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Life Changing Concerts!


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Well, I really have never seen a thread made about concerts yet, so I guess I will start one.

In about a week (Nov. 5th) I will be going to see my all-time favourite band, live in San Fransico. A while ago I decided that I didn't want to die until I saw this band live, and now unless something hapens to me before Nov. 5th, I will have my dream. As some may know this band is ZAO; they're a hardcore band that's been around since 1995. They have broken up no less than two times and for a while I was afraid I would never be able to see them, but as it came to pass I will be (and I've been peeing my pants in excitment).

Anway, although the show would be amazing if just ZAO was there, it gets better. ZAO is to be accompanied by the bands: Further Seems Forever, Beloved, and Armour For Sleep. I'm not really sure what to expect with Armour For Sleep, and I've seen Beloved before, but the fact that Futher Seems Forever and ZAO will be playing together makes this certainly, a life-changing concerts. For those who don't know who FSF is, it was the former band of Chris Caraba (Dashboard Confessional:bawl: ), but they are a much better band than DC (especially without him:D ). So, Not only am I going to see the greatest hardcore band, I am also getting to see one of the best "emo" (take that term as you want)
bands currently out there.

Anyway, I'm pretty exited but I haven't been yet, so I can't share the great experience that it is going to be, which is really the point of this thread. I want to hear about other OBers, life-changing concert experiences. Hopefully this will be a bit more successfull than my other threads started about music.

As long as people seem to care about this thread, I will post how the show went for me, unless of course, I die...
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Sounds cool. I have a similiar story, I suppose. A concert that has yet to be, about a week after yours.

A few things make it a big deal... Firstly, I get to see my favorite punk band ever. One of my favorite bands ever. Secondly, they've been broken up for about two years now. They're not getting back together, but apparently they all agreed to do a show for some independent station. Thirdly, I've never seen these guys live before. Nothing ever worked out and due to the fact that no one I knew at the time cared about them, I didn't even find out about the breakup until well after the fact.

So I'm ready for the greatest ******* show of my life. They're playing with 4 other local Chicago bands (including the Bollweevils, which is a big deal in and of itself). Only $12. Yay!
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Semjaza, what other bands are playing there and where will it be? I think my friends are going and got me a ticket... They just lay these things on me randomly, so I don't really know but it sounds familiar, maybe they talked about it a few weeks ago...
I had two concerts that could fit into this category.
One was the summer of 2001, I think, when I saw Green Day with Blink 182. It was only my second real music concert, and I went to it with one of my best friends who barely knew any of the songs but pretended she did. It was at a pretty big venue, my first experience in a big wide-open one and the music was great, of course... Blink 182 were terrible, they only played about 15 minutes, but Green Day were hilarious and played a great concert and stayed on about an hour or more. Just a lot of great memories from that one.
The other one was the Radiohead concert a few months ago. It was beautiful, and that's all there is to it. A band that writes and plays perfect songs, a great atomsphere that only Radiohead-esque type concerty people can induce, music under the open night sky...
I only bought tickets the same day because my brother came to visit from out of town and he was like oh sure I'll take you so he was my ticket in. A self-made Radiohead shirt and a three hour
drive later, we arrived at Alpine Valley and parked in the huge lawn. I basically ran downhill on the lawn until the force of my acceleration could have knocked out an army and snagged front row. There I met 15 or so not-so-straight-guys and I, to my brother's discomfort, joined them. It was amazing... we held hands and hugged and screamed out every word the entire time. I practically cried when they played "Fake Plastic Trees"...
Well I've probably bored you all so I'll shut up now.
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Yes, I have finally created a slightly successful music thread!

Anyhoo, despite my chunk-blowing every forty minutes on tuesday, I still found enough strength the next day ride four hours to San Fransico to watch my favourite band. But alas, we arrive and hear something about two of ZAO's band members (Russ and Jesse) having to be hospitalozed due to bronchitis and asthma. So they didn't come. Now, I feel bad for them and probably would have had more sympathy, but this is not the first time they cancelled on me, so I'm pretty upset at them currentely.

As for the other bands at the show (Armor for Sleep, Beloved, and Further Seems Forever), FSF was by far the best performance. I was thoroughly impressed by their show, and they even perfomed a cover of a Bjork song they made for a tribute album. I'm pretty sure it was called [i]Pagan's Prayer[/i] (correct me if I'm wrong; I don't consider myself a Bjork buff.) Well, whatever it was called their cover turned out incredible.

So, even though I was pretty bummed, it still turned out to be a pretty awesome night. Although I don't think I could quite call it life-changing.
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My first ever concert was Depeche Mode. I was so far away, he was just this tiny little spec of swivling hips, but it was a great performance, really. It was for the Exciter tour and they sung a lot of variety, not just new stuff (I hate it when bands do that >_<).

My second concert was to Jagures, which has to be my absolute favorite Spanish Rock band. It was in a much smaller place, the Bilboard here on South Beach and it was an excellent show, when the drummer got up to sing "El Miercoles de Cenizas" a song that they never play live it was just awesome. The first half of the show was all acoustic and then for the second half, everyone thought they were leaving, but they came back and started to play all the harder music ^_^.

On the 15th I want to go to to Lo Maximo De La Musica tour, it's a whole mess of Spanish Bands including Molotov and El Gran Silencio which are awesome bands. I'm all excited and stuff, I can't wait ^_^
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