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Tokyo Pop


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I know what you are all thinking... and no Im not talking about that Tokyo Pop, but a different one entirely...
I was at Sam Goody, cuz its closing and I was looking at the random videos and this one popped out at me. Its title,, you guessed it Tokyo Pop.
Its this movie from 1988, staring Carrie Hamiton from the Fame tv series, and this j-pop guy named Yutaka Tadokoro. It's a really cute movie about J-pop and making it big in Japan.
I also found out that X Japan made a cameo in it....

Has anyone else heard of it? I know its a long shot, but who knows....

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[i][color=lightpink]OMG! This sounds so interesting now! Now I want to see it. ^^; I know I'm strange but...it sounds interesting as all ever and X Japan makes a cameo in it. Then I'm all in for seeing it!!! I seem obsessed don't i?[/color][/i]
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