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RPG Medevil RPG- The Sword of Void {play}

Wolf Maximas13

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well, the tile isn't great but it'll do.

the riseing sun peeked its head over the mountain tops, and into the valley were the last main city of the werewolves lay. the yellow fire ball cast its light down upon the house of Wolf. the light danced through his window and lefted his eyes. the warrior awoke to the natural alarm and got dressed for what he thought to be a normal day. as he left his small house he was meet by one of there messengers. the werewolf who presented the letter was still a boy. he was dressed in a normal white tunic with green pants. his black fur was quit noticable next to Wolf's silverish version. the boy raced off to continue his earns and left Wolf to read the letter in peace. it stated that a great evil ahd arose in the race of men. which didn't suprise the silver fured warrior. he read on to find out that this threat was to all far and wide. he rushed the note to his king and father who advised the king. upon reading the message the decided to act. before a plan could be formulated Wolf spoke up.

Wolf: i shall deal with this matter. something like this does not need an army but a select few with those skills equal to many a army.

King: your right Wolf, and i can think of know one else then who to send. you are also right in to thinking that you'll need help. i shall send a letter to the kingdoms and cities i think could and would help us. meet them in the town of Griecan. it is a man's run town so best be on your toes. all men do not take to creatures as ourselves.

with that Wolf packed his things and put on his armor. he sadled his horse and rode off to Griecan. he hoped that they could form a well to do party within a few days, for there was no telling as to how long they had.
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[color=indigo][i]Shin-za sat near her campfire, humming to herself in a pleasant manor. A forest surrounded her, protecting her from nights predators. She had always felt more comfortable in a forest than in a city.

She got up and stretched her legs, then sat down again. It felt like it was going to be a long sleepless night. She hadn't been able to sleep ever since she was shunned from her village. Shapeshifters weren't trusted anymore.

A rustle of the leaves awoke her from her thoughts. She shook her head,[/i] I'm all nerves lately. It was just some night animal hunting I'm sure.

[i]Nevertheless she shivered and huddled closer to the fire. It was never bad to be too careful[/i]

OOC: By the way you guys can just call her Cat...its a lot easier than Shin-za I'm sure.[/color]
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*Anubis sits on the ground right outside of Griecan.*
Anubis:"The Sword of Void... If it gets into the hands of my former master the world is doomed. I will stop him... Hopefully help will come to defeat there forces. I hope the message to Wolf got to him by now. I will stay here and watch out for them..."
*Anubis stands up and then leans up against a building right inside Griecan.*
Anubis:"Well all I can do right now is wait..."
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[color=009966][i]Iris walked out into the morning sunshine and shivered. Fall was coming early this year. She pulled her cloak closer around her and started walking to the southern exit of the small town. On the way she saw a friend of hers, Rebecca, who was married to a young man who ran the town bakery. She stood in the doorway, and Iris noticed that she was waving her arms wildly, signaling for her to come over. Iris quickened her pace; Rebecca seemed a bit anxious.[/i]

Rebecca: "Iris, a letter arrived in town. It's addressed to you!"

[i]Iris was a bit surprised. She never recieved mail. What was more, she traveled around so much, how did anyone know where she was? She quickly recovered in time that Rebecca hadn't noticed her reaction.[/i]

Iris: "Who's it from?"

Rebecca: "I haven't a clue. It has no signature, plus it's a bit distressing."

[i]Rebecca reached into her apron pocket and withdrew a sheet of yellow parchment and gave it to Iris. She looked at it for a moment as if unsure about something.[/i]

Iris: "Would you mind telling me what it's about?"

Rebecca: "Oh, no. It's [i]very[/i] confidential."

[i]Iris raised her eyebrow, was about to speak, but shook her head and opened the letter. The writing was somewhat scratchy, but legible none the less, and not to mention short. It was only a few sentences long, and spoke mostly about a Sword of Void, a man named Lython, and a meeting in a nearby town called Griecan. She quickly folded it up again, and quietly chanted the magical word [/i]"Allya!" [i]The letter promtly burst into flame, leaving nothing but ashes in her hand. Rebecca pulled Iris' hand back down to her side, looked around nervously, and whispered hurriedly into her ear.[/i]

Rebecca: "Why'dyou use your magic to burn it?! You know that this place hates mages and the like! What if they had seen you? Then you would've---"

Iris: "It's alright, Rebecca. No one's awake yet. Besides, this letter may be too important to just leave lying around. At least this way it won't fall into suspicious hands."

[i]Rebecca sighed and glanced over her shoulder again.[/i]

Rebecca: "If you say so. Anyway, I take it you're setting out again?"

[i]Iris paused for a while, then glanced over her shoulder at the direction in which she just came.[/i]

Iris: "Well, I was planning on heading south for a while, but....I think I'll head north of here instead."

Rebecca: "So you're really going to Griecan?"

Iris: "I might as well. One place is about as good as any place these days. Not to mention I'm a bit curious about all [i]that."

She indicated the small pile of ashes on the ground.[/i]

Rebecca: "Well then you best hurry afore anyone comes out into the street and sees you. Griecan isn't that far, so you should reach it a few hours before the evening comes."

[i]Iris nodded and quickly set off to the northern exit of the small town. As soon as she passed the gate, she set off down the main path, then broke away from the path, which went right, and went left. She knew of a shortcut that could possibly get her there by midday if nothing went wrong. She cluthched her cloak tightly around her and set off at a swift pace through the woods.[/i][/color]
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[color=indigo][i]Shin-za gasped as the rustling sound became increasingly louder.[/i] Just an animal, just an animal,[i] she kept saying to herself but she knew it to be untrue. Animals don't make that much noise.

Suddenly a man burst through forest at full speed, almost running into her campfire. He stopped himself in time though, and immediately colapsed on the ground. Shin-za had the sudden instinct to change forms and run away but she knew the man would notice.

The man looked like a messanger, he was certainly dressed for the job. A shiver ran up her spine. She hadn't told anyone she was here, so how could he possibly know?[/i] Well there's only one way to find out.

[i]Shin-za got up and walked towards the man. She was about to ask her question when the man stuck out his hand with a letter cluched firmly in between his fingers.

Shin-za-[/i]"Wh...what's this?"

[i]The man took a considerable amount of time catching his breath and when he did it seemed like a waste of time.
Man-[/i]"A letter, what do you think it is?"

[i]Shin-za felt her ire rise.
Shin-za-[/i]"I know its a damn letter. I meant what's inside it?!"

[i]The man shrugged.
Man-[/i]"I dunno. They told me it was confidencial."

[i]Shin-za thought it best to not ask who it was from, it looked like the man was not giving out anymore information. She broke the seal and opened the letter. It didn't say much, just something about a Sword of the Void and someone trying to steal it. She cruppled up the letter and threw it on the ground.

Shin-za-[/i]"I don't appriciate pratical jokes you know."

[i]Man[-[/i]"I'm not so sure it is a pratical joke Miss. I was told it was very important."

[i]Shin-za looked at the man. It didn't look like he was lying. She shrugged. Its not like she had anything better to do.[/color][/i]
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Rannos ran lightly through the trees, heading north through his ancesteral home. He heard a swish then a thunk as an arrow flew into the tree in front of him. Rannos jerked backwards suddenly and leaped to the ground.seeing a man there holding a bow, Rannos walked forward and asked,"hello.who are you and why did you attack me?."
"I come from the city of Griecan," said the messenger,"and i seek a member of the elven community. Obviously you can help me."
he then handed Rannos a letter.It spoke of the sword of void and of Lythan.It also said that there was a meeting to be held in grecian.
"thank you," said Rannos he then sent the messenger away.Quickly heading home, he buckled on his family's sword and scrawled a note about where he was going.He quickly headed towards Griecan.
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The silver fured warrior was fast aproching the city. As he neared it he could see someone. As he grew closer he could make out a form, and then a face. He knew this face, not by memory but by his father. This was the half-demon his father help set loose. Wolf halted his stead next to the half-man.

Wolf: You are Anubis are you not?

Anubis: Yes, glad you remember of me.

Wolf: It is good to see a face i can familerize with. I take it you know of the matter witht the sword.

Anubis: I that i do. You are the first to arrive Sir, and i belive it for the better. This town does not seem well put together.

Wolf: Thats why it was choosen. Last place to look for a group forming to undermind you.

The two walked into the town with eyes upon them. Anubis was not stared at hardly, for his half man side helped him blend as much. Although Wolf was not a common site around men's cities. They entered the local pub were the asked for a room to hold there gathering. The keeper wasn't to quick to do so, but when Wolf mentioned payment race seemed not an issue. The room was sizeable enough to hold a good few. It would do for its purpose.

Anubis: How many do say are coming?

Wolf: Not sure, whom ever does come will be welcome with opened arms. For this task will not be an easy one.
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Serna looked around as she walked into the town of Greican. "This must be the place.." she said, remembering the letter she had received not too long ago. She unconciously tapped the pouch that held the letter, heading for the inn. She walked in and looked at t he innkeeper.

"What do you want?" the keep asked irratably.

"I was suposed to meet-" she siad, before she was cut off.

"Right, right. The large room in the back." he said gruffly, pointing with his thumb.

"Oh, thank you." she said, giving a slight bow and heading for the room. She looked about as she entered, seeing two people in the room, both tall, one a werewolf. "Um... I suppose you two have letters as well?" she asked, pulling out her own copy, looking at them, waiting for a reply.
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[color=009966][i]Iris emerged from the forest, which was practically the wall of the crumbling city. The roof-tops were poorly patched, the shops had ragged curtains over the windows where the glass should have gone, and the street was littered with garbage and filth. She carefully stepped over the junk in the road and made her way towards a tavern. The tavern looked just like the other buildings---in fact the only way she could tell it was a tavern was a small sign that was hanging beside the door. She stepped inside. As soon as she did, the innkeep looked up from what he was doing.[/i]

Innkeep: "Another one?! Alright. They're in the back room."

[i]Iris nodded her thanks and walked towards the back where everyone else was waiting for the others.[/i][/color]
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Rannos watched the town from the cover of the trees. It seemed so rundown, that he wondered if he had found the corret place. He slowly walked through the town, disgusted by the rundown appearance. He kept his hood up as a precaution, and kept on walking.[I]I do not like the feel of this town. It has far too much unhappiness in the air, almost as if no one is happy here.[/I]Rannos thought. He almost missed the tavern, not noticing it because of its appearance. He snorted in disgust, then walked in. The innkeeper rudely informed him where the meeting was being held. As he stepped through the door, everybody there turned their head to see who had entered. "Hello," said Rannos, hanging up his cloak on a given rack," I assume this is where that letter asked me to be.I would like to know what exactly is going on."
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*Anubis looks at Rannos.*
Anubis:"My former master is looking for the sword of void... If we can stop him we will save the world otherwise the world will have untold destruction... I have heard rumors from him when I worked for him... Now I oppose him with utmost athority."*starts looking at everyone.* I assume you all will agree that if we do not stop him the whole world will suffer..."
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Wolf: know that a few are hear i shall fill in the gaps of the letter. As you read this is all about a sword, but not just any sword. This sword has in it a force that no one of this world has seen. It is a element force known as void. It has the ability to make an entire city vanish in one fail swop. The man after this weapon is call Lythan. He is a very powerful man in many ways. he has the elments at his will, an army behind him, and control over several demonic monsters. All of his forces are looking for this blade, but so far they have as much knowledge of were it lies as we do. Thats what we need to change, we need to find out were the sword is, track it down, and elemenate it for good.

The ones that were there noded as Wolf told them. They looked at each other from time to time, to see the diffrent people that had gathered here.

Serna: You said those of us that are here. How many more are suppost to come?

Wolf: that i am unsure of. My king sent several messengers out but i do not know how many will answer the call.

Anubis: We can not wait long though. For every second we waste here, is another that Lythan might recover the sword.

Rannos: the night has just about set in. I say by day break we leave. anyothers may follow as they wish.

Wolf: a good plan, ok everyone rest tonight for tomorrow we leave on are quest.

Iris: Where do we leave to?

Wolf: I was thinking we would visit one of the creatures responsable for making the sword. I would guess Lythan has already done so, but maybe we will have better luck.

The group agreed and went to get rooms. The rud inkeeper gruntingly gave each a room. tomorrow they would start on what would be a great journey indeed.
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[color=seagreen][i]Shin-za walked through the town, eyeing the broken walls and buildings warily, like she expected one of them to jump at her and ambush her. It seemed like the only building in town that was somewhat intact was a small taven.

She immediately didn't like the look of it but guessed that there was nothing else she could do about it. She stepped through the door and saw that the common room was totally deserted. Her uneasiness increased.

The innkeeper eyed her warily, then snorted.
Keeper-[/i]"I guess you're one of the group too. You're late missy. They've all gone to their rooms."

[i]Shin-za-[/i]"That's okay, if I may, could I just sleep in the common room? I would feel better out here."

[i]The innkeeper shrugged.
Keeper-[/i]"Be my guest, as long as you pay me for it though."

[i]Shin-za dug a few coins from her pocket and dropped them in the innkeepers grimy hands. She then spread out her travelling blacket and sat near the fire.[/i][/color]
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