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RPG Transformers: The Last Campaign


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[Color=#707875][Size=1]Again guys I'm sorry for not having this done until now

[I]Maverick sat looking over the wrecked and ravaged surface of planet Cybertron, he knew he'd been right when he said that they should have found somewhere else to live but to be truthful there had been nowhere else to go apart from Cybertron. In truth their homeworld was probably gone now, destroyed and ingested by their enemy to keep his fowl life force flowing. By Primus would Maverick have liked to be able to stop him before he could kill again, but such things were only hopes and they played very little part in life at the moment. Turning to his lieutenant he asked whether or not any Transformers had been sighted in the area, he knew that if they realised they were there every Minicon would become slaves to a new master, the Decepticons or the Autobots.[/i]

[b]Maverick:[/b] Soldier, I'm going to scout the area for any activity you're in command until then is that affirmative.

[b]Lieutenant:[/b] Sir, yes sir

[I]Turning their backs to one another Maverick transformed and flew off to scout the perimeter, he knew in his chips that there was someone out there and he was going to find them if it took him all day. Flying high above the atmosphereless planet Maverick used his scanners to detect if there was anyone in the perimeter, he could sense it, but he just couldn't put his finger on it. Suddenly without warning a shot echoed off the side of Maverick's wing, he was hit and hit bad, he could fly and was going down in a nose dive.[/I]

[b]Ultra Magnus:[/b] TRANSFORM !!!

[I]Those were the last words Maverick heard before falling unconscious, he knew he'd been captured he just hoped that he could find his way out of trouble like he used to back when he was younger.[/I]


[I]Ultra Magnus sat back down on the ground with the Minicon in his hand. He'd thought it was a Decepticon by the way it transformed, but he'd been known to be wrong before, he decided to take the Minicon back to Autobot Headquarters to meet with Optimus and Sparkplug. He knew that if Sparkplug saw the Minicon, chances are he'd know who he was and whether or not he was a spy and they could then figure out what to do. Transforming once again into Vehicle Mode Ultra Magnus headed for Autobot headquarters and to find out some answers for himself.

Crossing through the sectors of Cybertron by yourself was not a good idea as most Decepticons would take the opportunity to blast you into scrap metal, but Ultra Magnus wasn't scared in fact it was the Decepticons who should be afraid. Ultra Magnus was the third in command in the Autobots and had long years of battle experience if push came to shove he could fight and win with little difficulty.

Arriving outside Autobot Headquarters Ultra Magnus transformed into Robot mode and entered, he walked down the corridors and into Optimus Primes command centre, Optimus was seated looking over data schematics and consulted his soldiers in the field. Ultra Magnus noticed that Sparkplug was beside Optimus and the two were in discussion. Optimus looked up and noticed Ultra Magnus with the Minicon in his hand.[/I]

[b]Optimus Prime:[/b] What have you got there Ultra Magnus ?

[b]Ultra Magnus:[/b] It's a Minicon I accidentally shot down while on recon near that crash site of that ship the Minicons arrived on.

[b]Optimus Prime:[/b] Sparkplug, do you recognise this Minicon ?

[I]Peering over Optimus's arm Sparkplug looked at the damaged Minicon and let out a surprised yelp[/I]

[b]Sparkplug:[/b] Optimus this is Maverick, a member of the Minicon high council, he is the one who would not join the Autobots or the Decepticons as he sees you as but slave masters. He has taken charge of some Minicons who share his beliefs but without him I fear that they will not survive against Decepticon attacks. Will he survive ?

[b]Optimus Prime:[/b] I don't know, his wounds are pretty severe and I think he's lost some fluid, we'd better get him straight to the Medical Bay if he's to survive.

[b]Ultra Magnus:[/b] Sir, I'm very sorry for what happened and if there is anything I can do to rectify what I have done, just say so.........

[b]Optimus Prime:[/b] You were doing your job there's nothing to apologise to me for, come on down to the Medical Bay and ask Red Alert and Preceptor if you can do something for them.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]A red and white blur past the Autobot's defense postion in the eastern quadrent of Cybertron, one of the areas where most of the combat took place because of it's energy sources. The Autobot on watch just thought it was his Optic Sensors malfuctioning and ignored it, this was his first mistake, his second would soon come. Starscream slowed down and made a 'U' turn and headed back to the Autobot postion, upon approach he began his transformation.

"Starscream, TRANSFORM!" In a quick flash of twisting and bending metal the jet had become the form of the former Decepticon Second-in-Command and the young Autobot just looked at him and reached for his gun. "Pathetic fool!," Starscream yelled out, "Swindle, Transform and Combine!". Out of no where a red sports car came racing toward Starscream and linked to his back bosters causing them to flip into the firing postion.

"Say hello to Primus for me, Autobot slag," Starcream taunted, "Null Laser Cannon fire!". In a flash of purple energy the Autobot and his defensive postion where wiped of the face of postion. Laughing manicly Starscream transformed again and took off to search for more prey.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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