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Guest hiro_tsuaina
The world had lived in relative peace for hundreds of years with only minor uprising disturbing the peace. War was somthing the people did not know and prayed they would never have to. The dream still lives to this day, but on this day, a deciding factor of this dream begins to slow the wheel of time itself.

The city of Tsuaina had become abandoned ever since the death of the royal family that owned it. It still stands as a moral for those who were ruled over by the family. The city is now merely a shallow and dark memorial that merely decays over time. The land at which it is in, is stuck in a purpetual night. When the moon has not risen, the active electricity that still surges through the city, lights the streets. As the moon arises the street lights slowly flicker away storing the energy they have left for the next "day".

A church is all that remains whole on the North side of town. It stands solemnly alone breaching the darkness as it had a glow about it. The bell tower standing higher than any other building in the city. To the East side of town stood a church of the same magnitude and size, the same ghostly glow hovering about it. This church, however, had begun to crumble, the tower now only half it's original size. To the West, stood an equal sanctuary, this one had the roof of the main hall and praying chambers collapesed giving full veiw to the moon and allowing rain to pour down whenever. And finally, to the South side of town stood a only the bell tower, the rest of the church had fallen under an unknown force. The bell tower, in its own, leaned to the right if one were to stand in the middle of the city and gaze at it. The tower loomed so sorowfully, those who managed to gaze upon it only guessed when it would fall.

The rest of the city, however, stood in almost complete ruin, even the former residence found it appauling, and it was a town they lived in there whole lives until the accident. Though, those who do remember it's former glory remember how the buildings stood 30 stroies to 50 stories high, but those towers still stood taller.



Race: (any race that you feel is put well in the enviroment, if it is a race that may be unknown to a few, ask me fisrt)

Weapon: (any weapon your heart desires, nothing TOO extreme though)




History: (NOTE: this is optional, you do not have to tell history if any of your character)



Story: The city in it's own fell thousands of years ago. the cause of the collapse is still unknown to everyone who seems to even hear of the town. It is stuck in perpetual night and is still having research done about it. The cause for all of this, the death of the royal family that had once ruled over it. The family vanished one dreadful day and because of this, the city was sent into turmoil. Many have theoris of it's collapse, but none are proven.


name: Hiro Tsuaina

age: 17

race: Human

weapon: duel 5 1/2 ft. long Rapiers

allignment: True Nuetral

skill(s): able to change into an angelic or demonic form.

occupation: archeologist, historian, warrior

history: he was born with a poor heart to Jerra and Jacken Kalice. His father was a spirit tamer and had recently captured the spirits or a fallen angel and a banished demon. Because of Hiro's weak heart, Jacken sent the angelic spirit inside of him, healing him, but accidently sent the demonic in with him. Hiro grew up without knowledge of this until 13 when he accidently transfromed into the demon killing his parents. Because of this, he felt he did not deserve the last name of Kalice, and took the last name of the man he killed while in his angelic form, Tsuaina. He has wandered for many years until coming upon this city at the age of 16. After that, he studied and learned all he could of this city known as Bellchurch.

personality: quiet, keeps to himself, cold, shows joy to little things

appearence: A black suit with a black tight shirt underneath the suit jacket. A black ankle length cape, with a collar that passes over his head, over that. Eye length white hair, dark blue eyes. About 5'9
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Guest hiro_tsuaina
Uh...could you be a little more specific, what would you like to know more about? I wouldn't wanna type things that weren't needed.
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[color=green]Please keep such conversational aspects to PMs, and avoid cluttering Recruitment threads whenever possible. Then it might help others if you edited in the additional information to your first post, hiro_tsuaina, as I don't think this does justice to your original post in the Arena :).

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Name: Sieg

Age: 19 - 20

Race: human

Weapon: Duel silver-plated magnums and a dagger.

Alignment: neutral

Skill(s): Stealth sneaking, killing

Occupation: none

Personality: smug & mysterious

Appearance: Long black hair. Wearing a long coat that just about hit the ground. He carries two (2) silver plated magnums at his side, one hand always on one. Inside his coat was a dagger about 1? 6? long; stained with blood. Never once with a "happy" look on his face he deals with his fate to live in this wretched place.
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