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RPG Cowboy Bebop: Fresh Shoot


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[COLOR=royalblue]buy now for onl--[/COLOR]
[COLOR=crimson]This week on young and the--[/COLOR]
[COLOR=green]I think this little tree is a happy tr--[/COLOR]
[COLOR=sienna]you just slice the chicken, like so then--[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orangered]Well shucks and howdee padnuhs to a brand new episode of Big Shot! [/COLOR][/i]

A tall blonde haired blue eyed man tipped his oversized cowboy hat to the camera in greeting, next to him stood a dark beautifull woman with rich chocolate eyes and a million dollar smile.

[i][COLOR=orangered]Well hey there all you cowpolk, My name's Cindy...[/COLOR][/i]

The Blonde man chimed in after her:

[i][color=orangered]And I'm Arnold! On this very new show that you all have been missing we have a New...[/color][/i]

Cindy popped a hand up:

[i][color=orangered]...And well paying new bounty, but are you brave enough to find him?[/color][/i]

Arnold stood next to a picture pasted to a cheezy backdrop of the bounty, it was the outline of a man with a large questionmark pasted over his face.

[i][color=orangered]This snakey bandit is known as the infamous 'cowboy killer'. He's been charged with the deaths of seven bounty hunters in the last two months![/color][/i]

Cindy put her hands to her face dramaticaly:

[i][color=orangered]Oh my! He has a Ten Million Woolong bounty on his head, but are you crazy cowpolk guttsy enough to go get him? Our next bounty--[/i][/color]

Anima stared at the small blank monitor twirling the remote controll in her hand. She held a daring glint in her eye as her mind wraped around the concept of catching the "cowboy killer". Her den, located in the old mess hall of her ex-oil tanker, more now commonly knon as the "zamboni", was dark and quiet as it always was, and Anima liked it that way. She stood up to stretch, only shuddering slightly against thecold emptyness of her ship and walked to the stairwell her boots making echoing clumps around her.

"wonder how many people it will take..." she thought aloud pulling on an old olive green jacket that hung on the stair railing as she headed out the hatch to the hanger. It was starting to get late, although one could never tell from space, it was always darker then...Anima had been orbiting Mars for the last month, leaving her ship open as a minor repair and body shop. The hanger only now held her own zipper ship "the bee" and a larg imposing oil stain from her last customer's defective ship. Anima crawled into "the Bee" and plotted a course for the nearest bar she could find, tonight, she would prepare for another bounty hunt.
ok, one thing I forgot to mention in the signup, you can only controll other people's characters with [b]THEIR[/b] Permission.

Anyone can use Anima just as long as it doesn't get out of hand.
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mya rested her legs on the controls of her ship "Well that's the only time I have not been on that show!" "Oh well now lets see what to do what to do......hmmm I guess I could,Already did it, How about I,dead,man." Mya jerked up I GOT IT!, I could go to that new club on mars I have been on the run I havent had time for dancing and that kinda stuff! She put her ship in gear and zoomed off. "Almost there." Some one was shooting at her ship! An interactive chanel came up "You might want to stop or Ill shoot you down." Sergeis face apeared "Ha whay are you shooting at me?" Mys eyes glittered. "That stupid trick wont work on me agean!" Sergei kept fireing! "Gosh cant a girl have some fun once in a wile?" Mya returned fire.
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O.O.C: I don't care if some one controls my character as long as you don't kill him.

Jake was in the dark star as it came into mars orbit listining to the new big shot show. "I wonder if I should go after this bounty or not" jake asked him self. He sat up and turned off the t.v. "I might as well. I've got nothing better to do" jake thought as he started on his way to the silver run. Once he was in the hanger he took out a head set and pushed a button. "Hello. Who is this" a persion asked. "It's me mike. I'm comeing into your docks" jake said as he opened the cockpit and got in.
"O.k then jake. We've been getting alot of people comeing in because you've got a bounty on you head even though your a bounty hunter" mike said. "I'll use my normale spot" jake said as the hanger door opened and he flew out. "We'll clear people off of it and make sure no ones allowed in unless you say so" mike said before he hung up. As jake flew he a fight going on. "I probaply shouldn't get involved" jake thought as he flew.
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Mya shot his ship and it veared off corse. "Ha!" Mya docked and hopped out her hair fell to her sholders as she looked around. " Hmmm I dont know where to find that place." A man with green looken hair came over "Can I help you miss?" Mya looked up and his face was one she wouldforever remember! "Um yeah Im looking for the new danceing spot that they recently opened." "O yeah go 8 blocks you cant miss it." The man looked at her softly. "But the line is long I doubt youll get in!" Mya stood and waved him off as she walked "Watch me." "Hey you there young man!" That whoman you were talking to she has a giant bounty on her head it has been raised for some odd reasion!" Ok...*Now why do girls like her have to have a bounty?" He ran off after her.
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((I don't care if you control Eva, just because sometime's it's neccessary for communication and stuff. Just don't do anything ridiculous.))

"Ten mil eh?" Eva thought to herself as she turned off the TV. "I guess I'll give it a shot. But now I have to go to work. It's the night shift again..." She grabbed her purse and headed out of her apartment. Luckily for her, Roberto's Mini-Mart was only a few blocks away.

"Hey Eva," said her middle-aged boss with a smile.
"Hi Roberto, how's Sylvia?" Eva asked, going to get her apron.
"She's just fine. Did you hear about that 'cowboy killer'?"
"Of course. 10 million woolongs..." Eva sighed dreamily, thinking of all the stuff she could buy.
"Well, Paul's out sick tonight so you might have a little extra work," said Roberto. "But I doubt we'll get much business anyway."
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[b]OOC: I don't know if you read what Tiff said, Inuyashagurl, but I don't think I gave you permission to control my character. I don't mean to sound rude, but please ask next time. Also, as faerie said, you can control my character if you need to talk to him or something. Just don't make any major changes to him. Thanks.

>>> Geist X_^ <<<


[i]After setting his violin back in its case carefully, Sergei set down at the bar and ordered a drink. So far, Mars disgusted him. He deserved to play at a large concert hall, not at some seedy bar. Back home, in the F.S.U., his music was appreciated. But here, here he could hardly make a living off of it. The only reason he was able to survive was because of the weapon shop he opened up. Although he was glad that he was able to make money from the weapons, he still felt like a vulture, feeding off of the dead. The bartender set his drink down on the counter. Sergei picked up his drink and held it up in the air.[/i]
[i]he swallowed it in one gulp and set it back down on the counter. The bartender refilled it for him.[/i]
"I heard you playing. You're actually pretty good. I'm sorry that the crowd wasn't very large tonight. They're just not used to that kind of music."
[i]Sergei waved his hand.[/i]
"Forget it my friend. It is nothing. Besides, maybe there will be more of an audience the next night, yes?" [i]Sergei smiled.[/i]
[i]as Sergei sat and stared at his drink, a show came on about some sort of "cowboy killer". After it ended, the bartender turned it off.[/i]
"Boy, I'm glad I gave up that kind of life style along time ago. If I had caught him though, I wouldn't even have accepted one woolong of that reward money." [i]the bartender commented.[/i]
"I'm surprised you can say that with a straight face, my friend. I heard that all Martians were vultures."
"I guess you can't judge anyone too quickly nowadays, huh?" [i]The bartender smiled.[/i]
"[b]**[/b]Da. It has been nice talking to you, my friend. I think I'll try to bring in that mysterious bounty head of ours. Goodbye."
[i]Sergei payed for his drink, stood up, and grabbed his violin case.[/i]
"You're a cowboy?" [i]The bartender asked.[/i]
"Only when I need to eat."
"Didn't you hear? He kills bounty hunters."
"Da, I heard. Don't worry, I won't tell him. [b]**[/b]Dasvedania."
[i]Sergei walked over to his parked ship, got in, and flew away to find some information.[/i]

*For now, if I don't know the Russian word I want to use, I'm just going to put the english word in parentheses.

**Da - Yes

**Dasvedania - Goodbye (I'm pretty sure I spelled this incorrectly.)
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OCC: sorry Geist
Mya was half way to the club when that man apeared in the shadows, "You did not tell me you were a bounty." He looked at her. "You never asked." Her hair waved as she pulled out a gun. The man looked closely at her. "What?" She said as she raised it.
"I think I know you." He said with a soft voice. "Well you wont know me for long." She shot him in the chest and left him. When she was outof sight he stood up. Hmmmm she should have shot me else where he was bleading but not badly he pulled out a thick book and the bullet fell out of it.
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Anima lowered her ship to a small bar inside the orbit of mars, she slightly tipped her wings to the left to avoid hitting a Military fighter on its way out of the dock. Anima parked her ship and locked into the bay making her way to the bar, hands shoved deep into her pockets.

"Evening Anima." The bartender nodded at Anima's entrance, she politely smiled back and took a seat at the bar glancing around the barron tavern as she did.

"Not a lot of buisness tonight?" She asked propping her chin on the butt of her hand.

The bartender slid her a shot of scotch, her usual at this bar, then he sighed picking up a rag to clean the beer sticky bar, not something to be proud of, but it was his bar after all.

"There was a lad in here playing the violin, Saddest face as Space itself that one."

"Everyone who lives out here doesn't lead the perfect life..." Anima trailed off tipping the shot into her mouth letting its burning sensation trail down to the pit of her stomach. She thought of her own life, and how pitifull it could be at times.

"Aye" The bartender grasped the spotty rag for a moment, licking his lips in thought as some people did, "You know what I'd be, If I wasn't here?"

Anima lifted her head adn raised an eyebrow in question.

"I-I'd have a country home on earth, yes, and a wife, two kids, oh and a little dog." He wrung the rag in his hands as he spoke, "And I'd own a farm, and we'd be happy, my wife, my children. I'd come in from the barn every night, and I'd be so tired, but my wife would be there with a warm meal, the children, they'd come tin from playing." He spoke as if this were a real life he led, "and- and we'd be happy, there would be sunshine, and clouds, I haven't seen clouds since......since..." He wrung the rag even tighter, as if the little residue it gave would be enough to make his dream come true. The bartender made a small noise deep in his throat and went back to cleaning his bar.

"just a dream" he muttered. Anima Set her shot glass down along with her money.

"But it's a Dream, nonetheless." She smiled at him turning to leave, "see you next time"
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Eva sat on a stool behind the counter, staring into space. "I don't think anybody's gonna come buy groceries on a Friday night."
"You're right," said Roberto with a sigh. "I guess I'll close early. You can go home." Eva muttered thanks and stood up to put her apron back in its place.

[I]What am I gonna do now,[/I] she wondered. She wandered the streets aimlessly, kicking a can that someone had carelessly dropped. She looked up from the ground and realized she had no idea where she was. It was getting cold, and her jacket pockets weren't much of a refuge for her frostbitten hands. [I]Damn, I knew I should've worn a coat. Where am I?[/I]
A scrawny black cat jumped out at her from an alleyway, which startled her. Its glowing eyes were fixed on her, as if she were a mouse. She hated cats. They haunted her...

Eva remembered, long ago, when she lived with her father. He adored cats of all kinds. There were hundreds of little figurines, stuffed animals, sculptures, and pictures of cats, all over their house. They stared forever as her drunken father would beat her, and her little brother would hide in his secret place in the attic where no one could find him. They laughed as Eva was covered with physical and emotional scars that would never heal.
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Jake was piloting the silver run to the space port as he entered mars's atmosphere. "Your clear to come in jake" mike said. "Thanks. Can you bring my motor cycle out" jake asked. "I figured you'd have a reason for coming so I all ready have it out and waiting" mike said. "Thanks mike" jake said as he flew to the space port. As he landed he saw his motor cycle out. Jake got out and got on his motor cycle and left. He broke off the high way leading to the space port and entered a town. As he drove he saw a person looking around who seemed to get disturbed when a cat showed up. "Need some help miss" jake asked. "Um ya. I don't really know where I am. Can you help" the person asked.
"Ya get on. I'll give you a ride" jake offered offered. She nodded and got on. She told him where she lived as he drove. "Thanks for giving me a ride and by the way I'm eva" eva said. Jake just nodded as the apartment eva lived in came into view. "So what's you name" eva asked as jake slowed the motor cycle down. "The names jake. I believe this is you stop" jake said. Eva nodded and got off. Jake started driving down the rode to go to a bar known for rumors on bounty's. "Let's see if I can get some info" jake said to him self as he drove.
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[color=chocolate][b]OOC: Sorry for the late reply peeps. I've been grounded this whole week ^^(). And you can control my chara. if you're in conversation with him and such. But no major changes.
Nano sighed as he cleaned out another glass. Tonight was a busy night at Monte's, almost as busy as the night when he overheard the rumor of his first bounty. But this night felt different. This night didn't feel like a "something-very-good's-gonna-happen" night. More like a "I-think-there's-going-to-be-a-bar-fight" night. He just had this sinking feeling.

"Nano! Anotha drink fo' me an' mah buddy ova he'!" a slurred voice called from one end of the bar. It was one of the regulars, Fridgy. He came here every night, drowning himself in the drink with his imaginary friend. Nano just smiled and slid Fridgy's drink down to him. Fridgy gave him a drunken smile, showing a mouthful of yellow teeth and took up his drink.

That's when it happened. On the other side of bar there was a great outburst of yelling and two men stood up ready to fight. [i]I knew this was going to happen...[/i] Nano thought with a frown. The two men were now attracting the attention of the entire bar. They started throwing punches at each other, most of them missing their target. Soon the two men's buddies began to join in the fight and soon enough, it was all out bar brawl. Nano knew that this was the time to step in.

He pulled his crossbow out from under the counter and shot one arrow across the bar, right inbetween the two main fighters. It hit the was right next to their heads. Everyone stopped to look at him. Nano cleared his throat.

"Gentlemen!" he began "I'm sorry to interrupt your little argument, but I must ask you to stop at once." He turned to the taller of the two men, "Just, what would your children think if they knew you were in a bar fight?"

Just looked down at his shoes. Nano turned to the other man.

"And Luke, I think Rivette would be delighted to know about Lichelle." he said sarcastically.

Luke did the same as his friend.

"Okay, now that that's settled...You may go back to what you were doing before this little incident." he directed this at the entire crowd. And they followed his order. Nano settled himself and flipped the channel to the bounty hunting show. [i]Wonder if there's any new bounties...[/i] He watched intently as Cindy and Arnold began a report on the newest bounty. The Cowboy Killer.

"Ya gonna take th' bounty Nano?" Fridgy asked. Nano thought about it for a minute and then slowly nodded.

"You know, I think I will Fridge." he replied.[/color][/b]
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Mya saw the people in line *Im not wasting my shots on them.* She thought instead she went to the bar she sat at a table smoke consumed the suroundings. The green haired guy came in and sat becide her. "What do you want?" she said dully as she brought the glass to her lips. "The bounty." He smiled. She gave a smirk and said ,"Do you have a name for you know mine." He looked at the stage and said ,"Call me drifter." She began smiling,"That was cheezy!" "What?" He asked. "So let me guess your going to be the only one after me?" she smiled as she finished the glass. "I guess so." He said with a serious look on his face. She payed the man and Shot all the lights accept the on above his table. "Happy hunting." She blew a kiss and shot the light.
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Anima was far from finished with her bar scouring night. She wasn't out to drink, but out to recruit, and so far no winners seemed to prance her way. Anima frowned at the back of a large man who she had just spoken with who was too frightened to go after her bounty. The Bar she was in was quite full and loud, a good place to go if you didn't want to be heard, or have your guest hear you. Anima had never been to this bar before but she thought that Monte's would be a good place to start looking for bounty hunters, was she wrong...

She looked on in intrest at a fight that broke out on the other side of the bar as she stood to leave, and at the yong man who broke it up. Anima smirked for a moment before weaving her way to the bar next to a drunkard that looked like he was having a conversation with the stool next to him.

"evening" Anima Said taking a seat next to fridge looking sqarely at Nano.

"hi, can i get you something?" Nano leaned to the left to watch the two former fighters eye eachother with distaste.

"you can start by telling me how old you are" Anima leaned both elbows onto the bar.

"no offense lady but I don't date older women" nano absentmindedly picked up another glass to clean, clearly thinking that the insult wouldn't occur to a drunken woman hitting on a fourteen year old boy.

"listen you!" Anima reached over the bar and caught the collar of Nano's shirt, "I'm not in the mood for your bullshit, now tell me how old you are."

"fourteen! let go of me you nutcase!" Anima Dropped him as he reached for his crossbow, she left him staring down the barrel of her gun.

"how does a fourteen year old run a bar and opperate a crossbow with deadly precission?" She asked with a smile.
I think I'll let you take it from there Erinzyger.

and a sketch of Anima....
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Eva looked around her lonely apartment with sad eyes. [I]There's never anything to do around here...[/I] she thought. [I]I need to get away from this dump. What about that bar Sylvia told me about? Monte's, or something like that... I guess it's worth a shot. [I] ((OOC: I'm going to change her age from 20 to 21, hope that's ok.))
Eva didn't really feel like dressing nicer than usual. She just pulled her wavy brown hair into a ponytail and took off. Besides, it wasn't like anyone cared.
Eva made sure to lock her apartment door before going outside to the parking lot. She got in her old pink cadillac ((hahaha, I wish I had one)) and drove away, waving as she drove past Roberto, who was cleaning the store windows with nothing better to do.
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[i]Sergei breathed a solemn sigh. He didn't know why, but tonight seemed so empty and quiet. It seemed like a night where if you listened, you might hear the lonely beatings of the many hearts on the planets below.
Wanting some friendship, and a little bit of info, he called an old friend of his on his ship's video phone. After a moment's wait, an old face with a blondgrayish-blond beard, came up on the screen.[/i]

"(Hello, Sergei. It's been a long time, my comrade.)"

[i]Sergei smiled and nodded in agreement.[/i]

"Da. (Much too long my old friend. How have you been?)"

"(Not to well I'm afraid. Your little military friends came to visit me, said they were looking for you. I told them you were working on a farm in Ganymed, but they didn't believe me.)"

"(Forgive me, Piotyr. I did not think they would trace me to you. Did they give you much trouble?)"

"Nyet. (No trouble. You do not need to apologize. I needed the exercise anyways. Tell me, what did you need, Sergei? You're not the type of person to call just to talk about the cabbages.)"

"(Have you heard about the 'Cowboy Killer', my friend?)"

[i]Piotyr shook his head as he stuffed his pipe.[/i]

"(Who hasn't? There is not a single news station that hasn't already covered the story. Why? Are you going after him, Sergei?)"

"Da. (And I promise if you can get me some info on him, I'll split the bounty 60/40. You get 60, I get 40. A fair trade, yes?)"

"Nyet. (50/50.)"

[i]Piotyr smiled.[/i]

"(That's what I like about you, comrade. You always are able to get a better deal out of my pity for you. But be careful...One day I just might take the 60. Goodbye Sergei.)"

"Dasvedania, (my friend. Give my love to Misha.)"

"(I will. Oh and Sergei. Why don't you stop off at to see our old friend, Monte? He might be able to help you.)"

"(Alright. I will.)"

[i]Sergei turned off his phone and redirected his ship's course to Monte's, "Always friendly, always open" restaurant. (It was little more than a bar, no matter what Monte said otherwise. What little food he had
on his menu, he never sold more than the drinks. Still, it had a nice atmosphere to it, and everyone said that it was impossible to not find a sympathetic ear for any type of story you had to tell.)[/i]
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Sorry if I haven't been posting, I've been so busy and suffering from a small infection of writters block. And since I'm waiting for Erinzyger to reply to Anima's Actions I'll just add something to keep this alive.

The dark side of saturn was a cold and barron place. Ships rarely bothered to travel this far for lack of service and not wanting to take the risk of breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Beyond Jupiter, space was the not unlike the Antartic, empty and cold. This was why he hid out here, like the fugitive he was. Now was the time when he could rest, and plot his next kill, For life was not much more to live for. He had lived for ages, and would even longer for he knew he wouldn't die.

His Name was Corben.

The console of the small cargoship hummed and lit the cabin dimly with lights of green and red. A dark haired man, young in appearance, sat idly in the pilot's seat, his hands folded in his lap as his eyes traveled the horizon of Saturn, watching the warm glow of the sunrise spread accross it's noxious clouds. The gasses turned from an inky black to a soft gold dancing accross the surface of the planet in their endless march of death, so lovely and yet so much in despair. This was why Corben chose to hide by Saturn. As his cobalt eyes danced over the planet's morning, his mind wandered far away into the past, back to a time when he was granted mortality.

He had just started working at the space gates, a new and better way to travel across the heavens, such a wonder it was that technology could bless mankind so. Yes, they were blessed alright, even on that day when the gate exploaded. Corben was found clinging for dear life to a Buick sized shard of metal, running out of oxygen from his enviro-suit. It took the rescue team precious Hours to coax him off of the scraped peice of gate to discover that it was a miracle that he sustained no injuries, nor did he have any brain damage due to lack of oxygen. Corben was Released the next day on a small Mars collony.

He learned only a few days later, that he could never feel pain again, nor would he ever sucumb to the grace that is death.

He didn't try to understand why he couldn't Die or be injured, but can now recall hearing about a boy, who only a year ago was brought out of his imortality by a Bounty Hunter and an element that could nullfiy teh radioactive agents sustaining youth. Corben didn't care to ease his fate, he quite enjoyed being God.

And if he is God, Why is it wrong to take life away?

Corben stood from his seat, the planet below now basked in the sun's Gentle faraway glow, he felt restless in the way that he knew a murder was comming. An article from "Hunter Weekly" Fell from his lap onto the floor that had the new bounty for the "Cowboy killer" Pasted all over it. He moved to the window pressing his forhead to the icy glass.

"Come for me little children, My Web will be waiting"

Well, that needed to get out in some way shape or form, I'd like to request that only I control Corben physicaly, thanks, and have fun!
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((Wow... that was beautifully written... *sigh*))

"Well, here it is..." Eva said to herself as she looked up at Monte's. "Might as well get a scotch and soda." ((lol we're reading The Catcher in the Rye in English... that's Holden's favorite drink)) She entered the bar and had to squeeze through a group of drunkards to get a seat.
"What'll it be, miss?" said a young boy behind the counter. He looked no more than 14.
"Just a scotch and soda, please," said Eva, glaring in disgust at some guy that had just fallen out of his chair next to her. "Thanks," she muttered, slapping a few bills on the counter as the boy set her drink in front of her. She stared at the glass idly, tracing its rim with her finger, her head resting upon her left hand.
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