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Anime Top Ten Magician's Force Cards

Guest Altron Gundam

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Guest Altron Gundam
MGF Top 10

01. Magic Warrior - Breaker: Built in Cyclone, ability to be 1900atk rusher, and its effect can only be chained by instant magic and normal triggered traps. Very, very nice card. Its status is as a staple and should belong in every deck as part of standard m/t removal. It will be res. to one.

02. Exclusivity Virus(e. Tribe-Infecting Virus): For discarding one card, you destroy one sub-type of your choosing on the field. That is an awesome and almost broken effect. Can work to be a potential Thunderbolt, and is plain awesome. Semi-staple status, and gives the English CCG some much needed monster removal, because they lack the Dimensional Warriors.

03. Magical Scientist: Yeah, you heard me. Screw staying power, this card is the ultimate card for control decks. It can be a monster remover, by summoning either Thousand Eyes Sacrifice(e. T. Eyes Restrict) or Dark Demon Baltar(e. Dark Balter the Terrible). Baltar takes can negate the effects of monsters that it destroys in battle taking out any defense risks. TES can lock down the field. This opens up the field for your discarders(Spirit Reaper or Don Zaruug) to go in, or for your rushers to. When Crush Card comes out soon, it will be a good target. Scientist is fast, easy to summon, and has its own half-turn kill combo. Magical Scientist + Catapult Turtle, do the math.

04. Giant Orc(MFC-012): Dark alternative to Goblin Strike Team. It will work better in Dark themed decks.

05. Skilled Black Magician: Perfect for Black MAgician and Magic User decks. Good 1900 rusher, only downside is that it is unsearchable.

06. Sapphire Dragon(MFC-058): (Wind/Dragon/4/1900/1600), decent rusher at 1900. Unsearchable with no effect.

07. Black Paladin - Super Magical Swordsman: Ultimate built-in Magic Jammer. A bit hard to get out, but completely worth it in a deck focused around him.

08. Black Magician Girl: Not all that great, but better than the union cards here. With the magician support, it could wreak some havoc.

09. Big Bang Shot: Best trample equip magic out. 400 atk point bonus plus trample. Equip magic is still a bit slow.

10. X, Y, and Z induvidual parts and fusions: Fusions that don't require a fusion card, and have their own effects. Easy to get out with Frontline Base, Shine Angel, and can be powered up by Limiter Removal. Awesome cards.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Altron Gundam [/i]
[B] Its effect can only be chained by instant magic and normal triggered traps. Very, very nice card. [/B][/QUOTE]

This is (sorry, but I have to get it out) the weakest argument I've ever seen: ANY magic, normal trap, monster effect (with some exceptions, I admit) can ALSO "only" be chained with "instant magic and normal triggered trap" The fact you still have the time to use it if it is destroyed by a Trap Hole or Torrential Tribute, and that no english cards I can think of at 1 in the morning can counter it's effect, however, are much stronger reasons to consider is as a staple (tough IMHO, you probably have all the M/T removal you ned in 3 MST, Heavy Storm & HFD).

Now, I'll put my top list from a poor player's point of view.

BTW, did anybody notice all UR in this set are monsters??

1. Magical Scientist
For the sheer commonness of most of the cards involved in the deck (Cannon Soldier, Last Will, the fusions, Magical Scientist, even a super rare like Catapult Turtle isn't that difficult to find!), this card get #1 by far.

2. Tribe Infecting Virus
Meh! Can't miss such a staple, especially when he's only super rare!

3. D. D. Crazy Beast
IMHO, this card utstripped Big Bang Shot and DMG by far: 1400 level 3 is already one of the highest ATKs at that level, the same as the revered Don Zaloog. It is undeemed by BTH, Gravity Bind and MoP, and has an effect that get rids of most common defenses (flip effects, witch & sangan in both modes, elemental summoners, Sinister Serpent, to name a few) for good.

4. Giant Orc
The poor man's GAF. Only 100 less attack, but only needs a turn before being ready to use again. If you want to use the goblin, it can become really nasty.

5. Amazoness Swords Woman
Definitely the nicest Amazon. Too bad it's a Super rare, or I'd have put it much higher.

6.Thunder of Ruler
A control deck's best frient, this is a much improved version of Non-Agression Area, and it's a common too! It's what I call a "set and use": a card you set in order to use it the very next turn without leaving your opponent the time to react. Drop Off is another example of such a card.

7. Secret Barrel/Des Koala
Here I show my fondness for burner. Secret Barrel is best used early in the game for a quick unavoidable 1200/1000 dammage. Des Koala has much more potential, but the flip makes it a bit risky, with the large number of ways to get rid of it first (unless you use Book of Taiyou), and it's defense is nice too.

8. Wave Motion Cannon
Again, my burner love shows. But you've GOT to admit that, combined with Magic Reflector/Imperial Order, it's a killer!

9. Neko Mane King
Probably the best side-deck card in the set. My new favorite counter to hand destruction and monster removal-based decks.

10. Poison of the Old Man
For a rare versatility, and the fact it's a quick play, I do believe this card earm a spot at #10.

Honorable mention goes to Decayed Commander & Zombie Tiger, Dark Core, Spell Shield Type-8, Adhesion Trap Hole, Sonic Duck, Skilled Dark Magician, Pixie Knight, Magical Merchant, Big Bang Shot, Dramatic Rescue and Double Spell.
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Guest Altron Gundam
Well excuse me for a minute...I don't have time to go into the frickin details. You totally skip Breaker, which is a staple? M/t removal is and always will be very essential in this game. Breaker is just that good. From more experienced players who have been through the phase of this game, Breaker is well needed. Gimme a break.

Lemme repay insult for insult. Your list far from the top 10, nor does it even come close. This is the top 10 list BAR NONE, regardless of financial situation.

The Dimensional Beast is a pathetic version of the dimensional warriors. It can only remove monsters under or at 1400 attack. This is weak, situational, and not even worth it. Its staying power is very minimal regardless of support.

Magical Scientist should be that high, as should X-Virus. I would put Amazoness Swordswoman in an honorable mention, not top 10. She's a good staller, that is, until your opponent gets more than one monster on the field to clear her for minimal battle damage, then directly attack your ***.

Thunder of Ruler? Control deck's best friend. Man, be quiet. You wouldn't know anything about control decks, the only reason English CCG players are using control, is cuz they got their asses wooped at the world championships by Asian players using control decks. One or three battle phases...woo..big deal. You control the field by taking out their monsters and controlling their hand so that they don't even have the options to get to the battle phase in the first place. Waste of space in control which is predominantly hand control and field control.

Death Koala is also not in the top 10. While a good card for burner it is not one of those cards that can fully impact a burn deck compared to Giant Virus and/or Lava Golem.

Its better to use something like Tremendous Fire rather than Secret Barrel just because of the fact that Barrel is a trap..it is also reliant on your opponent's actions, which doesn't make it top 10.

Wave Motion Cannon, countered by Cyclone/HFS/Tempest/Breaker anyone?

Neko Mane King? Not even close. It is only by effect...in other words, its too situational.

Poison of the Old Man, in other words Toxins Tubes in the JP CCG. Overall decent opener for a burner deck..
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Okay, I should again make it clear this is intended for a [b]budget duelist[/b], so anything more than super (and as few as possible) are used. Most evidently, a 25$+ staple-type UR [b]cardboard piece[/b] is pretty out of most casual duelists' reach: they can't trade for it, and they don't necessarily want/can pay for it. Also, bear in mind that, as mentionned, this list DOES reflects my own bias. Sue me.

D. D. Beast may be a less good version of the dimensional warrior, but, mind you, DWG is a level 4. It also does get dammage even if she removes. Most important: DWG [b]is not released in English[/b] ? And possibly will never even be...

I DID point that Wave Motion Cannon was [i]supposed[/i] to be protected when you used it. Preferably, it should not be played without using Imperial Order.

And I'm sorry about that, but Giant Germ is no use IMHO for a burn deck. (Too much counter in the Meta. I prefer Troop Dragon as a defense, unless using Necrofear)
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1]Okay here's my own personal top ten list.

1. Breaker The Magic Warrior: Okay who does not like using this card? I mean he can backhand your opponent once his counter comes off and then kaboomy.

2. Paladin Riding White Dragon: I know he's a ritual but so what, I mean he's a built in Sasuke and on the plus he can be sacraficed for a Blue Eyes White Dragon too, this card is a serious must have for BEWD users.

3. Spell Canceller: Jinzo's little brother, he can hurt just as much as he can help, just make sure you don't have him out at the same time as Jinzo.

4. Tribe-Infecting Virus: Monster Removal at the cost of one simple card, it sooo helpful.

5. Cliff The Trap Remover: A poor man's Don Zaluug, same effects just lower level and lower attack but other than that he's a carbon copy of Zaluug.

6. D.D. Crazy Beast: Great for Monster removal like Circeus said. Its very effective in killing Exodia Decks.

7. XYZ Pieces and Fusions: These cards are the most awesome in the set thus far seeing as how the fusions can do so much damage to your opponent and if you don't have the fusions the pieces themselves when combined can wreak havoc.

8. Chaos Command Magician: Negates effects that designate him, very very good for having on the field.

9. Dark Magician Girl: Duh, one of the most sought after cards right now, I mean good lord she's awesome for Dark Magician decks.

10. Dark Paladin: Okay this guy deserves more than 10th place but I've got so many I'm just listing on what cards I know from the set. But this guy has two great effects. First off he gains 500 for EVERY dragon on the field and in the graveyard, secondly he has a permanent built-in Magic Jammer, well as long as you have cards in your hand. The bad thing about him is that once he's destroyed he goes to the fusion deck instead of graveyard. One more good thing about him is that you can use fusion substitute monsters for either Buster Blader or Dark Magician, depending on what kind of deck you are using that involves him.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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