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Writing Karma's Poetry [M]


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Yea. Here's my poetry. You can find all of it at:


Other than that, I guess I'll post a poem a day or something, all on this thread. Review and I'll give you a virtual cookie. ^-~ Here's one that I wrote last night...

God, send an angel down
So that she can kill me now
I've sinned, I've spilt blood
My innoncence is in the mud

My lips have touched another
I've slaughtered my own brother
So send an angel here to Earth
To kill me in this joyless mirth.

I'm drowning in my own sacriligeous tears
Living inside my darkest fears
And I've come to find that I really
Don't care.

So tie me up, bind me well
From His pedastal so surely I fell
Death upon the seething ocean
Doesn't seem so scary anymore.

Send an angel down
So that she might kill me now.

Or so I despise You
To you divine word never be true
So shall you spite me back again
Standing here without a friend.

You've taken everything away
No more poison words to say
Just me, myself, and my pathetic I
From this body my soul shall fly,
I've lived forever in this eternal circle
Hate and spite, until I die
And nevermore shall these eyes cry.

And if my soul is to burn forever
Then let me suffer.
Surely my sins are far more than you could ever punish
So I shall laugh last.
Because what I've done in this life
Could never be atoned for in the next one.

Send your angels down in thousands,
And have them kill me slow
Put my soul on for show
Because now,
It really doesn't matter anymore.

It's just so happy, right? Aya, yea. And don't steal it! All of my poems have copyrights on them. So look but don't touch! ^-~

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Heh heh, I've never gotten THAT kind of reaction before. The whole point of the poem is that I hate God, and in return he spites me for it, which only makes me hate him more, and then he spites me more, etc etc, in a neverending cirlce until I die. Isn't it just happy happy joy joy? ^^;; I always thought it was rather anti-religious but oh well. ^-~

As for the line 'just me, myself, and my pathetic I,' it refers to the fact that I am alone, and God has taken away all my friends, it's just me and my pathetic self.

I've never had someone steal my poems, but it's happened to some of my friends. Needless to say, we fried their 'cookied bizatch' arses. (Quoth dearest Charles ^-~) So don't steal! o_o

Anyway, loads of thanks for the reviews guys. *gives them all cookies * Here is today's poem:

[b]Black Rose[/b]

Blind eyes are not meant to see
Crippled legs can never flee
Why strive to understand
That which you cannot grasp with just two hands?

There's no such thing as a black rose
Or barefoot on the beach without sand between your toes
So why do we color with these dyes?
Why do we cover with these lies?

I don't know so I won't try
I know I can't learn how to fly
These broken wings only make me cry
Rather stay safe and wait to die.

No matter how you write the prose
There's no such thing as a black rose
They keep telling me to let go
To release myself from what I know

But if they make me fall tonight
Make me fall from this deadly height
Who will take all the blame
If I don't survive the burning flames?

There's no such thing as a black rose.

I was always fond of this poem. ^-^ Tell me what'cha think! ^o^

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[color=chocolate][b]Oh wow Karma! These are wonderful...And I'm not just saying that to be nice. These really are good. Have you ever considered writing a poetry book and getting it published. I'm actually quite partial to the first one. It's so...dark. One problem though. Your "Open Diary" link thingie isn't working for me...Yea...Well, c-ya on the other side! *flys off on one of her winged monkey soldiers*

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[color=silver] this one was also very good! your style is quite unique in it's own rights! :D

i just didn't like the 3rd stanza....the rhyming seemed a bit...forced to me...but you brought it all to-gether nicely in the end! :D

thanx s'much for the cookie!!!:tasty: [/color] :wave:
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[size=1] You show heart in your poetry. And that is what is needed. Also a brutal honesty with yourself, and an unafraid aspect to what you write.

It's good. Flows well, has rhymes here and there, is metaphorical, deep at times. Everything that keeps poetry good company.

Post more post more post more post more
is what i do emplore
in the emptiness
of a revolving wheel

the carnagial red
of a poet's hand
need leave me
and sad.[/size]
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Thanks so much again guys! You really made my day. ^-^ And yes, Black Rose is a bit hard to follow. Basically what it's saying is that black roses do not exist, so why try to create them? Why bother lying to yourself, or attempting to achieve the impossible? It's never going to happen, don't bother. In the middle of the poem it starts to focus on the girl writing the poem (me I guess?), and how she knows that if she trys to go out into the world again, and trust people, she's going to end up getting hurt, so why should she? And everyone is telling her to go and do it anyway, that it will be worth it, and she's asking them 'what if it doesn't? are you going to still be around to take the blame?'

This poem is rather pessimistic, and moody. I didn't start out with that intention, but it ended up that way. And the rhyming was really hard, and I agree with you kittie, it seems forced at points. However, I couldn't make it flow any better after much editing, and so I left it that way. I still like it though. =)

Mitch - thanks for the great review. I always try to be 'brutually honest' with myself, I wouldn't have it any other way. ^-~=

And enough of that. Here's today's poem:

[b]Drip Drip Drip[/b]
When today's morning is yesterday's night
Staring at the ceiling, insanity's plight
Watch your soul drip down the drain
Through the rusted faucet of your life
Despite all your strife
It's still dripping down...

Listen to your soul drip down the drain
Slowly drives your brain insane
Chinese water torture
Pitter patter like drizzling rain
A dance among the stars so vain
But in the back of my mind
I can still find
The drip...drip...drip of my soul.

A pixelated fairytale through the TV screen
Forget reality, it's all a dream
Angel wings and a girl who sings
The sweetest song.
And then the credits begin to roll
It's all over, time to know
That this could never be real.
Drip drip drip of my soul teaches me to feel.
Yet I am numb.

I feel my soul dripping right out of me
All my memories, everything I've seen
Falling straight through my heart.
Here my dearest is where we part,
Because I can feel you fading,
Right through my fingers
And I can't seem to grasp
What it is I lack,
That I can't pull you back,
Back into my arms,
World so pretty and full of charms,
Yet it hurt you so badly...
Drip, drip, drip....

Screaming, ranting, try to breathe,
But there's nothing but a whisper in the trees
I'm reaching, you're falling, I can't tell which way is up
Neurotic panic, I can't keep you from the pain
The guilt and the blame
It's weighing down on me,
Pulling my soul right out of me,
Slowly dripping.

We're sitting here in this silence,
Remember all the violence,
And all the tears you held inside.
It's tearing your soul right out of you,
I can see it now, between the stitches you sew
To hold all the pain inside.

And I so here I stay, without a word to say
I need to save us from ourselves
But I'm really not sure how.
Please, let me hold you tight,
So that if we lose our souls tonight,
At least I'll know,
That you knew how much I loved you so.

This poem was written about one of my best friends. Review and you get more cookies! ^-~

- Karma

{PS - Sorry Erin! I completly forgot that I have to unlock my diary for other people to see it. Oopsie. I guess there's no way for the link to work unless I'm online and have unlocked my diary. PM me when/if you see me on OB, and I'll give you the link to my *unlocked* diary. Sorry about the mix up! This also might work:

Go to [url]www.freeopendiary.com[/url]
type in KarmaOfChaos in the search box
The name of my diary is ChaosTheory.
See if you can open it from there

Love ya lots!}
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[color=chocolate][b]*nods* Will do Karma. But anyways...I really like this new one, "Drip Drip Drip". It ((for some reason)) reminds me of the Linkin Park song "Crawling". I especially liked this:

[quote]A pixelated fairytale through the TV screen
Forget reality, it's all a dream
Angel wings and a girl who sings
The sweetest song.
And then the credits begin to roll
It's all over, time to know
That this could never be real.
Drip drip drip of my soul teaches me to feel.
Yet I am numb.

Yes. I really do. And I'll be sure to PM you. C-ya!

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While I was reading it I was thinking about saying " I hope it's not from personal experience" but then you said it was about your friend... he/she must have a pretty depressing life. Anyway, good though I kinda like the first two more... I guess they are a little smoother.:whoops:
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Lol, the stanza that you like is actually based on a conversation the friend I wrote this about and I had about a movie. Guess what it was. Thumbilina(sp?). She was talking about how the movie depressed her, because she realized that there would never ever be a guy willing to do what he (the fairy prince) did in that movie. So that's where that came from.

And yes, all of my poems are from personal experience, unless noted otherwise. If they're not based on personal experience, they're usually based on a book I've read.

And here is Karma's poem of the day:


I don't want to be happy
I don't want to smile
I don't want to fake this anymore
I don't want to tell them anything.

Leave me alone, I don't want your help
Let me sit here in my misery
I don't care if I'm drowning in self-pity
Why the fuck should I care about you?

Get out of my mind, get out of my heart
All this caring is tearing me apart
I'm tired of being happy for other people
I wish I could be happy for myself
Or at least have them leave me alone on my dusty shelf
So that I could ponder my sadness alone.

Faked this smile one too many times
Musicians on corners only get paid in dimes
Let the mask fall to the floor
Shattered pieces release the core
And underneath you can see
That the mask was starting to become a part of me
Blood drips down in little red streams
Where neatly stiched seams
Fell apart so easily at my reckless hands.

And now that you see me
Now that you know
Now that I've put my heart out for show
Can you still love me?
Or will you look away, pretend not to see
The raging person beneath.

What can I say? This poem speaks for itself.

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Eheh heh. What can I say? It's how I felt when I wrote the poem.
Which brings me to my next point:

Each poem posted so far has been written in the past, not the day it was posted. I don't want to post all my poetry at once, because it would be impossible for someone to review them all. (not to mention that that would be a REALLY long post.) If I happen to write a poem after I've already posted my 'poem of the day' I'll post that one too. So you might end up seeing me post 2 or 3 poems a day sometimes. Just thought I'd clear that up!

And without further adeiu, a poem I wrote today:


His footsteps fortell my fall
I'm backed up against the wall
He is my God, my faith is fear
Held back tears, crouching here

The devastator's glare penetrates my soul,
Sick grin, ready to devour me whole
Wreck havoc and hell upon my small life
Watch the porcelain shatter, in his hand a bloody knife

The devastator rides the highs of his rage
Time to turn the page
Limitless is his lust for pain
He lives free from guilt or blame
While I slowly go insane.

And so he leaves a trail of sins
I feel myself press the razor against my skin
Tears soak this dirty world
I am shamed, once again
My sins are a product of his hate.

Listen to his lies
While in the backroom his daughter cries
He's telling them all
That it's just my fault
The devastator makes me scream
He has such a pretty mask, truth goes unseen

But even the coward has a breaking point
Do or die, leave or suffer
Broken heart's rusty buffer
Hear my footsteps echo out of this forsaken hell
Going, going, and now I'm gone
Devastator, no more shall you hear my sad song

Devastator, now you're alone.

Yes, I'm not exactly having a good day. The 'devastator' is my father. I think you can pretty much figure it out from there.

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Yet [i]another[/i] poem! But first, to answer Fire's question:

'Broken heart's rusty buffer' simply is a metaphor for a weak but still existant sort of protection. So, the coward in the poem may not have much a guard against the devastator, but she does have one, and that 'guard' is to run away. Get it now? ^-~

Here's the poem:

[b]Age of Decadance[/b]

Ice chinks inside the glass
The air is thick with smoke and perfume
And the storyteller weaves her loom
With her teasing velvet voice
Vogue rogue, taunting poise
Cream white skin, and rich chocolate brown
Red lips should never frown

Jazz players, blues singers
Do that crazy thing you do
Here we go, loop de loo
Swish of silk against the heel
Fingertips brush, risque hands touch
We're playing mind games with our eyes

Men in black suits in the back of the bar
Quiet voices, and Italian mafia cars
A classic shootout, the crescendo breaks
The opera cries her sorrow and death it makes
Bullets pierce the heart, and crimson tears are spilt
Watch them hit the floor
Breath no more
That's it, the end, fin.

I just wrote this on a whim. Yay or nay? Tell me what you think!

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Thanks for the reviews again! Yes, one simply can't read 'italian mafia cars' without a little giggle. ^-~ Anyway, on with the poetry.

[b]The Fool's Folly[/b]

To know everything, yet nothing at all
To stumble on himself and fall
To be the center of a laugh
Because he played himself to be daft

The fool's folly.

To follow although she knows he cares not
To speak;
Already knowing his silence will pierce like an arrow's shot
Refusing to forget
This lover's debt
To love that which loves another.

The fool's folly.

To allow a farce
To cover with a pretty face the ugliness beneath
A hated wreath
It scratches and tears, screams to be torn off
But it remains, the owner cannot bear the shame
Nor the blame
Of having a darkness within.

And so this hated play continues
The pain is hidden within you
Refuse to reveal
That which can heal
For fear of being alone.

The fool's folly.

Like it?

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Back again. With another poem. ^-~


I sat here staring at these walls
Feeling left a message, forgot to call
Emotion drifts through me like water
As I sit here in a daze
Life is just a phase
A word becomes a phrase
The phrase expresses emotion

Emotion trascends the words
Action transcends the emotion
So what you say is not what you do
And what you do is not what you feel
Do what they tell you to
Never be true
Living life as a lie
Normalacy is a falacy

Emotion explodes
Rage destroys fear
Happiness ignores it
Sadness doesn't care
And now the fear isn't there.

So one by one emotion melds
All the memories in my head
As I lay here in my bed
It becomes a many colored metal
Liquid metal
Ever changing, and omnipotent
Perfection in imperfection, and not a dent
Ready to sharpen and kill
Ready to engulf and thrill
And ready to soften and heal.
Always feel.

I'm sittting here staring at my walls
Pondering all my falls
And I realized,
That I wasn't really falling,
But that I had learned how to fly.

This poem is a result of the 'Which Emotion Are You?' quiz I took. I got happiness. * laughs * Go figure, huh?

Kyo - I haven't had time yet, and I'm way too tired to give poetry the attetion it deserves tonight. I promise I'll get to it tommorow though. =)

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