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[color=indigo]In the future, humans have split into four distinct species, Thaed (equivilant of modern day humans), Dae' Thon, Hydran, and Vampires (no.. not blood sucking maniacs). Here are some descriptions :)[/color] ( just so you know, the future is considerably less andvanced than now)
Thaed: The average human, all the others descended from Thaed.

Dae' Thon: The Dae' Thon look the most like their Thaed ancesters, but have many subtle differences. The Dae' Thon are also known as Physics Benders, because of their eratic fighting style that honestly looks like they are defying gravity. Every Dae' Thon child has a prophecy, given to him/her at birth by a Dae' Thon "preist" (though they don't really have a religous purpose, "preist" is an appropriate word). When a child reaches certain points in his/her life, he/she is marked with a permanant "ink" that shows their abilities.

Hydran: Hydrans have evolved as underwater people (no webbed feet lol) while they do not have gils and the like, they have expanded lungs and more efficiant bodies, to allow them to remain underwater for nearly three hours. They also have an extra, transparent eyelid that slides in horizontily to protect their eyes from salt water. They are stream-lined and can travel at nearly 20 mph underwater. They usualy have some shade of blue eyes. They have developed a language of clicks and hums for underwater communication.

Vampires: Though they do have an attraction to blood, the thought of slitting someone's throat for it is just as revolting to them as it is to any one else. They have naturaly pale skin, and secrete a slightly sticky substance (much like sweat) than insulates their bodies in the cold environments they live in. They generaly keep to the shadows, because of sensitive skin cells.
Now, just so you know how un-industialized the future is.... in 2034 it was decided that Earth was already much too polluted, and a secrative organazation launched missles from America to Russai and Germany, knowing that both would strike back, throwing the world into turmoil. In the after-math there was hardly anybody, and humans continued to live in a not primitive, but still far less advanced world. If you're lucky you might have some technology, but it's not too common. [color=firebrick]

Crossbreeds are common place, in some areas, so I'll provide you with what the different species generaly cross with.

Dae' Thon usualy cross with Thaed, but in some palces, close to the water, they have inter-bred with Hydrans. Vampires almost never cross, but when they do, it's usualy with Thaed, because of intense rivalry with the Dae' Thon and Hydrans.
Personality: (optional)
Weapons and skills:

OH! I almost forgot! It's been so long (it takes a long time for new species to emerge...much less three) that the continents have again drifted into one massive land... Pangea all over again.

Here's mine...

Name: Tal'nin

Age: 18

Gender: male

Species: Dae' Thon and Hydran mix

Appearance: The stream-lined body of a Hydran, turquoise eyes, and brown hair, turned light by constant swimming. Wheres a traditional Dae'Thon "tunic" and tough, light-brown pants. about 5'8''. He has only two of the Dae' Thon markings, one on the back of his neck, the agility symbol, and one on his lower arm, the fighters symbol.

Personality: Optimistic, and sometimes air-headed, though he can get serious if he needs to. His Dae' Thon prophecy was [I]Answers cannot exist without questions[/I].

Weapons/skills: obviously an exelant swimmer, and fighter. He carries two blades, one Hydran and one Dae' Thon. (I would go into detail about the blades, but this is getting lengthy)

BIO: His mother was Hydran, and his father Dae' Thon, but when he was born, his mother had to return to her town, on a distant island, and left him with his father's Dae' Thon people. The others knew he was different, because of his Hydran adaptations, and his attraction to constant swimming (Hydrans don't NEED to swim to survive but they would go nuts if they didn't). He now serves the Dae' Thon "security" force and searches out Vampire dwellings to gather information on the ever, growing conspiricy againts Hydrans and Dae' Thon.

[color=magenta] I couls use at least one of each species!![/color]
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Name: Isamu
Age: looks 17 (I don't know how Hydrans age)
Gender: male
Species: Hydran
Appearance: Pale light blue skin on stream lined body, entirely dark blue eyes. Med length white hair and a bluish almost black bandanna. Dark blue thin tight open long sleeved shirt, slightly lighter pants and dark blue boots.
Personality: quiet, brave, stubborn, and not very sensible

Weapons and skills: Blue curved schimitar that is sheathed in a blue mandolin looking instument on his back, and above natural speed underwater.
Bio: His father was obsessed with training him in every way he could, even to the point of killing his mother for interfearing. for many long years he trained mercelessly, until a group of Thaeds that hated his father burned him alive, and chained Isamu underwater to drown. He was saved, but by what he doesn't know. He came to on the shore with a letter cupped in his hand: [color=blue] I will be waiting.... [/color]
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oh God... finaly some one responds!!! and Hydrans age pretty much like humans.. though they usualy live a little longer because the swimming keeps them in good health. Dae'Thon probably live the longest! maybe... up to 130 years I suppose would be appropriate.
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Age: 19
Species:Vampire and Thaed mix
Appearance: short red hair, left eye green, right eye blue, about 6 foot, has a black and red tube top on, a pair of black leather pants, high black boots, and a black leather sleeveless trench coat
Personality: She has a slight temper promblem. The slightest rude remark can set her off. She can be a goofball when she's not being so seriouse all the time
Weapons and Skills: Two blades that are attached to her arms. She can exstend them when she needs them. She's super fast and felxible.
Bio:Her mother was a Vampire and her father was a Thaed. When her father's brother found out what her and her mother was, he tried to kill them both. She escaped, but her mother wasn't so lucky. 10 years after her mother's death, Kira's intrested in blood became high. She would laugh at a person's murder, but something was troubling her. Her father was missing and she had a aurge to find him. Even if he did bail out on her mother and her 10 years ago.
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Name: Laira Opil
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Dae'Thon
Appearance: Shoulder-length dark purple hair, lilac eyes. Wears a tight navy blue sleeveless turtleneck shirt and pants, a long green sleeveless open shirt over that. Her arms are covered with symbols in black and purple ink, a tradidion in her tribe of Dae'Thons Only the ones in purple are symbols that are universal, the black ones are specific to her tribe. She also wears a black velvet choker with a silver orb hanging off of it.
Personality: Very reserved and quiet. Will rarely speak to anyone. No one knows what she really thinks. Many who know her believe that this is a result of her prophecy.
Weapons and skills: A glaive with a blade made of silver, which is nearly impossible to break. She is highly skilled in the Dae'Thon way of fighting, and when truly in battle, it seems as though she can fly. She is also very agile, and a good swimmer, though not nearly as good as a Hydran.
Bio: She was born in a very traditional tribe of Dae'Thons, who believe in following all the old stories and rules directly. Like all Dae'Thons, she was given a prophecy at birth, and her mother told her what it was when she was seven, the usual age. Ever since then, she has acted distant from everyone in her tribe, focusing solely on her training, and becoming one of the best warriors in her tribe.
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Name: Whisp
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Appearance: tall, like all of the vampires. He has shoulderlength black hair and blackish eyes. He has bloodred lips and suprisingly, wheres a silver cross as a necklace.
Personality: Loud and obnoxious, he doesn't care what people think of him, just because he doesn't care. He does say the right thing though, and can weasle himself out of any argument. He cannot be trusted, especially with money. He also has a suprisingly large penguin collection.
Weapons: A rapier with a golden dragon where the blade begins.
Skills: Is a master thief and is a good lockpick as well
Bio: born to an aristocratic family, he was bored with his life. He spent most of his days daydreaming of adventures he could have. he enjoys going to a public place to steal jewelry from someones purse and giving it to someone else, just for practice.
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