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[i] WARNING - this RPG contains spoilers about the Matrix reloaded, it possibly contains spoilers referring to Revolutions as well. If you do not want to know some pivotal points that happen in Reloaded, do not read any further.[/i]


Neo had done it, despite the machines best efforts, their systematic anomaly broke their cycle of death and rebirth, and was now their worst nightmare. Neo had freed the minds of many people who, like Neo, possess that systematic anomaly, to be the one.

The machines never stopped it, their logic failing, they could not foresee that their systematic anomaly would continue to function in the post - Neo Matrix. And with no one having he possible powers to take on the One, let alone thousands of "them", the machines were ready to face defeat.

But then, agent Smith was brought up in their minds, and they remembered that Smith had once tried to download himself into Neo, and that Neo had got a part of Smith's coding, so the machines logic thought and pondered, until it realized that Smith also now possessed a part of Neo.

Smith, a renegade program, had become the machines last hope for the salvation of the Matrix, but could he be convinced to take up the role of agent of the system again? Smith by all means was now a renegade program, a virus that the machines would have so loved to destroy only in the yesterday, but now, they needed him, and they needed to convince Smith that he needed the Matrix.


_ in his RPG, you choose to play as either, a person gifted with "the one's" powers, or as an Agent smith clone. I will not play the part of Neo or the original Agent Smith, but they are playable characters if anyone wants to play as them. The only difference between the Smith clones in he Burly brawl matrix reloaded scene are that theses Smith clones retain their personalities.

sign up is as follows.

[b]Allegiance:[/b] [either "Neo-empowered" or Agent Smith clone]

here's mine

[b]Name:[/b] Lazarus "Lez" MC Callor
[b] Allegiance:[/b] Neo-Empowered.
[b] Weapon:[/b]one of those big laser cannon's Tank uses to incinerate cypher with in the first movie
[b]Position[/b] Operator
[b] Bio:[/b] Lez is an Operator for the Ship "Lamentator" He is one of the few Neo Clones that have actually gone on to face one, or many of the Smith Clones. Lez is one of the most skilled operators in the known Outer world, although sometimes cranky, he does what is best for the team and is not afraid to lay his life down for the sake of Zion, or his crew. [/spoiler][/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue]I wanna see the Third Movie!

[b]Name:[/b]Hikari "Kari" Salima
[b]Weapons:[/b]She carries a glaive as a memory that may be revealed in the RP.She has 2 automatic guns in holsters under her jacket near her arms,a small gun in her shoes.
[b]Position:[/b]Matrix Traveller(I dunno what it's called.Just a normal fighter)and is a good hacker.
[b]Bio:[/b]Kari has been a computer whiz since she was young.She was always hacking into sites that caused trouble.She never used her hacking for bad....As she got older she started to stray from the straight path now and then but mainly stayed straight.When she was old enough and discovered it,she joined the crew of the "Lamentator".She soon became fast friends with the operator,Lez and a fellow hacker,Death Pulse.Soon enough Death Pulse and herself were hacking with each other and developed a slight bond.Then a year or so ago she started to travel to the Matrix.She helped a lot of people and soon realised that she would do anything for innocents,Zion and the crew.Including risking her life.[/COLOR]
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Name: Agent Smith

Allegiance: Smith Clones

Weapons: whatever he pulls out of the information base and a
broadly extensive array of martial arts styles and kata's.

Position: Renegade Program/Virus

Bio: The leader of the trio of agents that include Brown and Jones, Smith has a hatred for human life and sees the human race as a virus. Smith makes a deal with Cypher in order to get to Morpheus. After Morpheus is in his custody, he attempts to get codes to the Zion Mainframe, hoping that the destruction of Zion would mean that he would no longer have to be a part of the Matrix. Smith kills Neo after his rescue of Morpheus, but Neo rises again as the One and destroys Smith. He is then supposed to return to the source to be deleted, but in a phenomenon resulting from Neo's jump into Smith's body having something to do with their code getting mixed, Smith no longer felt the need to obey orders. He now multiplies as a virus, taking over more and more hosts inside the Matrix, with one purpose in mind: To destroy Neo. One of his host bodies was that of the rebel Bane, who he sent back into the real world with Smith's mind.
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Name:Lillix Sanderson
Allegiance: Neo-empowered
Weapon: Sias&Handgun
Position:Matrix fighter/travler (do they have a name?)
Bio: She is a bit quick to do things especially in a fight and can be depended on. She can get out of tight situations and never worry about a thing.When she began to enter the matrix she got the hang of it and was an excelent fighter but some find it hard to trust her. She can hack and she holds keys but most of the programs have been lost or locked for some time.
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