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RPG Final Fantasy X: Our Way


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OOC: Don't forget, starting after this post,
the story goes however we want it to go..

I was walking down a narrown path,
when hundreds of peolple stood infront of me.
They were pulling my shirt, calling my name
and everything. The only thing I could say was
" Hey, I need to get to my game!" I walked into
a huge pitch black sphere.

Suddenly, blinding lights turned
on and enormous tanks shot out water
and the spere filled up.BLITZBALL TIME!

Our team, the Zanakand Abes were winning,
and we were pounding those guys. I was in the middle of preforming my special move when
big blasts of something came at me. I ran outside to see what was going on, when I found my old friend Auron. We ran along the streets, destroyin endless monsters and then found a huge squid-like sinspawn. We found it and destroyed it.

Just then, we saw sin and it swallowed us up, sending us into a huge time portal....
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The light shown bright in my face, as i opened the doors and stepped out of the temple of Besaid. I took a step, and then collapsed on the ground. All that time praying in the temple had took it's toll, but i had recieved the Aeon.
Kimarhi rushed over to me and helped me onto my feet. "are you ok?"
"I'm fine," I said as i stood, and surveyed the beutiful landscape of the island. I took a breath, and walked down the steps of the temple.
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Kimahri ran to Yuna as she stumbled.
'Yuna..is she..ok?' he thought. Kimahri was still getting used to speaking fluently. He didn't know too many words.
'Yes. I'm fine Kimahri. Thankyou.' she replied, trying to force a smile. It was plain to see that she had a lot of energy taken from her whilst praying.
Kimahri didn't trust her. Yuna was strong, yes, but she was only about 16 Summers old. She was a fluent white-liar.
He stayed by her as they slowly walked down the steps.
He guarded her even as she slept. There were rumours of the Al Behd thieves running about. Not that they'd try to reach this island.
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Lulu stood to the side, watching Kimahri support Yuna from the temple. "Ah, good. She got the Aeon." she thought, suddenly feeling a pang, as if somethng had happened. She blinked and looked around. "I wonder what that was..." she said, walking over to check on Yuna herself.
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Kimahri woke with a start the next morning. The morning after Yuna had become a fully fledged summoner. Today she had to show the villagers that she could summon the Aeon, Valefor. Afterwards, they'd pack and head for Kilika as soon as possible.
[i]Nothing can happen to Yuna, Kimahri will protect her until he dies doing so. Something felt wrong for Kimahri the day before today. We must leave the island soon. We head for Gagazet. Yuna can be safe there.[/i] he thought.
'Yuna,' he spoke soflty, shaking her from her sleep, 'Wake up. Yuna must show....people her...summonning power.'
She woke dreamy eyed and happy, 'You mean the Aeon? Oh, of course.'
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Yuna awoke and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She got up, and headed for the village square. The little kids began to gather round her. They wanted to see the aeon, and cheered her as she walked past. "she will save us," an old man said as she took her place in the middle of the square.
"I'm kinda nervous," Yuna thought to herself. She took a big breath to calm herself. She looked over to Lulu, and Kimahri who both nodded.
She began the dance...
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Kimahri watched in wonder and awe as Yuna began to dance the summonning. He had only ever seen one other human summon like this. It had been Yuna's father, who had brought the world the Calm. But Sin was back, and someone had to stop it.
'Kimahri knows he... is not to speak of it, but Yuna...she does know what will happen???' Kimahri whispered low into Lulu's ear.

OOC: TAG Bremma/Duorocks17
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A lonely figure sat in his mansion only dreaming of the day where everything would fall into plan. as he sits on a tall grey figure walks into the room lightly knocking on the door.

Guado servant: Maester Seymore. Are you ready to go sir?

Seymore: Is it time to leave already?

GS: Why yes sir. The ship will be departing soon and we must leave immediately if we are to make it on time to the Blitzball Tournament in Luca.

Seymore: Oh yes. It is about that time again. Well, this should be one heck of a year. I cant wait to see who wins.

GS: Well not only that sir but we are expecting a good turn out of people there as well and you know that many can't wait to meet you.

Seymore: Okay then, let us go. But there is one particularlly I am waiting to see.

GS: Who is that sir?

Seymore:*sighs* Why should I get my hopes up. She may not even show up. Oh well, but don't worry. You will know when you see her.

With those last words, the two Guado men left the room. On across Spira. On to watch Blitzball.[/COLOR]

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"Not yet, I do not think.." she said softly back, watching Yuna's beautiful dance. "But in time, she will learn, hopefully on her own." Lulu said, crossing her arms and watching the Sending. "Khimari, ealrier, back on Besaid, I felt something... did you happen to noitce?"
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Guadosalam, a quiet yet dark place. But all so peaceful. My home my people. How I will miss them.[/I]

Seymore left out of his home with those thoughts on his mind as he looked back over the town. In the process her gathered up the members of the Guado Blitzball team giving them encouraging words before their long journey to Luca. Well by boat it only took a day but in the process they had to make it to the Moonflow. Another peaceful place which Seymore loved to freguent to.

the group finally left Guadosalam, and gave praise to Yevon before leaving. As the walked out of the eloquent entrance to Guadosalam, Seymore heard a voice following him. A familar voice that hadn't left him yet.

[I]Son, son.....[/I]

Seymore shook the voice off, knowing that it was just the Farplane's proximity playing with his head. Besides, his father was gone. To the Farplane like all the others are. No where to be seen or heard except in their heads and hearts.

As they approached the Moonflow, pyreflies began to rise from the water's edge. They danced among the water lilies and along the banks, as trying to hypnotise their visitor. Standing there, Seymore just looked out, imagining the one of his dreams, knowing soon they will meet.[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Bremma [/i]
[B]"Not yet, I do not think.." she said softly back, watching Yuna's beautiful dance. "But in time, she will learn, hopefully on her own." Lulu said, crossing her arms and watching the Sending. "Khimari, ealrier, back on Besaid, I felt something... did you happen to noitce?" [/B][/QUOTE]

'Mmm...Kimahri notice many things. This thing you mention...it felt strange you say?'
'Yes, a strange feeling swept over me I-'
'Mmm...yes, Kimahri remember feeling strange when Yuna come out of the Chamber of Fayth'
While Lulu stared at Yuna's wonderful dance, Kimahri was thinking, gazing at the morning sky.
All of a sudden he lurched, a wave of pain swept through him, starting at the tip of his broken horn.
He saw Yuna falter in her dance steps, and Lulu stumbled as she rushed to try and lift Kimahri.
What was happening?
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Yuna finished her dance, and the children of the city swept over her. The crowded around her, all giving her praise for her beutiful dance, and the beutiful aeon that came, but had thence went back up to heaven. Yuna smiled at the children and then headed over to Kimahri and Lulu.
"Well?" She asked. "How did I do?"
"You did very well," Lulu replied as she looked warily at Kimahri. Kimahri nodded to her.
"What's going on?" Yuna asked as she looked at them quizically.
"Nothing." Kimahri said as Yuna looked up to him. She could usually tell how he was feeling. She had known him for a long time.
"Come on, Kimahri, what's..."
"Summoner Yuna! Summoner Yuna!" I man came running down the street, very much out of breath. "Sin has attacked another city! Please, will you come and do the summoning?"
"Of course." Yuna said as she looked at her guardians. "Let's go."
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The shoopuf trip was going good so far as they began to go across the Moonflow. Seymore barely spoke he whole trip and just kept his eyes closed as they crossed.

GS: Measter is there a problem, you're so quiet.

Seymore: No, no I'm fine. I'm just relaxing, if I may say that.

GS: *laughs* Of course you may say that, Besides the trip ahead of us will be very long and costly but as soon as we cross the Moonflow we will go to the coat and take a boat from there to Luca.

Seymore: But going by boat. Don't you think we may have a bit of trouble. It seems the Sin sitings have gotten more and more frequent.

GS: Well sir that is true but I wouldn't like to think about that. And not to bring any more bad news but it seems that Sin has attacked the town of Kilika.

Seymore: *looking stunned and quickly say up* How long has this been?

GS: Just this morning sir. As soon as we left from Guadosalam as I'd think. The messenger birds have been spreading news all over Spira.

Seymore: Well sir if you don't mind I'd like to deviate there for just a few hours I wish to see my people, the people who look up to me!

GS: Well sir that may not--

Seymore: No buts, we leave immediately.
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Wakka dragged an unconcious boy out of the water. The outfit the boy was wearing resembled a bliltzbaall uniform, but not one that Wakka reconized. Wakka nugged the boys cheeks with his fist until the boy woke. When the boy jumped up starteled Wakka wasn't sure what to do. "Are ya alright man?" Wakka asked.
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Seymore and his group made it closer to the coast, the Moonflow, although coveed with pyreflies inland Barely showed any signs of them closer to the coast. But seymore didn't mind. He enjoyed a change in scenery. As he looked out he waited to see the ocean.

GS: Maester, we have food down below if you are hunrgy.

Seymore: Thanks, but I'm not hunrgy for now. I'll be down later.

GS: but sir you have not eaten much all day. Please come down.

Seymore: I said later okay. There are many thing I must think over before I lock myself up for the night okay. Now be gone.

The servant headed down below leave Seymore again alone with his thoughts. Soon he thought of nature and its ties with man-kind. He thought of the possiblities and how it would feel to share, truly share in the cycle of life.

Soon his thoughts were broken as the sea came into view. A beautiful sunset loome on the horizons and he waited patiently for the day to end.[/COLOR]
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"Oh no!" Yuna said as she started to follow the servant from the village. "We forgot Wakka!" Yuna said as she turned around and ran toward the village.
"Yuna, wait!" Lulu yelled after her, and Kimarhi started to follow her. "Don't worry, she'll be back," Lulu said to the servant as she stood and watched her ran away. "Wakka, you always make us late for something," she said to herself.
Yuna ran into the city, and saw the other members of the Besaid Blitzball team. "Where's Wakka?" she asked, out of breath, Kimarhi right behind her.
"He was like, down by the ocean." one said.
"Thank you," Yuna said as she ran for the road that lead to the river. As she got to the road she stopped. There in front of her was Wakka, and a young man she had never seen before. Kimarhi came up behind her, and his face became stern.
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[i]Hmph. Unknown men not permitted near lady Yuna. Kimahri does not like this. Kimahri must protect Yuna.[/i] he thought as Wakka and the strange new face walked towards them.
'Yuna must be careful...many assasin traitor Al Behd around...'
'I know Kimahri. This man seems interesting though.'
[i]He can hardly be called a man...[/i]
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The sun slwoly set in the background, and Seymore continued to look out as the made it closer to the coast. They were about 10 miles away now, but he knew they would unker down inland so that they can use the daylight as their friend when it came. thepeople didn't too much like to ravel at night for belief that was when the Al Bhed was most active.

In fact many people didn't 5trust the Al Bhed, but Seymore had no worry of them. He was friendly with many of their ambassadors. And didn't mind their machina, as they called it. Although it was sworn to never be used by Yevon followers.

The sun had finally set, and the few pyreflies left shined more amd more brightly.Showing off their true splendor. Before he could get setlled on deck. A servant came out.

GS: Sir we are getting ready to stop for the night, and I have brought you some food sir. Enjoy and be ready to come down later you must rest.

Seymore: Thank you, and I will.Now please leave me. I will be fine.

Again the servant left Seymore to himself. Again he went back into thaought but it was more so on the night sky and he soon found himself picking on th few items brought to him to eat. [/COLOR]
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OOC: Is it just me, or is this a three person rpg? N/E who i want to keep this going, so here i go!

"I'm Yuna," Yuna said as she outstreached her hand.
"Tidus", he said as they shook.
Kimarhi stepped over and broke them apart.
"Yuna....summoning" he said as he looked at her.
"Oh yeah. Come on Wakka! We've got to go, another village has been attack by Sin. Lulu is waiting!" she said looking at Wakka. "Oh, and you can come too." she said as she looked at Tidus with a smile.
Yuna ran back in the direction of Lulu, with everyone following, Kimarhi making sure he was inbetween the two.
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I was wondering what was up with Kamari. I just met the most beautiful girl of my life, and here, a mere animal pulls me away.
Wakka told me earlier that she was the nicest summoner ever. I had no doubt. I followed the group, while people just handed out items for luck. Half the time, I forgot to say thankyou!
Next time I see her, Yuna, I will make sure she remembers me forever. I wonder what happened to Rikku.. Who knows.
As I was walking, a huge monster attacked! "What could it be"
I thought. This was it. Time to see Yuna in action!
Wait! Where is everybody!!!......
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