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RPG Gundam Time-worp


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ok, godofdeath, since this is really your story, you should probably start us off, but i'll try to get things going.

Beep!!! Beep!!!
"What's that?" Karen asked as she looked around for the source of the noise.
Beep!!! Beep!!!
"How anoying, it won't shut up!"
Beep!!! Beep!!!
Karen looked down at her watched and noticed a flashing button.
"what's this?" she asked as she pushed it.
Voom! I huge screen appeared in front of her. It was a video link to the room with the gundams. Lights where flashing, and in the middle of the screen she saw..
"my gundam! The Blue Dragon! But what's going on. I thought they put it to sleep or something. I don't know, but i've got to find out. No one touches my gundam but me," she said as she grabbed her bag, and ran out of her room.
Beep! Beep!
"Gosh! Make the beeping stop!" She yelled as she punched her watch franticly, as she ran into the distance.
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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b][i]OOC: Alright, I am an impatient person and I grow weary of waiting so I am going to post. If you don't like it then let me know.

Tanya sat on a bench outside of the mech hangers. The sun's warm touch caressed her creamy skin. She breathed in the fresh spring's air and watched mechanics pass by. Tanya looked around at the buzz of mechanics, scientists, pilots, and other facalty of the base.

Bleepbeep..bleepbeep..blee-Tanya reached into her back-pack and retrieved her cell. "Hello?"

"Lt. Remmings, this is Tech Sgt. Hansfried of the Air-"Sgt. Hansfried was cut off.

"Yeah, yeah. What is it Sgt.?" Tanya held her hand out to shake a passing officer's hand.

"It's your gundam, Ma'am," the man's voice was trembling.

"What about it?"

"W-well, the hanger has been vandalized and gundams are missing. Your, uh, your gundam has been ,um, s-stolen," Sgt. Hansfried's voice hightened.

"What?! Who's responsible?! Do we have any suspects?!" Tanya jumped up from the bench and took off towards the Gundam Hanger.

"Um, I-I don't know at this time, Lt. But I will get back to you," Tanya flipped her phone down and continued to run through the building.

"Lt.! I have been looking for you! I was-uuuuh!" a young man was shoved out of the way.

"Sorry Cpt. Jackson, my gundam has just been stolen!"

"That's why I was looking for you! It was those damned kids!" Cpt. Jackson ran behind her.

"Son of a b~tch! I am going to wring their necks good this time!"Tanya has been known for her temper.

This wasn't the first time she's tangoed with these thieves.[/color][/font][/b][/i]
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Jake was ontop of a building setting on a bench he put up there. "Noting major's probaply going to happen any time soon" jake thought. A little computer on his wrist started going off. "What is it now" jake asked him self as he turned on the computer. His jaw droped once he saw what was on the screen. He got up and started running. "I've got to find the dark raider before the demolition program starts" jake said as he got to the edge of the roof.
He grabed onto a zip line he had up there and rode it down. Once he reached the streets he started running. He looked at the minerature computer and it showed that the demolition program had started. "Oh ****. It's reaching for heat rod" jake thought as he started running faster. He turned on a tracking system and went in the direction it told him.
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Guest GodOfDeath
OCC: Ok Im gonna post since nobody is gonna right now.

"Why did they have to bring me into this" said Manakari "They knew that I gave up that job years ago." Manakari's wristband was glowing. "Well Ill do this anyways." Says Manakari "The price on their heads should be good."
Manakari runs to the hanger to find that there are already people here. "So you are the back-up that they gave me, you had better be able to keep up with me in battle or I quit." says Manakari.
Jake said "You better be able to keep up with me, I'm so fast in battle In can barely see myself."
"I will kill them by any means posable." said a woman in the shadows in a corner. "This is the last time that I deal with them!"
I dont mean to let them live either!" Said Manakari "Their the reason that I have to use my gundam again. God I wish that it never came to this!" As he got into his gundam. All the suden it comes to life with a bang.[IMG]GodOfDeath.bmp[/IMG]
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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b]Tanya walked up to Jake.

"Hello, Lt. Remmings,"he greets.

"Tanya, please call me Tanya."

"Lt. Remmings, there are mobile suits readied over there. You two man them and let's get going,"Manakari commanded.

"Wait for me!!"Karen came running into the hanger.

"Karen, get ready,"Tanya jumped into a suit.

Jake and Karen readied themselves and waited for Manakari's orders.

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Even though jake was supposed to be waiting for orders he had to find the dark raider. "I'm just going to leave" jake thought as he started leaving. "Get back here jake" tanya said. "I don't think there'll be any time to wait. If a program inside my gundams gets started every thing in it's sight will be distroyed" jake said as he turned on the locator. "What kind of persion puts in a program like that" tanya said. "I put it in as a emergancy program if it was stolen by enemys and taken into space also i'm the only one who can turn off the program" jake said as he started in the direction that the locator showed him. "Well once we find it I want you to remove that program" tanya said. Jake didn't say any thing as he left. "I haven't been one to listen to orders that much so I probaply wont" jake thought.
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Karen got inside her gundam and the screen went up with a flash. There to the left of the screen was a small picture of her parents. "Don't worry dad, i'll get them back for trying to mess with your invention." she said quietly to herself. "All right!" she yelled. "I"m ready! Let's go find 'em!"
"Just wait," Manakari said. "We've got to find something to follow."
"They had to have left a trail somewhere," Tanya said as she was waiting for Jake. "Everyone, begin searching."
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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b]Tanya's skeptical eyes scanned the perimeter. She saw nothing, except for Jake leaving.

"Hey, get back here!"Manakari called.

"Let him go. He can not afford to wait. His gundam's system will take over, then it's goodbye to everything in its path,"Tanya sternly informed.

She punched several codes into her computer. The screen infront of her turned blue.

"Hello Lt. Tanya Remmings,"neon green letters flickered.

"Hello Grim. Upload Gundam System: Zero,"Tanya spoke and continued to punch in codes.

"Uploading.....23%...47%....75%....89%......Upload Gundam System: Zero is complete."

"Good, now I should be able to find Grim's location,"Tanya smiled.

"Tanya, what are you doing?"Karen's face appeared in the corner of the screen.

"Finding our gundams,"Tanya smiled as she looked at the second screen to her right.

This screen was for radar and the GPS(global positioning system). A yellow dot started to flicker against the black map. It was Grim.[/color][/font][/b]
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Guest GodOfDeath
"Those **** punks, when I find them I'm gonna tear them to shreads!" yelled Manakari. "The're probaly the same ****** kids that got me fired."

Manakari starts coming out of the floor in a black tar-like suit with golden spikes on the sholders and knees. A screen bursts into life in front of him. It damands "WHAT IS YOUR NAME!!!"
Manakari quickly answers "Manakari Hoyama" and the whole cockpit bursts into life with screens all around him
"Now why do you use the Moble Trace Systom when you can just use the zero? Its much easyer to use." says Karen.
"I use it because it actualy takes lots of talent." Snaps Manakari.

(OCC: Manakari is kind of stuck up)
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