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RPG Decks of Futures

Stick Fairy

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Ack, sorry for the lateness! Alright, here's who's accepted/able to post, and their characters:

Stick Fairy: Kiyoshi Alsandair
Ruby: Kenmei Wakamono
erinzyger: Maluspuer Karsh
animangademon: Anya Himura
ShadowKitty: Bri
reka: Riluita/Farias Riangelmar
Arika: Kilani Tarot Shi'iandra
sweetreyes: Sar'ia
outlawstar69: Garoad

We've got our cast, let's open the first act!

A white dove flew down to Ki in her dream, and as it landed, it took the shape of an older woman with white hair, wearing white robes. Ki smiled. "Hello Nana. Why have you come this time?" The woman frowned, somewhat sadly. "Kiyoshi, this is not a time for reunion. While I may have sometimes come to you before merely to check on you, this is not so trivial. The evil has found the temple." Ki was shocked. "But you warded it, and you are the strongest sorceress in all of the world!" The woman shook her head. "You forget that I am no longer alive. My power over the living has weakened, to the point where the dark one can break through it. You must leave, tonight. And find the Guardians. They are the only ones who can protect the other decks now." Ki looked befuddled. "But you said that the temple was the safest place for the decks, that the guardians shouldn't be called until the danger was imminent, that-" "Child, don't argue! The time has come, you must take up your responsibility and find the guardians. Not to mention the other deck. We can only hope that the evil one hasn't found that one yet. Kiyoshi, you must find the guardians and empower them, or he will start to sense the potential in them, and destroy them, as he did the last ones. Complete this mission, Kiyoshi. It is your destiny." With those final words, the woman slowly drifted off, melting back into dove form, as Ki began to regain consciousness. She sat up, and slowly began to pack the things she would need for her journey.
Alright, so we (finally) begin! Remember, no one has a deck yet, except animangademon. The rest I leave to you for now. Enjoy!
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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b]Anya stood in the Temple of Astronomy. The beautiful white and sky blue walls clashed againts the green brush surrounding the temple. The floors were made with blue marble and gold enlays of the solar system and stars. The arcs of the 20 foot tall windows were drapped in royal blue and gold tapestries.

The fresh spring breeze and light poured into the temple, illuminating the gold and forcing it to glitter. Anya walked out into the courtyard and overlooked the lush land and the marblized solar system water fountain.

Anya gazed around at the marble statues of the guardians before her. One of which was her teacher, her friend, her guardian. She walked up to the beautiful statue and kneeled.

"Priestess Kura, I feel something horrible tormenting the gentle breeze. I think he's searching for us. I need your guidance, what shall I do?"Anya bowed her head.

The breeze started to blow her light grey hair violently around her face. As the wind began to swirl around her, Anya heard a faint whisper.

[i]Anya of the Stars, find them. Find the other guardians. They too seek you. You must go to them and help before he finds you all and destroy you. You must not allow him to acquire the decks, for if he does confiscate them, the universe is doomed to vast poverty, evil, and misery. Everything around you will become ash and blood...Find the others...[/i]

The wind settled down to its gentle kiss on Anya's face. She smiled and bowed. She stood up and kissed the statues hand and walked back towards the temple. She grabbed her staff and weapons, a bag of things she would need, and left.

"Thank you, I will not fail you Kura,"Anya walked along the dirt road.[/color][/font][/b]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Kilani was in training room with her brother as they parred with each other to test each others' strength and see who's the better child.

Around Kilani's neck, the yang pendant, the black half of the Yin Yang, glowed each time her and her brother striked each other. Fighting with swords was her brother's way, but it helped Kilani get ready.

As they practiced, her brother called upon a spirit to help him. It came to him in form. It was Yagyu Jubei. He was the swordsman in the Edo period- 1600-1868. He served Tokugawa Iemitsu. He also mastered "Yagyushinkageryu (Yagyushinkage method of sword)". Kilani's brother, Yuurei, knew how to control each spirit well. His best was Yagyu Jubei.[/i]

"Baby sister, meet Yagyu..." [i]Yuurei didn't finish.[/i]
"I know who he is. Yagyu Jubei, one of the best swordsman that's of Japan and your favorite spirit to use on me. Correct. 'I know I am.'" [i]Kilani said as she tried to get into Yuurei's mind.[/i]
"Do not get inside my head, Ki. Fight." [i]Yuurei had said.[/i]

[i]Kilani got into position as did Yagyu. She smirked and looked to him. This was perfect practice. He swung his swords a crescent moon style. It nearly missed her, but didn't strike her. She ran at him and disappeared and reappeared behind him as a strike was landed, his back tore. It was over. The spirit bowed as did she.[/i]

"Bravo. You've improved." [i]Yuurei had told Kilani.[/i]

[i]Kilani smiled as she put the sword away and walked to go back inside. As she did, her grandfather called for her. She walked to the den and found him.[/i]

"Grandfather, you called for me?" [i]Kilani asked.[/i]
"Granddaughter, there is a strong sense of evil coming forth. That evil is going to aquire the Decks of the Future and use it against good. He will use it to his own expense and doom us. Kilani, what I am saying is that you and many others are the only own who can help us." [i]Kilani's grandfather had said.[/i]
"You're trying to tell me not to go, grandpa. But, how can I not go? The innocent need me. You're also saying that there are those who need my help because of what I am capable of. I understand. What will I tell mom and dad?" [i]Kilani had asked.[/i]
"Nothing. It is what I will tell them." [i]her Grandfather replied.[/i]

[i]Kilani nodded and left the den to her room. She grabbed a duffel bag and put some clothes, bath and body products, make up, a cell phone, money, and everything else she thought was needed.

As Kilani headed out the door, her brother was in the kitchen, watching her walk away.[/i]

"You're not saying good bye?" [i]Yuurei asked.[/i]
[i]Kilani stopped before she could reach the door. She sighed.[/i] "I can't go through with Mom knowing that I knew it was dangerous, yet I chose to go. She's a psychic. She'll know within a heartbeat, maybe less. I also couldn't go through with Dad telling me it was dangerous for a girl like me. I'm sorry." [i]Kilani had told her brother.[/i]

[i]Yuurei walked from the kitchen to the doorway and stood in front of Kilani. She looked up at him.[/i]

"Hey, don't tell me your sorry, kid. I'm happy for you doing this. Let me handle the messy stuff, alright? Listen, what you have to do, I'm glad. We need someone like you in the family. I'm proud of you, kid." [i]Yuurei said as he hugged her crying sister.[/i] "Don't worry about it. You'll do fine. Just know that your family is with you in spirit, mind, heart, and soul. We are everywhere you go, well almost." [i]Yuurei had said.[/i]
[i]Kilani smiled and looked to her black pendant. It was glowing brightly and with her heartbeat. Her brother's and her's were beating together.[/i] "Yuurei. Why does this pendant glow? What does it mean?"
"Heh. 'Bout time you asked. That pendant is connected to mine. I have Yin of the Yin Yang. Mom gave it to me and you when we were born. I was with grandpa when Mom had you. During your months, she had to run with dad. Someone was chasin' them. She kissed you on the forehead, which gave you memories of what your family will be like. This connects us together. Mom knew you would be born and she also knew that I would probably have less attention. This pendant connected our emotions and thoughts. It made us act like we were twins. It made us a whole. Hard to swallow? I know. I had a hard time knowing that you were alive when I saw you." [i]Yuurei said as Kilani looked up at him with watery eyes.[/i] "Now that you're leaving, I want to see you alive when you come back. Alright?"

[i]Kilani wiped away her tears and nodded. Yuurei gave her a hug and she turned to the door and opened and left. Yuurei stood there knowing that her mother and father were up the stairs looking down at them, knowing that Yuurei told the most important thing that Kilani needed to hear. He sighed and turned to go back to the kitchen. It was time for Kilani to move on from the past and find her destiny.[/i]

I have a new picture. It's in the attached.[/size][/color]
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Maluspuer: Sar'ia come forth and read my future.

A beautiful dark haired maiden dressed in a long royal blue gown lined with Saphire's and Emerald's stepped out of the shadow and in front of the man who called her.
She bowed low in front of him then sat on the floor in front of his legs.

Sar'ia: What do you wish to see my lord?

Malaspuer: Please stop with the formalities my dear lady and please tell me what you see in your deck for me.

She happily obliged and shuffled the deck of card she had in her robe pocket. She looked deeply into his eyes as she shuffled rooting out his deepest desires and what he wished to ask. His eyes shined brilliantly in the flames that flicked around him in the dimly lit throne room that he had built. The thrown he sat on was made of ebony colored wood and was tall and sturdy. The room itself was fairly decored in a few weapons he mananged to come by as well as a few paintings of himself. A huge fire place roared behind Sar'ia as she continued to suffle the cards not blinking for one moment as she stayed looking into Maluspuers eyes.

As she finished suffling she laid the cards in front of him. Letting him choose the future meant for him. she lifted quickly from his seat and kneeled in front of the cards. He looked back into Sar'ia's eyes as he slowly picked the ten card out of the pack and pulled them lightly in front of the others never turnig them over to see which ones he picked.

Sar'ia moved the cards in front of her to her side and the ten left out she left ther in the oder he picked as he went back to his seat. Not for one moment lifting his eyes from hers.

Sar'ia reached for the cards.

Maluspuer: AH AH AH! No peaking. Just speak and let us see if your vision comes out to be true.....


OOC: Erinzyger you choose what you want your future to look like in this round. I do not wish to impose the characters outcome on you so you decide how this first round shall start please....
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Along a roadside, in between remote villages, there was a traveler camping for the night. This camper's name was Garoad, and he contemplated his life and where it was going. He was wandering about at this time of his life, and had nowhere to go. He cared not for people at the moment, and was bored. He had a past that he wanted to run away from, but not to forget. As he sat there drinking his tea, he sensed a change in the air.. an evil was being intorduced that he knew nothng of. As he drank his tea, he smiled. He knew that he would have somewhere to go now.
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As she walked around her family's house. The only sound was of her foot steps, often times not even she her self made a sound. Leave for an eerie silence, that left a chill going down her spin. Kenmei was not use to such silence, not now and maybe not ever. Taking her quietest steps, she tried not to wake her family. They had all been a sleep, after all it was very early in the morning. Or for where she was anyways.

Going through the hall and to the kitchen, turning past the fridge. To the door on the left side, she opened it with a small creak. Had her family heard her? At this point for what she was doing, she couldn't afford to have any of them awake. Looking around though, it was still only silence, nothing more. Going through she rushed to close it behind her and open the other door it lead to. Rather then going down the stairs to the basement, and out to the back yard. Once out there, she saw the large back yard that she had known for years. The gardens, the porch, the swing...and that tall dark shed. Of which she was never ment to go into, although she ran towards it. Once there she opened the doors leading inside and locked them.

Walking in there stood a large cupboard in the back of the room, two chains crossing, two locked door, and no windows to allow light from out side. Kenmei sat in the middle of all this, staring up at the roof of the small shed. Two long chains trailed across from one side of the room to the other. Fallowing the way they ended with her eyes, she stood up and then walked over to the right chain ended. It was tightly wrapped around, and pulled into small bolt on the wall. Unlatching the chain there was a small creak. Looking back over at the large cupboard door. The left side of the lock on the door was open. Swiftly walking to the left chain she did the same. There then was a loud thump, the lock had fallen off. Kenmei went over, and pulled them open. Inside was a tall bladed weapon, laid straight up on red velvet. Reaching inside she took the handle. When looking at it closer, she found that it was a large scythe. Tilting it to the ground to see the blade, she nearly cut off her hand. [i]Lucky, me.[/i] Kenmei thought, solemnly. Looking at her reflection in the blade, Kenmei didn't see her own reflection. But some one else's...
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Bri walked in the park. It was her favorite place to go, because it always eased her troubles. As she walked, people stared at her. She ignored the stares; she was well used to them by now. Who wouldn't stare at a cat-eared teenage girl, she thought with bitterness. She managed, though, to accept the fact she was different from everyone else.
As she walked, she saw a baby blue bird on the grass, wings bent and scraggly. Bri knelt down and picked up the baby bird. The bird gave little shallow breaths in her hand. "Don't worry, little fella," Bri whispered, stroking the bird."I'll get you fixed up right away..." but it was too late. The bird died. Bri put the little thing down. "It didn't even have a chance to live," she muttered to herself. " Why does life have to be so fickle? If only I could do something about it..." She trailed off. Why am I even bothering, Bri thought. I came her to relax... that's all. She then turned and walked away.
Stickfairy, when are we getting our decks? I'm just curious. Thanx!
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