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Art MY first banner&avatar


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Er...... didn't you make a separate thread for just the avatar?

Anyway, the banner is somewhat pixely. Try to smooth it out a little, and make the text more readable. Nice use of orange, though.

Your avatar is extremely difficult to see.... instead of shrinking that image, why don't you do a close-up of one of the character's faces?

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[color=darkblue][size=1]Um, not trying to sound rude, but you should read the rules at the top of the Art & Design forum. You're not supposed to post attachments under BMP files.

Anyways, they are fairly good banners and avis. The fist banner is VERY pixelly, try fixing that. The font doesn't seem to quite fit the banners either. Your first avi is okay, but you should add a border to it. The Shamen King avatar is good, but still a little pixelly. Try fixing those problems and they'd be really good. ^^

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These are just some I'm really proud of. I made them for people in the past.
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