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Sign Up Big BIG oh my gosh its coming at me objects in mirror may be closer than they appear

Kyo no Ryu

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Driving down the highway
Doin 94
Daddy blew a big one
It blew me out the door
The engine couldnt take it
The wheels all fell apart
All becuse of daddys
Super sonic fart

I knew that for something like this to happen it must be the work of Big really REALLY big BIG enormouse oh my god its coming at me objects in mirror may be closer than they appear HUGE ALIENS

So I set out, a 12 year old with a parent in the hospital, to check it out. I grabbed a helmet, a pop gun, and 6 darts. I called a bunch of friends to join me. I knew that our parents wouldnt believe us so we snuck out. As the other 4 arrived I briefed them, and I dont mean with underwear. "Alright peeps, last night while driving down the highway in the SUV, dad let off a big one. The car went kaboom. You realize what this means. Weather you believe me or not I know its true." But I didnt realize how true....[/center]

If you sign up youll be one of the other 4 OR the main charachter. If you pick him Ill PM you the stats.

Weapons: (toys)[/i][/color]
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Heh you right where you told me this was disturbingly funny. I think I'll join. I'm SO immature to be doin this tho....
Name:Tiffiny Green aka Tiff
Gender: Female
Bio: She belived the kid right away because she knew he wouldn't lie. They were best friends. Also she had a thing for UFOs and old space movies and well she always knew that when(no ifs she KNEW someday she would) she met an alien she'd give it hell. Her parents didn't even know she was gone. She had slipped out her window. Plus they were already preoccpied yelling at her big bro while trying to watch the game. She exactly what'd she do to the thing. She wasn't a high black belt in Taw Kwon Do for nothing. She didn't like her parents anyway. Sure they were nice to her and loved her and gave her what she needed and they didn't fight much but they didn't belive in life on anywhere else but earth. That fact kept them from coming together as a family. So she wouldn't have any regrets if she was killed-which she wouldn't be.
Apperence:Shoulder lenght red hair tied back, baby blue eyes behind a stylish pair of navy blue glasses, a t-shirt that says: I see your mouth moving but all I hear is blah blah blah and a pair of baggy,knee length, kaki shorts.
Weapon: A toy hammer much like the one Sana has plus a good old fashion sling shot.
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after witnessing the fart that shook the world he knew it was the work of aliens. He gathered all his best friends to help him kick alien but, hes also a blackbelt in Tai Kwon Do

blask fuzzy hair, white gi, face of a little kid, sandals, and a green helmet

he uses a pop gun and darts
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Hmm...this is very funny and disturbing. WHAT CHICHIRI'S GIRL SAID!!!
Name: Alex
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Bio: After hearing about the aliens, she grabs her football helmet. Her parents of course were watching television downstairs, and didn't know if she was sneeking out or not, and really wouldn't let her. She climbs out her window and goes to a pawn shop. Grabs a fake bb gun with rubber bullets. (courtesy of fooly cooly) Runs to go kick alien a**....
Appearance: Dark brown hair to her shoulders. T-shirt that says, "Girl Attitude Deal With It." And denim capris with white tennis shoes and socks. Spanish watch, dark green eyes, tan skin.
Weapon: Fake BB gun with rubber bullets.
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[color=green][font=times new roman][b]Oh yeah!! I want to be a kid again!!!(I am 18)

Name: Terror Barston
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Appearance: Short indigo/black, chin lenght hair. He has creamy skin, wears a black t-shirt with the gold Trans Am's bird, a pair of army green boy shorts that sag, wears a black studded belt, chains and a pair of loosely tied, black combat boots. He wears army green, fingerless gloves, an folded, army green bandana around his head, and a pair of rectangle, black bottle framed glasses.
Weapons: He likes to use yo-yo's, a straw and lots of paper(for spit balls^^) and a super soaker water gun.
Bio: Terror isn't called Terror for nothing. He's the class clown, clutz, and the kind of kid that winds up in the principal's office atleast...well everyday of the week^^..His best friend is Kyo and when he hears of his tragedy and his plan to go after the aliens, Terror gathers her yo-yo's and stuffs them in his cargo pockets, his super soaker slung around his shoulder, and his spit ball straw tucked in his hair held up by the ear. Terror's parents found out that he was planning to do and grounded him under house arrest. But that never stopped him before...hehehe.....[/color][/font][/b]

[color=red]Okay I made my character a boy, so that evens it up a bit..[/color]
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Oh yes, kiddie fun!

[B]Name:[/B] Johnny Dogood


[B]Age:[/B] 12

[B]Bio:[/B] Johnny never believed in Ghosts, Aliens, Phantoms, or any of that sort. Until the Aliens arrived, then he sure in the heck believed. He isn't a Black belt in nothing, he cant shoot a gun, he cant play sports, he sits around and plays Videogames all day. When the Aliens showed up, he picked up his Tee Ball Bat and climbed out of his window, he was going to make sure he didn't believe in Aliens for decades to come.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [IMG]http://www.marioguide.com/images/renders/gcn/sbm/ness-50.jpg[/IMG]
{Yes, its Ness. From SSBM (Or EarthBound) His image caught my eye when I was thinking of joining this RPG}

[B]Weapons:[/B] A wooden Tee Ball Bat
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