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  1. XxmagentaxX


    I saw it Saturday night and was so excited and anxious to see it. I had heard all these great things. I have to say I was totally dissappointed. I was bored half to death. I love Greek Mythology, but they didn't explain a lot of stuff. Such as: why Paris and Hector were in Sparta in the first place, and they the Trogan War lasted for a decade. I hate when movies based on something pretty much everyone knows leave out major details. my favorite part of the movie, Im sad to say, was the ending credits and the song by Josh Groban. :(
  2. I think it's disgusting. Watching parents parade their children around like freaking show dogs! The children are so small they don't really understand whats going on. They just want to make their parents happy. Doing pagents can't make these little girls happy.
  3. XxmagentaxX

    Anime Introducing Anime

    Hayao Miyazaki movies are always the best place to start; Mononoke Hime or Spirted Away Also Satoshi Kon, like Perfect Blue or Millenium Actress
  4. XxmagentaxX

    BRITNEY SPEARS- Sexy or Slutty?

    I don't think she's slutty. I just think she's misunderstood. She doesn't do anything different than what most girls do. Unfortunatly, she has to do it infornt of the world, which isn't fair at all. I think she has an interesting style. She can't really sing. She dances pretty well and people seem to really like her.
  5. XxmagentaxX

    Anime The Best in Shoujo

    I think Fushigi Yuugi has got to be one of the shoujo series out there. There is also everything else by Watase Yuu, Alice 19th, Ayashi no Ceres, and Imadoki; just to name a few. Angel Sanctuary is also a REALLY great shoujo series. Eventhough I don't really watch shoujo that much anymore, it's all shonen-ai and shonen stuff. Fushigi Yuugi and Angel Sanctuary will always be at the top of my list. FY has this really great universal appeal, everyone has at least one character that they can't get enough of. And with AS, there are so many things in it that are just so taboo in society that you can't help but love it.
  6. XxmagentaxX

    How did you get your user name?

    Mine is a shortened version of my AIM sn, which is xmagentafeelingx. Magenta Feeling are lyrics from the Savage Garden song I want you and since Savage Garden is my favorite. I decided why not? :p
  7. XxmagentaxX

    Anime What anime would you live in?

    I would want to go to Konan in Fushigi Yugi.... I would want to go to Mt. Reikaku and become a bandit! and I would constantly steal Tasuki's tessen ::drools:: that would be the best time ever!!
  8. XxmagentaxX

    Anime Fushigi Yugi Discussion!

    I heard about the Genbu Kaiden novel. I was really hoping Watase Yuu would come out with something like that, because she never really touched on the Taikiko or Genbu story whatsoever. It seemed really interesting, cuz the sieshi were totally different then Suzaku or Seiryu. I also want to know the whole Suzano and Byakko story.
  9. O.o.... Popeye? ::shrugs:: Tamahome and Tasuki all the way... Tamahome is just the perfect guy... a little dense at times but oh well what can ya do? Then there is Tasuki.... With the firey hair and temper to match...::drools::
  10. XxmagentaxX

    Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion

    I just dont like Hillary Duff..... How is ADV going to get all of these big name people to play in this movie based off of an anime series? It's going to be impossible. Thats why I think it should just be alot of no name actors... because what if the big name people don't live up to the fans expectations of what we think the movie the should be? at least with the no name people we probably won't even remember their names...
  11. XxmagentaxX

    Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion

    I saw scetches from the movie online. they changed everyones name and they look america. It's really scary. how would you get hillary duff as asuka? She isnt even a redhead! At least the scetches left everyone with thier own haircolor
  12. XxmagentaxX

    Anime Ceres: Celestial Legend

    i suggest you read the manga after you watch the series. because i thought that the manga was SOOO much better and was let down by the series. but the series is still decent and I would reccomend it
  13. XxmagentaxX

    Oops! Can we show that on TV? (PG-13)

    I dont get what the big deal is... It's not like anyone hasn't seen a boob before. People can be so lame sometimes. It's just a freakin boob!!
  14. XxmagentaxX

    Disney Movies Anyone?

    ah Newsies... best underrated disney movie ever! I had this thing for Kid Blink for a really long time. I think it was the eye patch... >_
  15. XxmagentaxX

    Anime Underrated anime

    About Ninja Cadets... it was a short OVA which was 2 episodes and it had this terrible cliff hanger. It wasn't supposed to be finished because it was just an OVA but still it would have been nice to see a conclusion I thought of another one.. Shinesmen... I dont think anyone has heard of it... But its this really weird little OVA about really stupid super heros... it has really bad jokes that everyone gets. But its funny if you have nothing better to do.