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Art Constructive Criticism (please read before posting)


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[color=#707875]In recent times, it seems that there has been a need to reiterate the basic fundamentals of what we want to see in this forum. Specifically, in relation to how members discuss other members' art here.

For the sake of clarity and ease, I've decided to simply create a few basic points that all members should keep in mind when talking about other people's art in here.

[b]1) Include some kind of depth/reasoning in your response:[/b]

Saying something like "Wow!!! Taht'z totaly kool!!!!" is really not going to hit the mark. Such posts will either be deleted or edited with a warning about post quality. Of course, post quality applies here as much as it does elsewhere on the boards. When you are talking about someone's art, try to explain [i]why[/i] you feel a certain way about it. Talk about what you like or what you don't like...but don't simply say "I like it" or "I don't like it". Discuss the reasoning behind your thoughts.

[b]2) Be as constructive as possible:[/b]

Even if you completely dislike someone's work, it's possible to be constructive in the way you criticize it. Let's say that someone has posted some work that you really dislike. Here is an example of what you wouldn't say:

"Oh geeze. That art is really gross! Terrible colours, yucky font and really awful linework. Ew. Don't post that crap on here again."

In this example, we can see that the comment almost satisfies the first criterion -- it does provide [i]some[/i] reasoning as to why the member dislikes the art. However, it fails to offer anything constructive or helpful. Not to mention the fact that it's a meanspirited comment. Here is a better alternative:

"I don't really like the colours you used here, but that's just my preference. Also, I don't feel that the font matches the art; perhaps you could experiment with a more modern font? Maybe that'd make the image a bit easier to read.

I also think that your linework is pretty interesting, but it's a bit pixelated here and there. Maybe you could try anti-aliasing on your lines, to make them a little smoother. Still, you're improving. Keep up the effort!"

See? This response is still basically a negative one, in the sense that it doesn't praise the work. However, rather than rudely bashing the piece, this critique provides some kind of advice as to how the work could improve. The post also ends with some kind of encouragement for the future.

[b]3) Use common sense and treat others as you wish to be treated:[/b]

Obviously, the above examples are just examples. What I've posted here doesn't constitute clearly defined "rules". However, as with the rest of the site, we ask members to be respectful and courteous to one another.

The example of an "alternative criticism" that I used above merely demonstrates that even 100% negative responses can maintain some level of courtesy and constructivism. And that's what we want to see.

Also, even if you entirely love a piece of work...as I mentioned, explain [i]why[/i] you love it. Is it the colours? Do you like the way text was used? Do you want to ask questions about how the artist did a particular effect? What program was used? What medium? Do you have any friendly advice on how to improve the image? How do you interpret the image? Etc...

These are all things to consider when discussing art in this forum. Please bear these recommendations in mind when posting here.

Thank you for your attention.[/color]
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