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[SIZE=1][I]"Welcome everyone, to Springfield!! There isn't anything like a town that recovers from crime, stops crime, and does a little bit of crime too....but never fear! You can find jobs, homes and your new lives. So-"

[B]Yes, what he says about this place is true. But, this time the tides have turned. There is anotehr big crime heading this way, yes...Sideshow Bob is back....again! But this time he isn't alone. This time he has made his own school. A school of crime, where he passes his crime to young children, and makes them do his dirty work! Sideshow Bob is back, and he isn't leaving![/B]

So, it has begun. A new breed of street crime. Sideshow Bob has turned little thugs, into crime kids! But, the Springfield police don't know it, and are still sitting on their lazy a** doing nothing! Springfield doesn't know the terror ahead. Their childern could be in Sideshow Bob's school of crime, but who knows? Soon the biig crime will hit Springfield, and there's nothing you can do. Nothing, nothing at all I say, NOTHING!!! To stop:[/SIZE]

[CENTER][COLOR=RED][SIZE=5]Sideshow Bob's Show down.[/SIZE][/I][/COLOR][/CENTER]

[SIZE=1]Simple, Simpsons RPG. The stories up there, and the rain of terror that Bob's planning won't happen so soon. At first he'll just have his little gang, then it will gorw slowly.

You can play [B]ANY[/B] character. We need some one to play Sideshow Bob too. You can even play Maggie!!! And, you can create your own character too.

So, just fill this in:

[B]Name: First and Second

Age: If you don't know it, just leave it blank (for series characters)

Side: Sideshow Bob's or not?

Rank: This means..basicaly your Springfield rank. If you're new it would be newbie. Homers would be like; The Dumbo. Or; Ape. Something like that. Just look a mine if it's not clear.

Description: A picture if you like.

Bio: Atleast 6 or 7 lines.[/B]

Here's mine:

[I]Name: Bart Simpson.

Age: 8 or 9 I think....

Side: Not sideshow Bob's.

Rank: Bartman, Cool kid, bad dude.

Description: [IMG]http://www.wvah.com/programs/simpsons/bart.gif[/IMG]

Bio: Also known as Bartman. He's got two younger sisters, Lisa and Maggie and is a member of the Simpsons family. He a cool kid who rides a skateboard, and hangs around all over with his dorky friend Milhouse. He was the one who kept putting Sideshow Bob in prison, and doesnt' know he's back. Bart Knows the Bob wants him dead, but he managed to survive all this time. Krusty the Clown is his hero, and he likes to read Radio Active man comics.

He sometimes dresses in his hero suit, and Milhouse summons him. He's known then as Bartman-

He also hangs around with his dog, Santas little helper.[/I]

Remeber, you can be any one in this RPG! Thanks again![/SIZE]
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