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Well I was on my computer looking around and I found this file full of anime pictures...:D
But not those kinds for all of you "people" out there
It had the following that I didn't know about:
Sentimental Graffitti
Princess Monoke
and Gateway keepers.

So if anyone knows this could you tell me what's its about?:drunk:
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You might want to check out a site like animenfo.com or animenewsnetwork.com that have massive databases of anime series and info on them. Are you sure you got all the names right? Princess Mononoke has already been discussed. I never heard of a show called Sentimental Graffiti (although there is one called Sentimental Journey). By Saber, do you mean the Saber Marionette series? I havent heard of a series called just Saber. I also haven't heard of a show called Gateway Keepers unless you mean Gatekeepers? If your names of the series turn out to be the correct ones pleace keep me informed. I'd like to know about those titles as well.
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[COLOR=darkred][size=1]No we aren't "people" we are all OtakuBots and will eat your mind out..........

Sentimental Graffiti is a Japanese love simulation game that is different from the various other ones. Instead of the player game start out in love with the player, the 12 girls start out in love with the player. The only possible good ending to this game is to make one girl happy, and eleven others sad......... XD Sentimental Journey is the anime based on the game, and also the name for the Playstation 1 game.

I think like VP-Master has said, do you mean Gatekeepers, which is followed by Gatekeppers 21, which aired or airs on TechTV? If so don't know much ^_^)

Also...... I Googled for "Anime Saber" and got nothing already said. Trust me, BlazinReddrgn, there are alot of anime we do not know of. Trust me...... there is alot.[/COLOR][/size]
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Saber Marrionette J is about a boy on a planet where there are only men, cloned from the 6 original people who crashed on it. Since there are no women, they make android "pupets" - the marionettes - as replacements. They are mindless robots, fot the most part. Until the boy finds some special one, that have minds and personalities. It's very much reminiscent of the tenchi series from what I heard. I have never watched it; all this info is from anime review sites. Go look at them; I've made many a decision on whether to watch an anime or not by asking friends and browsing reviews.
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