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If you could rule the world for a day what would you do ?


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[size=1] I would take Hitler's body, dead and decayed, and take his very DNA and inseminate a woman with his DNA-produced sperm.

I would form a statue of Hitler, and place it in the center of the White House, where, underneath Hitler's very anointed groin, I would place the deceptive and sextive Cher herself. I do believe in life after love.

I would crush all Countries and make them an endeavour of my own, naming the world one united continent, named the portinant name of Bob. Bob's main language would be Sexual Innuendo. His state bird would be the Saddam Hussein. His main economic export would Ethanol. His main economic import would be Viagra. He would be a strong nation.

I would crucifix 'NYSNC, The Backstreet Boys, and Barney the Dinosaur upon the cross. It would be a world-televised event in Bob. It would be remembered for long.

I would allow gays and blacks and whites and jews and christians to all unite as one united people, the BlaWhiJeChrists. They would be a traveling, satanatic tribe of hippies.

I would call for the world's population to decline from people who would volunteer to commit suicide for an entrance into Heaven for the price of their lives. There would be no rebates.

I would rule with an iron lung, under a Apatheistocracy, which has a Czar as its power-figure. Its first Czar would be Stephen King, who would amend many rights to the APATHEISTOCRACY DECLARATIONAL LETTER, which would serve as its governmental bible.

I would burn all trees, pondering what the affect would have upon the enviroment.

I would ban automobiles from sale, distribution, and driving in fear that Bob would go into anarchy at any moment as to protect the people. The vehicle which would be used would be a Faggio bike, and gas prices would be kept at an all-time high due with the war in Iraq, who wanted to secede from Bob under the rule of George W. Bush.

I would form the religion of Apathal. It would focus on the central figure of JFK, whom died in sacriliege of a once powerful nation named Americana. It would be said that JFK was asassinated by a gun, and that guns should never be used for violence other than brutally injuring a rapist. The religion would be organized, and would be a happy alternative to Catholicism, which had been abated due to Stephen King's [i]Jesus is Dead[/i] proclamation.

I would do many more things, but that is for another day..tomorrow, perhaps...[/size]
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*Note to self Mitch should never gain the power of the world.*

I don't really like the ideas of having another hitler, even know a clone form of hitler wouldn't be evil since he'd recieve a really diffrent lifestyle.

But rather shocking......your ideas are
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I'm going to probably talk to the higher ups about this. But, really people, can't we think of more inventive questions than this? I really think the only reason this thread would hold any merit is due to Mitch's incredibly humorus and inventive answer. There are several threads about having "ultimate power" or an "undo button." While sucessful, these threads don't really generate ANY discussion, however I leave them open .... Let's post threads that could generate profound answers from other members, not insanely genius ones like Mitch.

Good show Mitch :).

However, I must close it, for fear of my own unrelenting ire.
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