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Sign Up The Dragon Clans of Varv (ONLY NEED 5 PEOPLE!!!)


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A long time ago... the nation of Varv was at peace, and the 6 tribes of the Dragons got along well with each other.
Through thick and thin, Varv made it through all kinds of evils. United, the nation was stronger than anything the demons could throw at them.
But the nation of Varv could not remain united forever. The demons knew this. But it would take a long time for the united nation would beggin to squabble.
The demons decided to speed up the tribes' hatred for each other, but this drained them. It would take 100 years to regain their strength.
Soon enough, the main city was being faught over, and was burned, frozen, shaken, struck by lightning and tormented by the winds.
Dragons flew about fighting with one another.
There was chaos.

100 years has passed.

The demons have waited 100 years to strike, and now their chance is here.
If the 6 tribes do not come together in time, the demons will completely destroy all beauty in the continent. The ONLY KNOWN CONTINENT. Migration is not possible.
All will be enslaved, maddened, driven insane. Humans will sharpen their bones on rocks so they can easily fight one another. They eat at their own flesh if irritated by a simple itch.
This plague has begun to show in areas nearest to the demons' homeland.
Dragons will perish, as all the evil will spoil the dragons' purity. Being pure and of essence has it's downfalls.
It's up to you and 4 others to bring a once great nation together again.

There are 6 Dragon Clans, but one is Darkness, and it joined up with the demons long ago. You cannot choose it.

The 5 dragon clans and their corresponding elemental magics are the following:
^^ Mountain Dragon Clan --> Earthen Magic
~~ Air Dragon Clan --> Wind Magic
^^ Flame Dragon Clan --> Fire Magic
~~ Freeze Dragon Clan --> Ice Magic
^^ Plasma Dragon Clan --> Electrical Magic

Every child grows up with a dragon of their clan. Both dragon and child are taught to fight alongside one another, and will fight for each other's lives if it comes down to it.

Sign Up Form:


Gender: Just a simple Male or Female will do. Or are you confused?

Age: between 13 and 30

Dragon Clan:

Warrior type: (soldier, bountyhunter, mounted rider, thug, healer) all use magic AND weapons

Weapon: choose one of the following:
- triple scythe (three blades on it, handheld, close range)
- samurai masamune (close range)
- pike (medium range)
- crossbow (long range)
- barbed whip (short and medium range)

Appearance: Character's appearance and what they normally wear. This isn't medieval. It just uses older weapons.

Bio: A short history of your character. About 5 or 6 lines minimum.

Dragon Name:

Dragon Gender:

Dragon Appearance: This should include colour, which doesn't have to be red for fire, blue for ice, etc. It can be any colour you like. Should include whether it has wings or not, what the claws look like, etc. About 3 lines minimum.

Dragon Abilities: Must align with Dragon Clan


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Name: Bremma Fallens

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Dragon Clan: Mountain Dragon Clan

Warrior type: Mounted rider

Weapon: crossbow

Appearance: Bremma stands at about 5? 3?, dressed in a brown-green cloak and off white tunic. Her hair is either tied back or covered by cloth. She wears a leather vest under her cloak and leather breeches with a pair of leather boots. Over her back is a quiver of bolts and arrows for her crossbow.

Bio: Bremma was born to a lead flyer of the Mountain Dragon Clan. Because of this, she had a high level of expectation to meet, and, to their surprise for exceeded them with her dragon. One day, Bremma?s mother was attacked while she was flying and was killed, her dragon retuning along Bremma now seeks revenge on those who killed her mother, the Darkness Dragon Clan. She has recently left the base of the clan, searching the land for any signs of said attackers/

Dragon Name: Nytherin (Nyth for short)

Dragon Gender: Male

Dragon Appearance: Nyth is a juvenile dragon, about 20 to 25 feet in length. His scales are a mottled forest green and earth brown; the spikes along his back, tail, and his tail spade are a deep gray. His head consists of a long muzzle and fanning earflaps. His wingspan is only about t 15 feet, but his wings are very broad, giving him exceptional hovering and gliding abilities. His claws are long, but blunt, making them more effective clubbing weapons than ripping.

Dragon Abilities: Earth Whirlpool- Turn an area of earth into a whirling pit of soft earth and sand, sucking anything unfortunate enough to be inside it under the earth.
Rock Drop- Summons a large boulder while flying and drop it upon an enemy.
Stone Breath- Fires a blast of magic that has a chance of turning an enemy to stone.
Stone break- shatters a stone or anything made of rock.
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Well done Bremma. ^^ I hope more people sign up with descriptions like that.
I'll put mine up now.

Name: Kyru Srana

Age: 23

Dragon Clan: Darkness Dragon Clan

Warrior type: Bounty Hunter

Weapon: Barbed Whip

Appearance: Kyru looks much like the rest of the humans in his clan. He has albino white skin and jet black hair that reaches his lower back, which he often ties back in a long thin braid. He can use his hair as a whip if it comes to close combat, and his weapon is not with him.
He has silver glowing eyes, and stands about 6 feet tall.
He wears a long black robe over his bare chest and black dogi pants. He also wears black slip-on shoes that come up in a point at the toes.
In a pouch at his side, he has many different kinds of barbs to attach to the end of his hair or his whip.

Bio: Kyru, like most of his clan, doesn't know his birth parents. Most of his clan think they are all born from the newest clan leader and his wife, but in truth, what no-one in the clan knows, is that they're all born to one of the demons and a poor defensless woman who was swept up into the demons' clutches in their quest for dominance.
The Darkness Dragon Clan doesn't act well as a team, making them horrible when it comes to team efforts, like helping each other in war. But they are exeptional warriors alone. A half trained fighter from his clan can easily take out 6 enemy clan warriors in one clean-sweep.
Kyru went his own way when he was 16, prefering to train himself. He became a well known bounty hunter and the leader of the demon's elites.

Dragon Name: Incubuzzard (Incu for short)

Dragon Gender: Male

Dragon Appearance: Incu's large jaws say it all. "Leave me alone. Or you die." He is around 30 feet in length, and he only has two claws, like huge hawk talons. His black leathery wings are torn, with holes in them, but his wingspan of 25 feet keeps him aloft easily. He has deadly sharp yellow teeth and his scales are like huge black pentagonally shaped tiles covering his body. The scales get smaller as they move up his neck and down his long tail that is 1/3rd the length of his body.
He has the typical devil's point at the end of his tail. His eyes are a deep purple, glaring into the heart of anything that dares to stand in his way.

Dragon Abilities: Dark Shroud - when flying, Incu stirs up a black cloud around him, leaving his enemies bruised and confused. He can see through the shroud.
Demon's Terror - Incu can fly 2 times his highest speeds, letting him leave the Dark Shroud around his enemies easily. Only few have escaped this horrid combo.
Devil's Gift - He fires spurts of black flame out of the tip of his tail and mouth, which poisons the enemy.
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Guest Skyechild91
Name:F'larr'ii(liri for short) Darkin

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Dragon Clan:Freeze Dragon Clan

Warrior type: Healer

Weapon: Triple Glaive

Appearance: [URL]http://deadnny.net/pictures/Utena/utena7[/URL]

Bio: As a child, Liri was quiet, secluded, and didnt talk much. Around the age of ten her healing gift started to form when her best friends life was threatened by a deadly disease. Liri helped in anyway she could, often getting in the way, but never getting scolded, as this was her friend, and she had the gift. At the age of twelve, she had mastered it, and saved her friends life, which she had streched with constant healing. Two years later, her mentor, Miru, is helping her to perfect her gift, and with the dragons help, she can magnify, and use her healing in ways unimaginable. For instance, she can not only heal, but cause physical and mental pain with her gift.

Dragon Name:Miru

Dragon Gender:Female

Dragon Appearance: About the size of a large war horse, silver/blue/green in color, spreading from the tips of her wings, to her claws, fades from green to blue to silver, starting at her wing tips. Eye color constanly changes between blue green and silver.

Dragon Abilities: Ice Screen- Makes a tin, but very hard layer of ice in a shiled form around the caster and/or a target
Ice Warp- allows the castor to shap or(as the names suggests) warp its form
Ice Bomb- Sends a huge ball of ice at the target, exploding on impact.

Umm... sorry it isnt finished, but I have to go. Ill finish tomm.
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Thanks GuardianStorm and Bremma.
Ok, at the risk of sounding clichéd, "And then there were three."

The three Dragon Clans left available are:

~~ Flame Dragon Clan
^^ Plasma Dragon Clan
~~ Air Dragon Clan

I'm currently working on the first part of the RPG. We'll start it soon guys!
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Name: Neci Pyrrha

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Dragon Clan: Flame Dragon Clan

Warrior Type: Soldier

Weapon: Triple Glaive

Appearance: Bright red hair cut just below her ears, bright purple eyes. Wears a short red dress (long-sleeved) over blue jeans, with a wide orange belt, tan hiking boots.

Bio: Was born into the lowest class of the Flame Dragon Clan, the Seynites. These were the people who most often worked as servants for other, richer families. As a result, she didn't have a very good education while she was young. When she was five, the former master of Hoku, the fire dragon, passed away. There was a big ceremony to discover the next master, and most people thought that Kairo, the son of one of the wealthy families, would be chosen. When Neci was picked out of the crowd, the Clan was shocked, and shunned her from then on, believing her unworthy. She decided to prove herself by becoming a soldier and protecting the Clan from harm. She mostly heeps to herself, but has a fiery temper, and is not afraid to challenge authority.

Dragon Name: Hoku

Dragon Gender: Male

Dragon Appearance: Large, red with large wings, and a orange star on the forehead. Legs, arms, the usual.

Dragon Abilities: Basic Fire stuff, I guess...

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Name: Rannos

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Dragon Clan: Plasma

Warrior type: Bounty Hunter

Weapon: Samuri Masamune

Appearance: He is about 6 feet tall with brown hair and blue eyes.
wears a long black trench coat.Carries his sword across his back.

Bio: Born outside of the clan, he was abandoned as a child and taken in by the plasma dragon clan. He adapted well to the eratic lifestyle, even though it changed from day to day. Was trained in the sword after showing a promise of great strength. He showed good social skills as well, so he was sent as an ambassador to the other clans.

Dragon Name: Surya

Dragon Gender: Male

Dragon Appearance: A large black dragon that flies faster than most. He has a lightning bolt shaped scar running down his right flank. His wings are smaller, but more than effective. His claws are thin and sharp, making them effective for fast cuts.

Dragon Abilities:
~PLama Ball~
Fires a ball of plasma from his mouth in either a ball or a sheet.

~Hypersonic Flight~
Because of the nature of his element, Surya can fly faster than any other dragon.

As a final attempt to defeat an enemy, Surya can draw out his final power and explode, destroying everything for a mile around.

~Call Storm~
At will, Surya can summon a great storm.He has no control over where the lightning strikes, but is immune to it's effects.

This sounds bad, but I hope that it's ok!
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Sign Up Form:

Name: Orear

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Dragon Clan: Air

Warrior type: Soldier

Weapon: Triple Scythe

Appearance: About six feet tall. He has short, brown hair and brown eyes. He's in very good shape, as he trains almost every day. He normally wears shorts and a t-shirt, and will only wear something else if it's very cold.

Bio: Orear does not know his true orgins, nor does anyone else. He was found by the Air Dragon Clan at the age of 6. He quickly developed a bond with the dragon Powietrze.
Orear took an intrest in the life of a soldier at the age of 15, and is very skilled with his weapon of choice, a triple scythe.He hasn't fought in many battles, but when he has, he's prooven himself to be one of the best in the clan.
Orear is very loyal to his clan. There is only one thing that is more important to him: discovering his true orgins. It's almost an obsession with him, and he'll put aside all else if there's a possibillity for an answer.

Dragon Name: Powietrze

Dragon Gender: Male

Dragon Appearance: A very large dragon, purple in color. His large wingspan more then makes up for this in flight. He's extreamly fast in the air. His size and sharp claws make him very dangerous at close range, and his abilities make his dangerous at longer ranges.

Dragon Abilities:

Whirlwind: Creates a vicious whirlwind, strong enough to rip a man apart.

Air Blast: Focuses surrounding air and sends it in a blast that can rip smaller targets apart and knock larger ones back several feet.

Airflow: Can control the direction and force of he wind, within limits. Can concentrate it in a small area, or cause it to have a wider effect.

Constriction: Can create a barrier of wind arround a small or medium-sized target.

Is that good?
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Everyone those are great. I'll start the RPG now. But be sure to check back to see Stick Fairy and GuardianStorm's completed character and dragon bio's.
If the story starts to get a bit slow, be sure to PM me about it so I can fix it up to keep you guys interested ^^
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