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Gaming GC vs. GBA


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It really depends on where your interests are at.

The GBA SP (if you go the GBA route, definitely go for an SP) has a solid lineup of platformers (Castlevania, Mario Advance, etc.) and RPG/Strategies (Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, etc.) Plus, you have the huge library of Game Boy games that are compatiable with the GBA. And, if you travel a lot, then GBA is the system to get.

However, there is one thing that might tip the scales heavily into the GameCube's favor: Game Boy Player.

If you have enough money to get a GameCube [i]and[/i] a Game Boy Player, then I would definitely suggest getting that. The Game Boy Player, in case you don't know, lets you play any and all Game Boy/Color/Advance games on your GameCube.

The GameCube has a ton of awesome titles to go along with all these games, as well. Since you're coming into this in the middle of the GameCube regime, you'll have access to tons of top-notch games like Smash Bros. Melee, Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Super Mario Sunshine, etc. It's a literal treasure trove of gaming.

I would definitely suggest GameCube. To me, it just has more titles that are worth buying and the Game Boy Player gives it the definite advantage over the GBA.

But, to be honest, you can't got wrong with either decision ~_^
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[COLOR=darkblue]I play with my GBA more than my GCN...both have some games that are extremely addicting, but I can take the GBA anywhere. So I preference the GBA over GCN.

The GCN also has it's strengths....if you're in a fix for some eye candy, that system definitely does its job. Also, this console seems to be built exceptionally well for adventure and sports/party 4-player games.[/COLOR]
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