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RPG X-Men Evolution: The Next Mutation


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[CENTER][COLOR=CRIMSON][B][U]X-Men Evolution: The Next Mutation[/U][/B][/COLOR][/CENTER]
[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]"Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution skips forward..."

[I]Professor Charles Xavier, Founder 'Xavier?s School for the Gifted'[/I]
Welcome all Mutants to my new RPG, firstly I'll go through the list of people that have joined and which group [If any] they belong to.

[I][U]The X-Men[/U][/I]

Scott Summers/Cyclops - Me
Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler - Assassin
Jean Summers/Phoenix - Ruby
Kilani Tarot Shi'iandra/Genisis - Arika
Jack Masters/Damage - Gohan
Adam Luken/Bats - K.K.C.
Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat - Rei
Van Ambrose/Quantum - Outcast [Awaiting sign-up completion]
Arrea Marsters/Benzaiten - Eclectic
Danny/Panther - vicky
Craig Sanders/Lightning - Yoda

[I][U]The Brotherhood of Mutants[/U][/I]

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver - MajinVegeta [Awaiting sign-up completion]
Lance Alvers/Avalanche - NPC
Todd Tolensky/Toad - NPC
Randy Robertson/Gravitonne - Heartless Me
Serna Treyan/Paper - Bremma


Kobata Gen/Illusionist - Metatron
Pan Carter/Recon - Manic
Bradley Deans/Rebellion - Bent Metal
As you can see the X-Men outweigh the other two factions heavily, because of this the Brotherhood can treat Toad and Avalanche as NPC [Non Played-Characters] and still use them unless somebody signs up for them after this is posted [Sign-ups are still open and will be closed in one week.]
[I][U]The Rules[/U][/I]

1. I want to have good RPGers in my RPG, not people who punctuate evey sentence with many '!!!!' and litter their posts with incorrect spelling.

2. Main characters are expected to set a standard for the other characters, I'd like to see this in the post quality of those with Main Characters.

3. As usual, I expect regular posting on your part, good spelling and grammer and each post will have three paragraphs or more.

4. Anyone who's quality and/or post amount drops they will receive two warnings and if it continues then your out of the RPG.

5. Have fun with the RPG :D.

[CENTER][COLOR=CRIMSON][B][U]Let the Next Mutation begin[/U][/B][/COLOR][/CENTER]

[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]As Scott woke up he reached over to his bed-side table to get his glasses before he opened his eyes, [I]'I doubt Jean would want a new sun roof anyway'[/I], he thought to him self with a grin. He placed the glasses over his eyes and yawned, looking around the room and settling his eyesight upon his wife who was sleeping quietly beside him, [I]I better not wake her up just yet[/I], he though. Silently he slid out of his side of the bed and went to get dressed, he didn't feel like training the other X-Men this early in the morning, and plus is was a Saturday, so he just put of his casual clothes and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

On his way down he almost ran into Kitty as she came running through her bedroom door, she was giggling and it looked like she had taken Kurts Holo-Watch, which he was very protective of, a few seconds later Kurt appeared next to Scott with a 'Bamf' and some smoke. "Scott, did you see which way Kitty went?" He asked in a worried German accent, being to tired to talk Scott mearly pointed in a vauge direction and after saying thank you Kurt took off down the hall with his Spider-Monkey agility, Teleporting every now and again. "Kids" Scott muttered, smiling. When he got to the kitchen he saw that several of the students were already eating breakfast, they all greeted him and he nodded politely.

After getting together his and Jeans breakfast and placing it on a tray he took it carefully out of the kitchen and walked toward the stairs to head back up stairs. He noticed that Kitty and Kurt were stilling running around, silently he wished they would stop acting like children and set an example for the students, you would never have seen Logan acting like that with Storm. He walked into the room and saw that Jean was already awake and reading one of her books. "Morning, Jean" He said with a smile, she smiled back and saw the breakfast in his hands, "Oh Scott, you shouldn't have" She said looking lovingly at him. She then took the tray out of his hands with her powers and placed it on bed, and patting the bed she said: "Come and sit, we'll eat together". Scott smiled and walked toward his wife thinking this was a great beginning to a great day.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC: Yes! It started.


Danny rubbed his eyes. He stared into the mirrior at his spiky black hair and smiled.
"I hate waking up..." He mumbled. He yawned, and dipped his hands in water. He ran his wet hands through his hair and pushed it up. He always wanted his hair to look spiky and cool. Danny yawned again and put his black shirt on. He turned round and shielded his eyes from the sun.
"Why can't it be night?" He mumbled. Danny walked outside his room and sighed.

He didn't feel like eating anything...yet, so he went outside for awhile. His tail swished behind him to make sure he wasn't being followed. That's what he hates too, people hanging around behind him. He just hates it. He doesn't like people running infront of him either. He sat down on a patch of grass and watched other mutants running around.
"That makes me dizzy." He said to himself. He rubbed his eyes again.
"I want to go back to bed..." He sighed. Danny looked up and saw a kid with brown hair and a red shirt coming up.
"Hi." Danny said. It was a mutant Danny knew ages ago. His name was Sam, and his power was heating objects up.
"Hi Danny." Sam said in his little voice.
"You're up early kid." Danny said.
"I know. I just came to say hi, but I've got to go in a sec." Sam said sitting down. He was only 8, and maybe Danny's favourite friend.
"Why do you have to go?" Danny asked.
"I just have to." Sam said. "I have to go know, sorry." Sam said running off. Danny laughed laying back.

Danny sighed heavily.
"I'm so lonely..." He mumbled. He got up and made his way across the grass.[/B][/SIZE]
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" Come on Kitty give it back, Please?"

Kitty smiled and went through the wall with her powers. Kurt shrugged and disappeared in a cloud of smoke, reappearing in the room that Kitty had just went to. He looked around but there was no sign of Kitty.

" Where could she have went. "

Kitty was silently sneeking up behind him , reaching out she grabbed his shoulder and made both of them go through the floor under them. Kurt was astonish where he was at. It was Wolverines training center that made a X- Men out of him. He smiled and turned around seeing Kitty still held his Holo-Watch.

Kurt Shrugged " You win Kitty what do you me to do? "

Kitty smiled happily infront of him and hopped into the air landing on top of Kurt. They both went to the floor while Kitty said " Take me to dinner tonight. " The light made a slight glimmer in Kitty's eyes.

"Okay I will honey. "

Kitty was jumping up and down off the ground and reached Kurt's Holo-Watch back. Kurt strapped it on and pushed a button located on the right side of the Holo-Watch. His beast like appearance faded and he looked totally human.
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Adam leaned against the trunk of the apple tree in the grounds of the school. His eyelids rested as a cool breeze blew threw his hair and fur. "Im not tired.... But Im so bored..." He sighed listening to other students coversations.

[I] "Im so lonely..." [/I]

Adam pricked up his ears and opened his eyes at the same time. He looked around the grounds until he rested his gaze on Danny, or Panther, Adam usually would call him Panth for short. In a swift movement Adam stood and stretched out his large black bat wings.

"Maybe I can cheer him up." Adam smiled with confidence and flew of the branch on the tree and headed over to Danny. He hovered above him for a few moments wondering if he would notice him. Apparently not. Slowly, Adam tapped Danny on his sholder with his long tail. Danny looked behind him and a puzzled look came over him.

"Hey, Whats up?" Adam asked smiling from the air.
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[SIZE=1][B]Danny twitched a little.
"Come up behind me like that one more time and I'll wack you one!" Danny joked.
"Sorry!" Adam walked beside Danny. Danny looked at him.
"So, way are you lonely?" Adam said slowing down as he walked.
"Reading people's thoughts again? I just am...every ones got a cute little friend to hang out with lately...I just sit alone half the day doing nothing. Sometimes I go see what people are up to, and that leads to a chase around the block..." Danny laughed. Adam smiled.
"Who's chased you around the block lately?" Adam asked.
"Trust, you don't wanna know." Danny replied smiling.

"So, you gonna tell me who chased you around the block?" Adam said again. They dicided to sit down near a corner.
"No. You don't wanna know. Honestly."
"Please. Come on! It's not like they attacked you or something." Adam said smiling. Danny shrugged.
"I know..." Danny lay back on the wall.
"Let me guess then." Adam jumped up.
"I can't see the harm in that." Danny mumbled.
"Kurt?" Adam asked.
"Ermmm, Kitty?"
"No where near!"
"Just tell me!"
"Find out! Trust me. Never ever hide behind a tree, while other people are there. They take it perosnaly."

Danny sat laughing with Adam for awhile. Often Adam kept asking him who Danny was spying on, but Danny said that he wasn't spying, he was just lonely and hiding, which was partly true.[/B][/SIZE]
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OOC: Adam didn't read his mind. He has really good hearing because hes a bat ^^ just to let you know.

IC:[B][COLOR=darkblue]Adam stood up from where him and Danny had been and stretched himself out along with his wings. "You need to get yourself a girl, Panth." He part laughed as he continued stretching. He turned and looked at Danny's face. For the small amount of fur he had, Adam could still tell that he was blushing.

"And... Maybe... the only reason your lonely... is because you allow yourself to be...." there was a short silence between the two of them for a moment. "I don't know...." Danny sighed and stood up and stretched like Adam had before. They stayed silent for a few more moments until they heard a voice coming from the school.

"C'mon! It's time for a bit of training! Meet us in the battle room in 5 min.!" They reconized Kurt's german accent. Danny mumbled a bit about how he was still tired and how time passes to fast. "I'll Cya in a few" Adam said has he lifted off the ground and flew into his bedroom window to change into his X-men uniform.[/COLOR][/B]
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Just to let you know, the run-on sentences are on purpose. I said she was overly happy, didn't I?
Arrea finished quickly finished the song she was writing and changing for their training session. Unlike most, she looked forward to them. In fact, she looked forward to just about anything. As she skipped to the battle room, she ran into Adam.
"Hey, how are you? Have you seen Danny anywhere? I haven't said anything to him this morning and he seemed kind of down and I wanted to cheer him up a bit and..."
"Slow down. He's on his way. Why do you want to talk to him anyway?"
"Oh, nothing, he's just seemed kinda lonely and I wanted to cheer him up if I could and I think I kinda know what's going on but I don't really know, ya know?" She looked at him expectantly.
"Uhhh...yeah, right..." Adam let her continue to talk, knowing it was what she did everyday.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Floating down the stairs in her pajamas, Kilani let her feet touch the ground and walked to the kitchen. She heard footsteps coming from far away. She looked to the entrance and saw Adam flying down the stairs to the battle room. She then saw Kurt running to the battle room as well. Kilani sat down at the kitchen table and made the items come to her. She also made the two stop in mid-run and mid-flight.

Adam and Kurt looked to each other and looked around to see who it was. The only people strong enough to do this were Jean and Kilani. They, then, looked to the kitchen and saw Kilani. Adam looked to her unpatiently. Kilani just made her breakfast, which was Nuriche, a yogurt smoothie, and a Oats and Honey bar. She got up and looked to the two mutants. She walked to the entrance and walked past them. Kurt and Adam looked to each other again with astounded looks on their faces.[/i]

"Uh, Kilani. Excuse, Kilani. Could you bring us down?" [i]Kurt asked with his german accent.[/i]
"Good morning, Kurt. Good morning, Adam. It seems you were talking to Danny. Did you say something like, "You need to get yourself a girl, Panth."? I believe you have said something like that. As well as that Kurt, do not go running around the house trying to get Kitty to give you back your holo-watch. You know she'll only ask for something. Off to the battle room are we? Let us see if you can get past the defense system that I put up after Wolverine and the others had left. Hmmm. It looks like a good day to go for a little private training. Well, I'm off." [i]Kilani turned and kept walking.[/i]

[i]Kurt looked to her as she walked off and was about to say something, when she snapped her fingers as she turned the corner. The two fell on each other.[/size][/color][/i]
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OOC: Ahh... power abuse...

[i] Gen yawned slightly, blinded by the sudden shaft of light projected on him. Blinking slightly, he saw that the card-board box he had above him had been knocked away by a stray-dog which was sniffing a nearby garbage can with hungry interest. Grimacing due to his unpleasant awakening, Gen looked around with distaste at the surrounding alleyway, filled with trash cans, scrap paper, and other objects to constitute a beggar's residence.

Standing up lightly, Gen dusted himself off, meanwhile throwing glances around. He was hungry. He hadn't ate for almost two days now, and as much as he hated doing this, he needed to steal. Kicking down the garbage can which blocked the view to the street, Gen stumbled out, a sudden reminder of filth in the clean streets of Bayville.

Looking around, Gen saw many pointed stares from the students making their daily commute to Bayville High. He didn't care. In a moment they wouldn't either. Focusing his mind for a moment, Gen hummed slightly, focusing on the stares flickering towards him. In a moment they ceased, and he suddenly disappeared from their views. Smirking slightly, Gen made his way to the street corner stand, and grinning lightly at the blank look on the store-tender's face, swiped a few nutrition bars off the racks, and walked off, tossing them up in the air. [/i]
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"Carter!" said a mysterious voice. "Carter. Wake up!"

Pan Carter woke up to the sound of a fellow classmate shouting in his ear. He had fallen alseep on the schoolbus. The ride from the bus-stop on his street wasn't far from Bayville High. In fact, Bayville wasn't a very large town at all. It didn't matter to Pan, though. He was raised in a small town. What bothered him was how much more dangerous Bayville was. With both the X-Men and the Brotherhood going to his school, there was a lot of tension in the air. Maybe it wouldn't bother him as much if he actually knew what it was all about.

Nevertheless, Pan stood up and exited the bus. He was a loner, perhaps by nature, but he still longed for company. He didn't have any real friends. Only members of the Brotherhood and X-Men he'd talk to on occasion. He looked around for one of them, but to no avail. However, he did catch a familiar scent. After another good whiff, he realized the scent was a few days old, lingering from Friday afternoon the week before.

There was a good half hour left before school started. Pan found a corner outside where nobody could see him. Using the pipes and a few ledges, Pan scaled a wall and climbed onto the roof. He set his watch's alarm to go off in twenty minutes, and sat against the back of a ventilation fan. This was his favorite place to be. None of the human students knew he was a mutant yet, and unless someone saw him scale the wall everyday, none of them ever would.

Like all mutants, Pan wishes humans were more tolerant of their kind. Maybe the humans of Bayville were a little more tolerant than they were when mutants first emerged, but there'd always be friction. The two primary mutant teams of the town both had their own ideals on how mutants should exist peacefully in Bayville, but that wasn't why Pan was here. Pan needed help. Pan needed his parents.
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[I]The rain beat down upon the grass once more... thunder roared towards the South. There was shouting, chanting, yelling from all directions... indistinguishable now, as he could only hear a vicious crackling. At his mud soaked feet there was a smoldering hole... and suddenly he remembered where he was. He turned to look down the field, and saw the crows massing, beginning to gather courage, growing ever angrier. He could see his father, clearer than ever... right at the front. The situation was always the same, but this time, Craig wasn't going to run. He raised himself slowly into the air, and positioned himself directly above the middle of the group. Lightning arked through his body, whipping around him maniacly. He raised his left arm to the storm above, and drew it's rage towards him. He felt it approaching, and then he felt the bolt of lightning strike him in the arm. Craig laughed as he charged it directly through his body, out the base of his feet... down at the[/I] racists [I]below.[/I]

Craig woke suddenly, his eyes flickering with blue energy. The same dream, and the same guilt afterwards. Every time, in his dreams, he had killed those people. The only time he had done the right thing was when it counted, but that was only because he had no control over his power. He feared that, if he knew what he knows now... would he have done the same thing. His dreams suggested no... and he hated himself for it.

Realising suddenly that he was in the dark, Craig raised a finger to the light bulb, and let out a small ark of electricity. The bulb came to life, and Craig leapt out of bed. He got into his X-Man suit, which was basically a black, skin tight suit with two lightning bolts making an "X" across his chest. He opened the door to his room, and felt his stomach rumbling, so he made his way to the kitchen to get some breakfast.
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[i]Morning's was not for Randy as he yawned loudly and floated up off his bed. He was happy that he was able to have his own room. the Brotherhoods mansion was barely big enough for the people thay had. He took a big smell of something good and smiled thinking lance must be making breakfast again, thanking god that Toad wasn't doing it. Shivering as he remembered last weeks tragedy of fly pancakes and french fried ants. He yawns again and rubs his eyes walking into his personal bathroom and getting in the shower. He wasn't in there very long after all he hadn't as much to wash as say... the blob. he chuckled thinking that as he got out of the shower and got dressed going downstairs. almost immediately after he stepped out the door he felt a strong breeze fly by him pushing him forward stumbling several feet until he lowered his center of gravity halting his movement. Muttering something about quicksilver and frowning but continues moving down to the kitchen for breakfast but not before stopping and knocking on Papers door to wake her up for breakfast.[/i]
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"Uhn?" she grunted, lifting her head form the pillows, hearing the knock. She blinked, looking over at the clock. "Mmmh... slept late again." she muttered. "I'm awake!" she called to the door, dragging herself out of bed. She brushed out her hair and tied it back before dressing and leaving the room, walking out to see Grav standing there. She smiled and gave him a hug. "Morning." she said. She sniffed the air. "Wow, that smells nice." she said.

EDIT:Was rushed, just some fixes..
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[SIZE=1][B]Danny made his way to the Danger room. He didn't want to really. He'd rather sleep, which was what a Panther does...in his eyes. He thought for a moment.
"Why don't I just make myself ill? I'd rather...then I could sleep." Training was the last thing on his mind...to him it was just plain boring when you have aload of other people there.
"I think I will get off. What's the best to get out of things...water and bubbles mix-" He stopped as he saw Arrea.
"Oh hi!" Danny said.
"I was just getting changed. I'll meet you in the battle room!" Danny said smiling. "I can't talk...I think I'm late!" Danny said running. He was very fast, ofcourse he was. He was almost the spitting image of a panther.

He got changed and ran down to the battle room. But before he went in he dicided to wait for Adam and Arrea, and Kurt. He wasn't late, well he was he just ran fast and that only took him 2 minutes to get changed. Danny yawned and whipped his tail round.
"Hey! Adam! Kurt!" He yelled. He saw Adam flying too him.[/B][/SIZE]

OOC: Sorry for any mistakes...I don't feel well...damn headaches!
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[i]Smirking slightly at the stares which passed through him blankly, Gen continued to munch on his breakfast, taking a few moments every now and then to eye the students entering the school gate with interest. He picked up bits and pieces of dialogue here and there while wandering the alleyways for the past few weeks and learned of the two major mutant forces, namely the X-men and the Brotherhood. He really wasn't interested in meeting them, but perhaps to see what kind of powers they had.

Gen hummed carelessly, and those who passed by where he sat stopped for a second, looking around in a confused fashion. Hypnosis was definitely a useful skill to have. Not to mention... flicking his eyes towards a hot-shot skateboarder blazing down the side-walk, Gen concentrated for a moment. In a second, the skateboarder hit the 'STOP' sign with tremendous force, getting knocked backwards. Luckily he had a helmet on. Grinning at the suppressed laughter from the students, Gen bowed to the audience, to whom he was invisible. Flicking away the wrappers into the trash can with mock carelessness, Gen stood up.

He might as well go visit one of the mutant strongholds. He was bored, he just ate, and he was looking for some fun. [/i]
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Kurt stood in the main hallway talking on the phone.

"Yes I want one table to our selves...Yes Sir we plan staying their for a while...Okay 6:00 on the 23rd? Thank you Sir!"

Hanging up the phone he flipped into the air doing three or four acrobatic flips before landing on the ground. He looked around nervously and went upstairs to his room and wrote the date down on his calendar.In a instant he vanished in smoke and appeared in the training center [ defense facility ]. Standing there alone he pushed the button on his holo-watch and his human like form vanished showing what his appearance axually was.

Pressing what level he wanted the defence set on, he decided to train by himself for the day. Door panels on the floor slid open, laser's poped out of the floor and aimed at Nightcrawler. They open fired, at that very moment Nightcrawler vanished and appeared behind on of the machines. The other machine lasers fired at him hitting its fellow laser system. It exploded but the other lasers kept firing. When the smoke cleared Nightcrawler was on top of the ceiling, leting go of his hold he fell straight on top of a laser. Using his right knee he crushed the laser into peices. Other lasers continued open fire on Nightcrawler. Although when they shot, they was shooting smoke...[/size][/color]
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[B][SIZE=1]Danny didn't really feel like doing much. He could sense Kurt's movment, and was smiling. He made a picture in his head of what Kurt was doing. Danny might do something in a minute...but he hated doing things alone...it's better when you have friends. He smiled and laughed.

"Are you gonna do anyhting?" Asked a voice. Danny turned around.
"Oh, it's you. Nah, I don't feel like doing much." Adam was standing next to him.
"You have to do something."
"I ain't doing nothing...Not alone...no way.." Danny said leaning back.
"Why? Chicken or something?" Adam said laughing.
"Nope. I just don't wanna. I wish I lived in the jungle...I really do." Danny said in a dreamy voice.
"You would!" Adam said.[/B][/SIZE]
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[B][COLOR=darkblue]"Well, your not alone now..... are you?" Adam laughed with a big grin and nudged Danny in the ribs playfully. A small smile appeared on Danny's face. Adam nodded his head towards Kurt and a few of the lazers that were shooting the red beams at him. "Come on!" Adam yelled and raised up his arms allowing his Wings to spread to there full length.

"We should be the ones training!" With that, he leaped into the air and sped off to where Kurt had just appeared from dodging another beam. Adam didn't dare look back to see if Danny was following. He never looked back anything. He knew he would come when he wanted.

Adam flew slightly lower until he came leveled with a lazer, when he was about 6 feet away he added a burst of speed with a huge flap of his wings and slashed the lazer with his left claw. "Alright!" He yelled. He knew it wasn't a big deal to take out a lazer gun, but this was a training level Kurt was in. Even small lazers can be tough. Adam just hoped that Kurt wouldn't spoil his fun too soon.[/COLOR][/B]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]OOC: Ack! The training area is called the [U]DANGER ROOM[/U] not the Battle Room, and it's a Saturday so no one is at school :sweat: other than that gd job people.

After having his breakfast and talking with Jean, Scott had made his way down to the Mansions Control Center [MCC] to make sure that all was working well and that the defense systems where ready should anyone, foolish enough to, attack the Institute during the School Season while most of the Students where out at school and it was mainly Himself, Jean, Kitty and Kurt. He took note of the fact that Kurt had 'ported into the Danger room and that several of the Students were heading that way for a training session.

He reached over to the com-panel and pushed the button for the Danger room.

[I]Scott:[/I] Hey Kurt, it's Scott, can you hear me?
[I]Kurt:[/I] Load and clear, Scott. What is it?
[I]Scott:[/I] It seems that several of the kids are heading your way so I think you should host a training session to wake them up.
[I]Kurt:[/I] Ha, your a tough one Scott, don't worry, I'll wake them up.
[I]Scott:[/I] Thats what I like to here, Scott out.

He released the Inter-com button to the Danger Room and continued to check things out over the MCC with a slight grin on his face.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[I]Jack got off the bus and just stopped outside the large, black iron gates and stared up the long drive at the mansion. This was where he was going to learn to harness his,"gift" as it was called. This would be his home for as long as he felt necessary.

He pushed open the iron gates and walked up towards the large oak front door of the house, and knocked the door. There was no answer, and after another answerless knock Jack decided to just go in himself.

As he walked through the door he found himself in a huge foyer with a larg staircase straight in front of him. He put his bag down and decided to go exploring to see if he could find any signs of life. The first room he came to was the kitchen. There was a tall dark haired guy rummaging through the fridge.

[b]Jack:[/B] Hi

[b]Craig:[/b] Hey, your new i take it. Haven't seen you around before. I'm Craig.

He reached one of his large hands which Jack shook.

[b]Jack:[/b] So is there anyone i should see and let them know i'm here?

[b]Craig:[/B] Yeah Scott, but he's busy now. Just go put your stuff up in your room. You'll know which one's yours it should have your name on the door

[b]Jack[/b] OK and where can i find him?

[b]Craig:[/b] He'll be downstairs in the control room

[b]Jack:[/b] Well i'm gonna go and see him. See you around.

[B]Craig:[/b] Yeah we're all going in the danger room soon so i'll see you there

[B]Jack:[/B] Need i ask why it's called the danger room?

[B]Craig:[/b] nope, exactly as it sounds. Now i'm hungry, and i like to eat my breakfast in peace, so if you don't mind... get out of my kitchen.

Jack left Craig to eat his breakfast and headed for his room He picked up his bag on the way and headed upstairs.[/i]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Kilani floated up the stairs back to her room and changed into casual clothes. She wore a black spaghetti strap tank top underneath a black sleeveless hoody. On the back of the hoody was a picture of a dragon and on the front it had a large X in dark blue. She also wore black flared jeans with a silver chain on her left side of her jeans. She then grabbed her black Billabong beanie. As she was about to leave, she grabbed her CD/MP3 player and her black miniature messenger bag and put her CD/MP3 player into it. She grabbed her blue Adidas and walked out. She then opened the door with her mind and then closed it as she walked away.

As soon as she got to the stairs, Kilani decided to teleport herself downstairs. As she walked to the front of the lobby, she spoke to Jean, although Jean was not where she was.[/i]

["Jean, I'm going to go for a drive. Do we need to buy anything?"] [i]Kilani asked.[/i]
["No. I don't think so. If we do, I'll call you and tell you. Have fun."] [i]Jean replied back.[/i]
["Alright. Oh. I might go buy something for lunch today, call me about that too. I'm leaving."] [i]Kilani said before she left to walk to the garage.[/i]

[i]She walked through to the kitchen and then she took a left and walked towards the Danger Room, but walked down a flight of stairs. She came upon a metallic door. She put her hand upon it and it scanned her hand. It then pierced to take a sample of her blood and it let her into the garage. As she walked through the car area, she passed some of the students' cars. She then came by to an area that was gated off. It walked up to the scanner and she put her hand up again. It took a bit of her blood yet again. It opened up and she walked through.

Walking through a series of cars marked under each of the teacher's names, she came upon hers. She looked to her cars and then looked to her silver and grey S2000. She smiled and walked to it. She stepped into the driver's seat and searched in her bag for the key. She found it and put the car into ignition.

As she drove out, she saw some kids playing. She smiled and drove away. Soon, she looked for anymore kids and sped away from the Institute. She drove towards the mall, where she was going to spend a day of shopping.[/i][/size][/color]
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[i]Gen smiled, watching the car drive away. He decided, after all, to visit the X-men first. It sounded so much cooler than the 'Brotherhood' anyway. If he guessed right, that female in the car was a mutant. He couldn't be sure, of course, but he could usually feel something welling up within him when he met another mutant. He just wanted to watch them, not meet them.

Going up to the large front gate of the institute, Gen leapt up nimble as can be, and landed on top of the iron gate. Jumping off lightly on the other side, he took a minute to survey the area. No mutants. Phooey. Gen walked along the driveway carelessly, but suddenly froze with a sharp click. Spinning around abruptly, he suddenly found himself the target of roughly 10 auto-mechanism defense systems.

Cursing his stupidity, Gen jumped left and right, dodging the stream of red laser beams firing upon him. Ah well... a fight was good enough... concentrating slightly, Gen brought his hands down to his waist. A little distortion, then his good old katana appeared. He never liked to look down and find a sword, so he usually kept a mild hypnosis on himself to prevent himself seeing it. Drawing his blade in an indifferent fashion, Gen smiled at the weapons aiming at him yet again.

*2 minutes later*

Gen spit on the smouldering remains of the defense mechanisms, raising his blades into the sunlight to check for any damages. Luckily, there were none. Gen looked around warily, not entirely comfortable. No doubt the X-men knew of his presence by now. Perhaps he should retreat for another chance... [/i]
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[B][COLOR=darkblue]The alarm rang threw out the danger room echoing off of the enclosed metal area. "Whats going on?" A student yelled out from the suprising burst of noise and red lights. A few of the newest students glanced around the room nervously not sure what to do.

"Hm..." Adam hummed thinking of what kind of moron would bust into the institute. Adam watched as Kurt teleported to where the group of terrified students were and calmed them down. Craig ran in munching on a piece of toast, a bit angry about the interuption of his breakfast. Adam flew down to where the group was just as Scott, Kitty, and Jean came running threw the door that led to the danger room.

"The security system says we have a visitor!" Scott yelled to Kurt and then continued. "Panther, Bats, Lightning, you 3 come with us. Everyone else is to stay here and not leave until Kurt, Kitty, Jean, or myself come and get you." With that they turned and ran out the door, Danny followed close by. Adam grabbed Graig causing him to drop his last bit of toast and half dragged him out of the danger room.[/COLOR] [/B]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]As Kilani walked into the building, a beeping went off on her phone. She took it out of her bag and looked to what it was about. There was an image uploading and it was of a 16 year old teenage boy that was within the Institute grounds. Kilani looked to it and grasped a biography about him from long ago. She knew he wouldn't be too much harm while Jean was there. She would easily calm him down...or do such.[/i]

"I just want to go shopping. I need the clothes after what those kids did to my clothes. Let's go to Pacsun first. See what new clothes they have. Jean and the others can handle him. He's not too much of a harm. But, he does tend to have a temper at times. Hmm. Jean will take care of it. I know she can do it." [i]Kilani said to herself as she entered the building.[/i]

[i]Looking around, she kept walking towards to the North until she hit Pacsun. She entered the shop and looked around. She found many various things, but nothing she was looking for, she decided to go upstairs. She did this for about an hour. She then decided to go to an inside area called Seoul Star. She entered and went straight to a private room. One of the waitresses saw her and entered along with her. They greeted each other and the owner of the store came by and greeted her as well.

Kilani sat there sipping her water. She then heard another beeping and looked to her phone. A message was sent from an unknown person. Kilani phoned the unknown person and got one of the student's message from The BrotherHood. She decided it was time to visit them.[/size][/color][/i]
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[i]After some quick self-debate, Gen decided to stay and hold his ground. He was curious, but he really wanted to meet other mutants and see how they were. Maybe even pick a fight if possible. He always wanted to see how he would stand up to mutants. Here was his chance. He saw the front door of the institution bang open, and out came several figures. In unison, their stares fixed onto him, and one of them with strange looking glasses pointed at him, motioning the others to follow. Smirking softly, Gen held his arms up, his blade in one hand.

"Who are you?" called out the one in glasses.

Gen stood silently, gazing at each of them in turn. Two of them were probably gifted with animal abilities... the glasses... something to do with the eyes... another of electricity... and the last one... well... no idea...

"Does it really matter...?" he replied in mock indifference.

Truth was, he was excited. Mutants. Real mutants. 5 of them too.

"Well?" continued Gen. "What are you guys going to do...?"

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