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[color=green][font=times new roman][b]I don't know if this is going to work, but I will try anyway. I just had the idea of having a few people posting how their day has gone, you can exaggerate reality. But not to outrageous!

You can post what you were thinking in your mind and then actually act it out here in the thread. You know, how you think "Ah, I hate that girl/boy. I just want to beat them upside the head.."and you don't usually do anything about it. Well, do something about it here.

Basically, you're acting out your day to day life. Eventually, whenever I decide, everyone's life will link together (in the thread) and we might team up or something. Maybe(in the thread) we can interact eachother through the internet and decide that we will all meet eachother and do something. I have not a clue on what we'll do when we "meet" eachother.

Be comical, angry, sad, happy, seductive, or whatever your bag is. Just be yourself..

Here's what I want as a sign up..

Name: (<-You can use your real FIRST name*no last names if you don't want*, or if you do not wish for anyone to know your name, use a nick name)

Age: (must be actual age)


Occupation: (if you are a student, state so. If you are out of school and have a job, state so.)

Appearance: (try to be honest)

Personality/Attitude: (try to be honest)

Short Biography: (include the state you live in)

I will post mine after I see how this goes. I want, aside from myself, 5 people.

I will also ask for people to keep in mind that this is a recruitment, not a chat room. So please keep clear of spamming. If you have questions, pm me.

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Name: Lavender (Lavi)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student (11th Grade)

Appearance: Long brown hair to elbows, which is usually tangled and worn in a ponytail. Brown eyes, and very pale skin. Usually wears oversized T-shirts and jeans, with slip on sneakers.

Personality/Attitude: A person who hates the world, and often uses anime and fantasy as an escape method. She's shy to ousiders, but people who know her can hardly get her to shut up. She seems ver cheery to most, but her truest friends know that she gets really depressed at times. Has a terrible self image, and virtually no confidence at all. Yet somehow she manages to keep up a cheery front 23 hours a day.

Short Biography: A girl who grew up in the busy city world. New York, the Capital of the World. She lives with her mother and small dog on an Upper West Side one-bedroom apartment, and resents the lack of space. On the bright side, NYC offers much freedom, and she uses that to its fullest.
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Name: Teri

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student (8th)

Appearance: clicky on the attachment for dat and sorry how bad
the piccy is!

Personality/Attitude: Umm i'm really sarcastic, queen of the one-

Short Biography: Ok well ummm i grew up in a big city, i live in
Ohio and i'm an extreme computer nerd...there
that's wat you wanted to no right??
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[color=green][font=times new roman][b]Yeah, that's fine. Just when I start this thread, please watch your grammar and spelling as best as you can.

My Name: Annalisse "Annie"

My Age: 18

My Gender: Female

My Occ: Senior in high school(12th grade)

My Appearance: sloppy, no I am kidding. Um, I am 5'2" short, 115-20lbs, died black hair(natural is dark brown) that is layered and goes down between my shoulder blades, brown eyes, light mocha skin(I'm part Italian). I don't really have a "style", I look punk/metal, then sometimes I will just feel the need to look pretty.

Personality/Attitude: Funny, witty, sweet, understanding, a bit controling, bitchy, aggressive, mature. I am a great advice giver, all of my friends always come to me for help and it usually helps. I am kinda bipolar, so one minute I will be a bitch and then the next I will be extremely hyper and bubbly. Everything just depends on my mood. I am bisexual, and my attitude is if you don't like me, then tough, because I really don't care. Just because I am open with myself doesn't mean I am a normal person....well, who's normal anyhow? Hahaha...

Biography: I was born in California, raised in Oklahoma, now living in New York*growls*. I really don't like this state, but oh well. I go to a ghetto school, I am in the Navy Junior ROTC and I have lots of friends. I am in the Air National Guard and plan to move somewhere back south or southwest. I was a Junior Fire Fighter back home and I plan to be a Fire Marshall. Hmm, what else do you want to know?....[/color][/font][/b]
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[B]Name:[/B] Clank

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Occupation:[/B] Game Tester for Atlus USA, but since I might be laid off i'll go with my former job.....Texaco Cashier!

[B]Appearance:[/B] Alright now...I stand around 6'0'', I weigh a measley 169 lbs. I have the "cliched'' shaggy skater hair, I have blue eyes that you can practically see in complete darkness. I am white, not pasty white, but I have a slight lack of tan. I guess my style is 'skater'...Well..Uh..I do skate, but thats besides the point!

[B]Personality/Attitude:[/B] Well mannered (At times), A complete jerk to everyone I dont know. I cant stand sarcasm, or rude people. I talk quite alot, especially to myself. But not like a crazy person! I just seem to say some one-liners to myself, or disagree with myself.

[B]Short Biography:[/B] Born in a tiny town in Georgia. Moved to Colorado at the tender age of 3, moved again to Kansas at the late age of 13, lived there since. I went to highschool, graduated (Barely!) Been mooching off of my parents since!...A year...But I do make my own money, mind you! Plan on getting a job with a gaming magazine....Well..Hoping to plan on getting a job with a gaming magazine!
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Guest Skyechild91
Name: Stef or Storm, which ever.

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student (homeschooled, 7th grade)

Appearance: Two inches past the shoulder auburn hair w/ yellow sunbleached streaks, hazel eyes, high cheek bones, round (slightly) face (odd combo, I know), mid-thigh shirt (type you wear over a bathing suit) w/ black stretch tank top under, tan capris, blue flip flops, silver ring on left pinky, 5'6", 135 lbs.

Personality/Attitude: Perky, sometimes shy, sweet, funny, stubborn,, think Spike from Buffy( IOW, big and strong till I have to hurt someone, then I run away*usually*)

Short Biography: Loved Britney Spears from the age of nine, has all three of her CD?s, has lived in two states, visited three- Georgia(current) Florida(lived), and South Carolina.

How more brief can it get?
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what the Hell, Ill join. I join everything with you 2, your a cool couple hehehe... and yes Im aloud to say that since your older than me.

name: Kyo

age: 12

gender: male

occupation: student

appearance: black fuzzy hair, blue shirt, silver pants, 4'11", glasses

bio: kind of a dork, picked on a lot, ultra deadly, doesnt believe in violence or swearing, wants to kill people. (so me)
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[b]Name:[/b] Corey

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Occupation:[/b] Student (11th)

[b]Appearance:[/b] Attachment.

[b]Personality/Attitude:[/b] A procrastinator by nature. Can be funny when I want to. Usually is rather social, but will just as willingly keep to myself.

[b]Short Biography:[/b] I was born. I lived. I'm still living and hope to be doing so for quite sometime.
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Name: Stefan/ Stef [I](Stef- on)[/I]

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Occupation: Sound Engineer/ Actoor!;)

Appearance: Attachment. Big Boi coming through

Personality/Attitude: Hmmm.... Well I'm one of the funnyest people I know and thats saying alot. I'm like the incredible hulk when I get mad, I vent at any and everyone around me I'm a hard worker. and thats me in a nut shell. oh and wait I'm one of the nicest people you'll meet.

Short Biography: I was born in Newark, NJ. Moved to Daytona in Florida when I was four moved to boston when I was six moved back to Newark when I was about eight stayed there until I got a bit out of control when I was a sophmore and my moms shiped me to Chicago. My dad sent me back that summer and here I've been. I'm the resident sound engineer for a theater company. I aslo moonlight as an actor at the same company.
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Can I still join? I'll post my sign-up anyway, just in case.

Name: my friends just call me Kuri... or Amanda *shudder*

Age: 14

Gender: female

Occupation: student (9th grade)

Appearance: ocean blue eyes; shoulder-length brown hair with gold/caramel highlights, usually curly/wavy, I have bangs but I usually pin them back 'cause they bug me, most of the time I just wear a ponytail; 5'5", curvy; I wear really boring clothes. Sometimes I dress kinda punk-ish or goth-ish.

Personality/Attitude: I usually act really hyper and outgoing. I have a lot of friends. I act really crazy and sadistic, and I scare people. I don't like people. Except for my friends. But I scare them too. When I'm around strange people, I'm usually quiet and dark...

Short Biography: I've lived in boring old Michigan my whole life, with my parents and my annoying 9-year-old brother. My life is as normal as an anime obsessed freak's can be. I don't like most of the people at my high school, but most of my teachers are pretty cool.
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ok, I've got today off school and nothing better to do... so...

Name: Jacob

age: 13 (summer B-day...grrr)

Gender: male

Occupation: student/ 8th grade

Appearance: why should I tell you? ok, fine... 5'9'', blue/green eyes (thats what my mom says, but I don't see the green in them...) sloppy brown hair (like it when it's short cause it's easier to deal with) glasses (laugh all ya want:evil3: ) I usualy wear whatever's in my closet at the time.

Personality: uhhhh... I guess I'm pretty funny. Obviously a computer nerd... well I wouldn't say [I]nerd[/I], but... ya ok, I'm a nerd... I can be pretty quiet sometimes............................................................................................................... see?

BIO: gees.. having to do my own bio... well, I born in Texas, and I'm sure if we had stayed there I would have fit in, but when I was in second grade we moved here... Missouri. St. Louis to be exact. I met this guy named Matt (viper0529!!) in 3rd grade, and we've been best friends ever since! Well, he's recently moved to Pittsburhg (sp?) and now all my friends are pretty much losers, like me. Anyway, one of my friends told me about TheOtaku.com and from there I found OB! even though my mom doesn't know I registered...

Well how was that? well I guess it can't be bad if we're just doing it on ourselves... whatever.
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Age: 15
Occupation: student at HCHS, TN.
Appearance: I am kinda tall about 5'4 or 5'5 I have brown (really) short hair that I like to spike I dress a bit out of the ordinary and I have a black heart printed on my stomach.

Personality/Attitude:I am known to be out spoken I can tell a guy I like them to there face or tell people what I think about them and not think on it ever. I have been known to get stressed way to much and I am slowly letting that ease up.
Short Biography: My parents split up 4 years ago, I have a step dad that is....a step dad,my cousin is constantly trying to ruren my life with stupid crap like my dad leaving me, I like to be depressed and that creates a problem for my mom and others, Every boyfriend I have ever cared for dumpped mr in a week. We move alot my family and I this is the longest I have ever stayed in one place.
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