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If I get this one up a going, and we manage to get past all four years as pages, then I plan on going up to Squire and then Knight. Yay! ^^

EDIT: I would like to say that I am going to officialy start this off at 12 noon Saturday, October 25th, central time. 1pm for Easterners, 11am for Mountainers, 10am for Westerners (sorry for the earliness :P ) I'll still accept all late sign ups (if there's more...I need more.....); I'm just saying when it'll start. Thanks for all signing up! ^^
*heaves heavy sigh* Okay, this is my first RPG. No wait?second. But I think this one will do better. :sweat:

[i]The land called Tijira runs from the abundant and cold north to the hot and muggy south. It is surrounded by enemies to the north (Contegi) and south (Yamanmi), as well as Immortals, beings ranging from monsters to brilliant creatures, whom escaped from the Realms of the Gods five years before.
The area of Tijira has many minorities: the Bazzar from the south, the Iqutects from the north, and the Swahallis from the islands off the north-western coast. People come from all over to the capitol, Corus, to trade and sell.
The reason most young people come is to train as pages, in dreams of becoming a knight. The trainings aren?t easy, and are usually full of grueling work, training you when your muscles are sore and tired.
A law past ten years ago stated that girls could finally train as pages if they wished, under the law of one year probation; their fate decided by the main training master, Lord Wyldon.
Do you have what it takes to be a knight?[/i]

If you?d like to join, please use this sign up sheet:


Age: No older than 12 and no younger than 10. The average age of a page is 10, so if you?re older, please state why.


From: Region and City, if they have one. For example, if you come from the Bazzar, you?d put down your tribe?s name. If you come from the Iqutects, you?d put down your clan?s name, and etc. If you come from a city, just make up a name. I?m not too picky. ^^

Appearance: All I really need are your: height, eye color, hair color, skin color, and then what you yourself look like. (Wait?did that make sense? :help: )

Abilities: What I mean by this is that, Are you good at a certain weapon? Can you think up good tactics/battle strategies? Things like that. If you specialize in a weapon, you may keep one in your room to practice with. (Yes, one. You are not the master of archery/sword fighting/spear wielding. Catch my drift? :therock: ) Note: Weapon training with piers will only be during class.

Attitude: Grumpy? Hyper? Humorus? Also, how smart you are and stuff like that.

Okay! I think that?s good. I?ll get my sign up in later. When I sign up, I'll also put all the teachers and stuff.

*cringes when hits "Submit New Thread" button*
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Yay!Now i dont have to fear messing up!Cringe time for Dondar!

Name: Rannos
Gender: Male
From: The Bazzar, the clan called the Blue Thunders.
Appearance: He is approximately 4' 8" with tanned skin.He has green eyes and brown hair.He typically wears all black leathers with a blue bandana to symbolize his clan. Wears his sword sheathed across his back.
Abilities:Is a great swordsman and uses a huge two-handed sword.He is,however,quite good at wrestling in a pinch.Mostly a soldier,not a strategist.
Attitude:Very thoughtful, and doesn't speak alot when unnecessary.Can be friendly when he's in a good mood.Fairly intelligent.
Bio: Born into his clan, he became a page to attempt to bring fame and fortune to his clan.He traveled to the capitol city to find a knight who would teach him.
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well then, i shall be the first to sign up.

Name: Wolf Maximas
Age: 11, took him a year to convince father to let him.
Gender: male
From: a small farm outside the small village of Varach.
Appearance: 4' 2", light blue eyes, white hair, he's a white boy with something of a tan :D. his hair is a bit longe rthen shoulder length and is held together by a balck thread in a ponytail. he normaly wears a white( as white as a farm boys shirt can get) shirt, and brown pants, his belt is a bit big for him but it does the job.
Abilities: since he was about 5, his father began teaching him how to sword fight. although he is a framer now, his father was once a master swordsmen. he has since retired from such things and has tought his son most of what he knows. unlike most swords though, Wolf has been trained with a sword bladed only one one side ( not like a katana, more like scimatar).
Attitude: for the most part his humorus, and open hearted. he has a nak for being ably to see a person for what they are, good or bad, but it dosen't always work. he does know when its time to get serious, when it comes to training his smile is not in humor, but in the joy of training.

well, i hope that fits what your lookin for, and don't worry so much. as i've seen with my RPs, people love medevil stories. they just seem to not get enough of them.

edit: darn, i wasn't the first oh well :D
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Ah, a fellow Tamora Pierce fan!

Name: Chelsey Harbas

Age: 10

Gender: Female

From: Corus- her parents are merchants there

Appearance: [img]http://www.beaconschool.org/portal/ftp/index.php?cdir=/Stuffy%20Stuffy%20Stufff&get=/Stuffy%20Stuffy%20Stufff/prettygirlyellow1.gif[/img]

Abilities: Particularly good at forming battle strategies, and a natural with a glaive (spear-like weapon)

Attitude: Cheery and frindly, once you get her to open up. She may seem snobby, but she's really just shy. If she really likes a person, she'll talk their ears off.
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:D :D :D :D :D :D Yes, those books rock. I read the Immortals series in 4th grade, the Lioness Quartet last year, and I'm reading Protector of the Small right now. So good.........*goes off into her LaLa Land where she can read, draw, and watch anime whenever she wants to*
Okay, anyways, that's great! I love it, I actually have a good RP going! Cookies for everyone! *people who have no intentions of signing up come, beat her up, and get the cookies* Ouch...umph....anyways, I think it's all fine, good, yeah. We just need a few more signups...I'm thinking about four, if possible, five. If not, we'll just go with what we have. ^^

EDIT: My profile! *confetti* And other stuff!

Name: Tsuyousinis Namithanlei (Nami for short)
Age: 10
Gender: Female
From: Kammiyleanlon (that?s a mouthful?. Tsuyousinis Namithanlei of Kammiyleanlon?o_O)
Appearance: About 4?5?? Cerulean eyes, icy blue hair that is spiked, but hangs like normal hair, skin is like coffee and cream, yet the coffee was mostly victorious. ^^ Likes to wear a white band of cloth on her head. Generally looks more like someone you don?t want to mess with.
Abilities: Can think up of some pretty good tactics in a stitch and loves battling with her glaive (I love long weapons) No matter what, she stinks at archery.
Attitude: Smart, outspoken, and funny. She likes to bring a cheery mood to people. The one thing she can?t stand are people who are depressed.

As you can telll, it's not easy. ;)

2nd ? Lord Wyldon, Lui Yunkasi, Hotori Wei (the last two are called Shinju warriors. Those are people who excel in fighting, armed and hand-to-hand)
3rd ? Lord Wyldon, Sir Tyson
4th ? Lord Wyldon (yes, last period, promise), Quinine Ammathilis
6th - Sir Eqalitit
7th ? Lord Hamilton
8th - Tamahori, a basilisk
9th ? Lord Gellington
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