that girl makes his head spin....... and he feels like he is force to marry her. But he must do it for the family line. But she will only marry him if he is given the title, just like his father earned the title for his mother.




Abilities: Kormal carries powerful sets of claws and teeth, and is powerful in close combat. He is fast, can breath fire, heat himself up in battle without burning himself, and stand high heats. Kormal is said to be the "Fire God", but is weak unlike Austin's father's god-like Kaiju.[/COLOR][/size]
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Kaiju Summoner-

Name: Wei Yan

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Description: Wei has tanned skin, a good build, and reddish eyes with a hint of yellow around the rim of the pupils. His hair is white, shoulder-length, and tied back in pony-tail.

Staff Description: Black staff with the Kaiju Soul about a third of the way from the top. Also there are two short spikes pointing NE and NW protruding out of the housing of the Kaiju Soul, and two longer spikes coming out pointing SW and SE out of the same place.

Kaiju Soul Description: The Kaiju Soul is a perfectly round blue stone. It looks like there is a blue mist when stared into.

Personality: Wei makes plenty of friends, but when they backstab him they don't get another chance to do it.
Wei is just a nice guy. His friends just make sure not to provoke him though, it always ends in a summoning duel.

Bio: Wei is just your average runofthemill teen. Apart from the fact that from the age of 6 he was taught to master the Kaiju of his family.
He wields his staff with fury, making strange movements to communicate to the Kaibu Skywing, instead of shouting at it.
Wei is the greatest summoner his family has known for 6 generations.


Name: Skywing

Description: Imagine a HUGE black bird with torn wings, rotting flesh hanging off it's ribs and a head which is basically just a bird skull. Imagine the beak of the bird has jagged teeth protruding out the sides.

Abilities: When called upon, Skywing brings dark clouds which cover the sun. He has an extremely sharp beak, and equally sharp claws. Every time he flap his gigantic wings, waves of darkness waft off them.
His call strikes terror in all who hear it, apart from those he doesn't want to hurt.
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[COLOR=darkred][size=1]I will help people on this because some don't understand the sign up.

Eternal Otaku- I think those spelling mistakes are just typos, but you should take the time to read your own sign up and make sure you don't have and. Also, please give a picture or describe you Kaiju well, and also not everybody knows what Godzilla looks like. No choppy words, sentences!

Ohkami- Your fine....... but could you explain your Kaiju attacks?

Lrb- No choppy words, sentences! Also, please give a picture or describe you Kaiju well, and also not everybody knows what King Kong looks like.

inti- No choppy words, sentences! Just explain your staff please, and your Kaiju's attacks sound like game attacks,so please fix that.

I will also see any past RPGs you guys have been in so I can also see your RPG skills. If you have not been in a RPG yet, you can pm me a two paragraph story about anything and I will rate your skills by that.[/size][/COLOR]
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