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I only got 1 reply to my last post...:(

Oh well.....Here's some grayscale portraits I did for a commission -nothing fancy, but I hope people will comment.



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[color=green]I love the drawings, and the grayscale looks just lovely with your style. Each picture seems to have a little bug that could be tweaked, but they really aren't noticable unless you're looking for them.

Really, there are more positives to the pictures than negatives. In fact, the only one bothering me is the first one, which is still much better than I, or most people that I know could do. I also might add that my favorite is Kadeth, I suppose because of the armour.

Anyways, wonderful job, and keep on drawing.^^ I'd love to see more in the future.[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Azure_Skies [/i]
[B]Those are really good. You make me feel bad! WA~

/\Azure_Skies/\ [/B][/QUOTE]
Please try to expand a little further in your post. When critiquing artwork in Art & Design, it is important to make your comments and critique as detailed as possible not only to give the artist feedback, but to allow them the chance to improve and get better. A generic comment such as this is inacceptable.
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