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Art Uchiha Sasuke: Full Style (Comments and/or rating please)

Sentou Ryoku

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I'm back with my latest stuff. Here's my first attempt at a full-figure rendition of Sasuke Uchiha (for the uninformed, he's from Masashi Kishimoto's "Naruto"). I hope, to those familiar with the series, that I did justice to Kishimoto-san's characters, since I took liberties in Orochimaru's and Sasuke's look. As usual, done in pencil, inked with Sakura pens, and edited with Adobe PhotoDeluxe.

Let me know what you guys think.

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I don't know any animes really, however I like this image. I am slightly confused as to whether you drew it or what, but I am assuming you did.

With the Snake woman's mout, there is something wrong there. I appreciate that mouths are quite difficult to draw, however it doesn't look right. Maybe she needs more lip? I don't know. Also, on the big fella's chest, there doesn't seem to be much detail, and it looks strange and undetailed compared to the rest of the drawing. Couple of confusing lines here and there that don't seem to go anywhere o.0. However, all in all, a good quality drawing. 7.5/10
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