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Child's play...


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[I]Dbzman was feeling somewhat relaxed for once...He had no worries at all as the cool breeze swept across his face and hair...It seemed that there was nothing very important going on...He couldn't have been mre wrong if he had tried...Because at that very moment, on the other side of the world, Ragnorak, one of Dbzman's arch enimies was summonning (sp?) the dragon...


Ragnorak was the villan which caused the Z fighters to fuse, but then they still weren't enough to beat Ragnorak, so after fleeing, they decided to clone their fusion so that there was a very slim chance of Ragnorak beating them again. It was still a close battle though, and all of the Z-Fighters were badly injured...It was then up to the clone.

Clone: Nrrrrggh...You'll...Never...Win!

Ragnorak: Heh heh heh...What makes you say that? Your puny little friends are down, and you are...How should I say it? Screwed? Yes, thats a good word, you are SCREWED! :laugh:

Clone: :mad: No...You can't win! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Ragnorak: :smirk: Heh heh he-Huh!? H-His power level...I-I-Its increasing rapidly!! T-T-T-This c-cant be!

Clone: [COLOR=blue]Z[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]B[/COLOR][COLOR=teal]L[/COLOR][COLOR=orange]AAAAAAAAAA[/COLOR][COLOR=darkblue]S[/COLOR][COLOR=green]T[/COLOR]!!!

Ragnorak: [B]NOOOOOOOOOO[/B]OOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo...

[COLOR=red]As the blast pushes into him, his body starts to crumble, but suddenly, he uses Instant Transmission and disappears, screaming "I'll get you someday, you stupid clone!!!"...[/COLOR]

The Z fighters decided to name him Dragonballzman, and they also got Bulma and Dr. Briefs to give him a new look so that he wouldn't look so...Ugly. (Imagine it, all the Z Fighters in one!!!)

And from that day on, Dbzman became one of Earths protectors...


Every day, Dbzman wondered when he would face Ragnorak again, thinking about his first battle ever. But little did he know, that next time he fights Ragnorak, it won't be such a fair fight...[/I]

Ragnorak: Come to me, Eternal Dragon and GRANT MY WISHES!!!

Dragon: You have 2 wishes. Tell me them now, and I will try to grant them.

Ragnorak: :smirk: Turn all of the most powerful fighters on Earth into kids!!!

Dragon: What age?

Ragnorak: Hmmm......11.

Dragon: .....................Your wish has been granted. Tell me your second wish.

Ragnorak: I wish for...All the same attacks as the Clone named Dragonballzman!!!

Dragon: I cannot do that. You have to learn them yourself.

Ragnorak: D@mn. Ok then, give me eternal life instead.

Dragon: ....................It is granted.



A few thousand miles way...

Dbzman: Gah! Whats up with my...HAND!!!??? It shunk!!!!!!!!!!! NOW MY LEGS ARE SHRINKING! OH CR@P! MY POWER LEVEL IS DECREASING! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo..........

[COLOR=red]looks at himself[/COLOR]

Dbzman: I'm a...........KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:


[SIZE=1]Can I say"ta da" now? Yes? Kool![/SIZE] [SIZE=4]TA DAAA!!![/SIZE]

To JoIn YoU jUsT pUt YoUr ChArS sTaTs LiKe ThIs:

Name: Dbzman

Age: (Unknown)

Attacks: All the attacks the Z Fighters have. (And a secret attack which I will save for later :smirk: )

Personality: Enjoys a good laugh, but knows when to be serious.

Appearance: (Check the attachment)
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i suppose i'll join... but i'll only be here on weekends for a week or two....

Name: siren

Age: orignialy 16... but now 11(duh...)

Attacks: midnight's bane, dark flare, dragon's breath,and spitfire

Personality: stubborn and has a dry sence of humor,.

Appearance: (Check the attachment)

[URL=http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/comics/anime-manga/sorted/DNA2/Images/dna-c1.jpg ]http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/comics/anime-manga/sorted/DNA2/Images/dna-c1.jpg [/URL]
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