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Anime The 3 God Cards


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I dont think there is a way to know if they're real or not. But then again, all of the Kami No Cardo's(God Cards)I've seen are somewhat weird. All of the backs are different colors(Obelisk card having a blue back, Osiris having a red back, and Ra having the gold back. Heres an image of what I'm talkin about on ebay. [url]http://i1.ebayimg.com/03/i/00/cd/72/18_1.JPG[/url] ). I dont know if the real cards are supposed to have the regular brown backs or not. Hopefully someone will tell us.

Then you wont have to worry about being struck down for usin a fake Ra. :rolleyes: j/k
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I saw the pic, and those cards are FAKE. The picture was taken from a distance, with a crappy resolution. Therefore, you can tell they are fake, because they also don't appear to be holographic, and the eye of Ra (UDE says eye of Anubis) sticker thing isn;t there.

There are real god cards in ENG and JP, but they're pretty expensive and rare on ebay. And the backs [i]are[/i] supposed to be colored.

Make sure that the cards are from the right "set". The set # of Osiris is: G4-01
(G4 stands for Gameboy 4, which is the # of the Yuugiou game it comes in. So it would come from Duel Monsters 4.)

Set #: G4-02

Set #: G4-03

I'll get the Eng pics and set #'s later.

(The Set #'s and name translations are courtesy of Edo.
Visit his site [url=http://www.stormpages.com/edhrzic/Yugioh.htm]here[/url])
(Pictures are courtesy of [url=http://www.toywiz.com]Toywiz.com[/url])
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I was pretty sure that the English text god cards were made as a special promotion for japanese players. They didn't have an actual description of what the monster does, and were not meant to be used in play.

Are there God cards out there that actually have the effects of the monsters on them? (english or Japanese?). Besides non-Konami fakes of course.
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Yes, the ENG God Cards were a promo from the video game Duel monsters: International Edition (WWE). (The Japanese version.)

And there aren't any God Cards with the effect on them. The real ones aren't meant to be played with, they are collectible.
So there are 6 real God Cards. 2 language variations of each monster.
I still gotta get those pics..
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[COLOR=#503F86][SIZE=1][b]I hope that answers your question, NightmareMage. In future, questions about cards should go in the [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=20652]Yu-Gi-Oh Card Advice Thread[/URL] located at the top of the page. Seeing as the question's been answered, I'll close this thread.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/b]
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