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This was inspired by a song called 'Frequency' by on a sampler I got at school, I Love Metal. I'll try to attach the song later. Be forewarned, if the CD is called "I Love Metal", guess what the songs are gonna be...that's right, metal. See? You're learning already...
Long ago, a lording race tried to perfect its technological inferiors. After decades of experimentation and occasionally torture, they found that a simple radio wave was all they need to achieve their 'noble' task. Enormous radio towers were erected intermittently across the planet and once they had become advanced enough, satellites. When the inferior race heard this radio wave, usually a slight static on radios, televisions, internet, and the like, their automatically tuned into an image of their world, be it for better or worse. The lording race became like gods and often times sat marveling at their 'creations'. Over time, they noticed that each generation, several would be born who were not affected by the radio waves. This problem could be corrected by a small change in frequency. Regularly, they made these changes and ignored the inferior race completely until time for the next change. They didn't notice that over time, these anomalies would again become immune to the waves. They realize what has been going on for these many millennia and will attempt to ban together. Whether they succeed or fail is your choice.
Okay, here's the deal. This all takes place on Earth, that ball of water and dirt we are all probably living on. The inferior race are homo sapiens (humans). The superior race is homo superior (because I could think of nothing better). Easy enough, no? The homo superiors have distanced themselves both emotionally and physically from the homo sapiens. There are those who stray from this norm, but they are few and far between. You can be of either race. PM me with any problems. [i][b]I RESEVRVE THE RIGHT TO ACCEPT OR DECLINE YOUR SIGNUP AND ASK FOR A SHORT WRITING OR POSTING SAMPLE![/b][/i] Just wanted to make things clear.
Age: 15 or older
Power: Homo superiors only. Very much like X-Men. See list below.
Weapons: Homo sapiens only for the most part, homo superiors in rare cases.
Short Bio:
Other: Anything else you deem important. Optional, but suggested. Might help you avoid being asked for a writing sample.
Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Technology, Electricity, Sound, Holy, Dark, Light, Metal,
More may be added later. PM me if you would like one not on the list.
PM me if clarification of any kind is needed. Below is a list of those accepted or rejected, those who need to add something, and those who need to PM me ASAP.
[color=sienna]animangademon (Ty Burlington)
Angelus_Necare (Fenn Harris)
Hayate (Hitoma Larime)
Arch (Arch K'irik Don)
FirePheonix727 (Getarin)[/color]
-none at the moment-
[b]PM Immediately[/b]
-none at the moment-
[b]Changes Needed[/b]
-none at the moment-
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[color=firebrick][font=times new roman][b]Name: Ty Burlingston
Age: Said to be thousands of years old
Speices: Superior
Power: Fire(hehehe)

Appearance: Tall(6'4), 155lbs. Slender but has a great physic, long brown hair that is braided and strands that fall around his face, royal blue eyes, tanned skin. Wears a white tunic with the sleeves cut off over a torso that is wrapped in bandages, a pair of ruby, red silk drawstring pants. Brown leather sandals, fingerless gloves, belt and a bandana that covers his eyes.


[u]Fire's Furry[/u]--This is an attack used with his whip. When used, the whip will become engulfed with flames and is lashed at the victim. When the victim is whipped, they catch fire and burn to death.

[u]Demon's Flame[/u]--This attack is used with the sword. When in use, the sword glows blue with intense heat and when the victim is sliced, the heat from the sword cauterizes the flesh making it impossible to heal.

[u]Arrows of Inseniration[/u]--(Take a guess)This attack is used for the crossbow. The arrow bursts into flames and when shot into the victim, the body insenerates from the flames the arrow gives off.

[u]A Pyro's Dream[/u]--This is an all braunattack. When Ty gets pissed, he is surrounded by an aura of flames. When his attack energy is ready, he unleashes his furry of kickboxing and martial arts. His fists and feet are balls of fire and when hit, the flames spread over and absorbed into the body. The body then gets burned from the inside-out

[u]Eyes of Eternal Hell[/u]--Because of his curse, he is now unable to look apon anything without it bursting into flames. But when he does reveal his eyes, a wall of fire insenerates everything and anything in the path.

[u]Fire Wall[/u]--This is a shield of fire. It is summoned with the energy from his opponent, draining them of their attack/defense energy.

[u]Backdraft[/u]--This attack is a ball of fire and energy used with Ty's energy. (It looks like the Kamei ha meiah frome dbz)When released on the opponent, a powerful wave of fire and energy surrounds the victim then gets absorbed into the body. But it doesn't stop there! After the absorption, the fire inside kindles then with one inhale of oxygen, the fire is sparked then the victim explodes^^
(if anyone knows about fire, you know what a backdraft is..those who don't, a backdraft is an enclosed fire in which it uses up all the oxygen, once a "breath" or a source of oxygen is introduced then the fire rapidly comes back to life and explodes. ex..a firefighter sees a room that has been kindling and opens the door, the oxygen rushes in an boom, an explosion)

Bio: Ty was the guardian of fire and everything that fire could do. He was very well known among the Gods. He loved the wind because it would fuel his flames, he loved the earth for providing him with the materials to burn and he admired how Earth would rebuild itself, creating something better every time, he loved the animals because..well, he just loves animals in general(especially cute fluffy kittens^_^), but of all the guardians, he did not like the waters. The water had the power to put out his flames.

Aside from that, he was respected by all elements, even some Gods. He spent his time perfecting his abilities and gifts. One day he fell in love with the Goddess Aroura, Anubis's secret love. Ty and Aroura spent much time together and were said to be wed. Anubis received word to this and cursed Ty to the damnation of never able to look apon anything without it burning in hell's fire. Ty was never able to look upon his love, Aroura, ever again.

But this did not stop him(he's persistant and stubborn), he still used his sense of touch to keep Aroura, who was heartbroken yet she still loved him. Anubis then damned Ty to his prison, a volcano.

For many milliniums, he lay dormant inside his prison. Tormented. Then one day a scientist released his soul and remains, and experimented on him. Ty was fearfully confused and wanted to know what the hell was going on. Instead of killing the scientist, he learned all he could about the past millinia's and some new fighting techniques. After he was satisfied, went on his search to find his home.

Personality: Think of Duo Maxwell. He's crazy, funny, witty, layed back, a serious fighter, a lady's man^^, and damnit, he's just totally sexy! He can be a prankster and a joker but when it comes to battle, a side of him appears. The side to kill, when he get's pissed he is ruthless, cold, evil, and psychotic. But all around, Ty's a great guy.[/color][/font][/b]
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Name: Fenn Harris

Age: 23

Power: none (homosaphien)

Appearance: A strong taught figured girl, holding more of the apearance of a tall teenage boy rather a full grown woman.

She wears an old leather top, cracked and faded by time that holds her in giving her no female form at all, loose leather sleeves that fan out at the wrist have been occasionaly attached in past years to manage with the anual cold. Her choice in pants stays the same year round as old thick cloth trousers that are tucked into her black leather boots rimmed with metal. Around her neck she carries a shard of transparent sparkling metal on a tweed cord, Fenn never explains what it is for, and no one usualy asks when she idly plays with it.

Her hair rarely is alowed to grow beyond her shoulders as it's bothersome to manage. More often than not it is a deep red mass that sits tied back or carelessly covered on top of her head. She has almond shaped green eyes sporting flecks of gold and a delicate and charming nose, Fenn is really a pretty girl, wether she likes to admit it or not.

Weapon(s): When Fenn cannot use her own hands to aid herself in combat she use a hidden switchblade kept in her boot or grab anything around her that would substitue a sword or staff. She is currently looking for a suitable weapon.

Short Bio: Fenn was born and abandoned as an infant, given to the care of an old man known only as Harris. He owned a small humble tavern that gained it's share of buisness over the years untill dangerous spats between clans began to occur in his presence. One night knowing it the best for his young adopted daughter's safety he tried to break up a small fight at the bar and only gained a fatal chest wound. Harris Died in Fenn's arms, leaving her completely alone, Fenn was only ten years old when Harris died but she promised herself that she would opperate the Tavern on her own, it was that or live on the streets as a theif. Over the years the Tavern has done quite well with the help of a man Fenn hired named Artoa. He acts as a bouncer if things ever get out of hand but doesn't always treat Fenn with respect, picking at her womanly assets, one reason Fenn tries to make herself as good as a man.

Personality: Fenn has a strong will and will get up several times after being knocked down, she hates hearing the word "no" and will fight forcefully for what she beleives in. She does a good job letting those around her what she wants or needs from them, and does well enough keeping her own secrets.

I hope that's enough.
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Name: Hitoma Larime
Age: 21
Race:Homo sapien
Appearance: About 6'2 well defined muscles looks older than he really is
because he makes a note not to walk upright and keep his face emotionless. He wears a long brown trench coat and and all black clothing to keep from being noticed. His hair is usualy unkept but he occasinally combs it he has a dark complexion and likes boots and a pair of sun glasses.

Weapons: A collapsable metal bo staff, a kunai with chain, and shurikens, and some magial armor And weapons stolen from the "gods" hates firearms just too loud.

Short Bio: At about Six hitoma realized that he was different from everyone else. He was teased and ridiculed by the other kids even his parents didn't love him. They threw him out of the house at the tender age of ten. He then became a thief to support himself but he was caught by a man he tried to rob. As punishment he had to come every day and be trained by the man. Hitoma only knew the man as sensei. He said the training would give him dicipline. Sensei wasn't affected by the waves which is why he trained him to fight the gods control sensei hoped that hitoma would be the one to free their world to fight the gods and repel their magic forever. However during one of the freqency changes he was forced to fight and kill his master since then he has sworn revenge

Personality:Calm, cool, and collected no one can really tell what he is thinking or whats going on in his head though because he keeps his feelings a secret. He can be cold at times but he is be freindly to those close to him. He has a slight temper and go into wild rages when provoked by injustices of the homo superiors

Other: Hitoma has been resisting the "gods"control for most of his life and has aquired many items to aid him in the fight. however he hasn't found any others and is begining to think it isn't worth it.

Well that it oh about those weapons and armor I'll put more once I figure out if I can use them and what they are.
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[size=1][color=royalblue][b]Name:[/b] Arch K'irik Don

[b]Age:[/b] 1,254

[b]Species:[/b] Homo Superior

[b]Appearance:[/b] Arch wears a mythril breastplate, armguards, and boots. Under the armor he wears a green tunic. Under the tunic, is a full body suit made from the fibers of a Black Widow Spider's web, which is stronger and more lightweight than kevlar.
He also wears brown leather gloves and a leather belt. He is lean and tall, and his facial features are sharp. His hair is gold in color, and falls on his shoulders. He has peircing silver/blue eyes.


[b][u]Electro-Magnetic Pulse[/u][/b]- Creates and EMP wave, shutting down all electronic devices within a mile radius.

[b][u]Lightning Bolt[/u][/b]- Summons a bolt of lightning.

[b][u]Plasma Bolt[/u][/b]- Summons a bolt of plasma.

[b][u]Plasma Sword[/u][/b]- Charges Arch's sword with so much electricity, it becomes plasmatic, enabeling it to cut almost anything.

[b][u]Plasma Barrier[/b][/u]-Creates a wall of plasma that sheilds Arch from most attacks.

[b][u]Chain Lightning[/u][/b]- Allows Arch to climb and follow lightning through the sky.

[b][u]Shock Charge[/u][/b]- Contact with Arch will cause electricution.

[b][u]Fist of Lightning[/u][/b]- Charges Arch's hands with lethal electricity.

[b][u]Berserker[/u][/b]- Arch can only use this ability when he is near death. Shoots multiple bolts of extremely leathal plasma from his body for up to one minute.

[b]Bio:[/b] Arch is a Homo Superior that almost believes in living the way that the early Homo Sapiens did. However, it is his job to make sure that all radio waves are working correctly. Arch loves and respects nature, and only participates in the radio wave process to stop Homo Sapiens from what he veiws as pointless destruction.

[b]Personality:[/b] Arch is very temperamental when it comes to protecting nature, but he won't hesitate to eliminate a Homo Sapien. He is kind to those he respects, and he is spiteful and impatient with those that he does not respect.

[b]Other:[/b] In Arch's consciousness, he has secretly been planning to destroy every single radio tower to free the Homo Sapiens.[/size][/color]
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There's still room right?

Name: Getarin

Gender: male

Age: 400

Species: Superior

Appearance: 5'9'' Dark skinned, and lean, with black hair and strange, dark purple eyes. He wears only a large, fading tunic, that covers his entire body, except for his head. He generaly walks slowly, and purposfuly.

Power: Wind (I'm gonna have fun with this :devil: )

Burst~a burst of wind that blows enemies away.

Throw-back~creates a small wirl-wind and throws projectiles back at an enemy

Twister~generates a small tornadoe

Wind-blade~gathers wind and solidifys it, to create a small, but effective blade

Hurricane~an improvement to twister, generates a small hurricane

Agility~the wind carries him quickly across the ground

Fly~can use the wind to fly for small amounts of time

Weapons: The only visible weapon he carries, is a rediculosly large sword, almost as tall as he is, and about half his width though only the hilt is visible from his tunic.

BIO: Although only a juvinile by Superior standards, Getarin is already more profficant than most others from his time. When he first existed (are they born or just made?) he felt pity for the humans and never understood why they were not like himself. Out of curiosity and general duty, he decided to be a guardian of Superior secrets, searching out those who are immune to the frequencies and battling with them, only deeming them worthy to live when they could strike him with their insignificant weapons.

Personality: Aloof, and unforgiving, though he sometimes has a soft spot for the more "intrueging" humans. He is very deffensive of his right to the wind powers, and often derives humor from irony. Though he has no special ties to any other Superior, he always greets them with respect and generocity, seeing as he has no natural opposite.

Other: though it is a powerful weapon, he never draws his sword unless he means to kill.

Hows that? If I need to add something, just tell my Eclectic!:D
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