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Baron Samedi

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I like the borders you did for both the banner and the avi a lot. Nice job on them, especially compared to the first incarnation :p.

It's all very ... you, for some reason, and I think it fits really well. The "Baron" text looks a teeny bit out of place (but I just dislike names on banners in general, so never mind). I feel like a gray color might work better.

Even so, I really do like them, and think they are very appropriate to you. :p
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[COLOR=darkred][size=1]For the frist one, nothing is really wrong but the border, which is too big, and "Baron" really fits in there, it almost seems it is in the same picture.

For the second one...... I still don't like the border. Don't get me wrong I like it..... but it doesn't seem to fit with the banner. That or it is just me.

Because the picture looks like it was taken from an angle, you could make "Baron" in an angle too. That would look nice on it, and it would be like someone painted it on. It is good for first banners.[/COLOR][/size]
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[size=1]...how am I ever going to recognize your posts without Hagar?

I don't really care for the text in the banner. it doesn't seem to fit...it looks darker than the rest of the picture, or flatter, or something. Mm.

And I think the avatar could stand a thinner border...

But other than that, I like. Nice choice of picture, everything's fine, heh.[/size]
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