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Sign Up what is this? a ZELDA RPG? [12 and up (language, and violance)]


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The four Oracles, Din, the Oracle of Seasons, Nayru, the Oracle of Ages, Link, the Oracle of Courage, and Melfina, the Oracle of Dreams, have banned together to stop their new enemy, Verendry (ver-end-drE), the fifth Oracle, the Oracle of Shame, (Link's female twin), and destroy her. they travel to the Realm of Shadow (the one in Link to the Past (It comes back!)) but find themselves powerless agsainst her in her own realm, so they destroy it and she escapes to Hyrule and riecks havic. now they must destroy her before she find the sixth and seventh Oracles, the Oracl of Shadow (Kayko,the ultimate evil), and the Oracle of Light (Silla, the ultimate good), and if she uses thier power all will be lost.

sign up:

charactor (Link (M), Zelda (f), Impa (f), Ralph (m), Din (f), Nayru (f), Verendry (f), Kayko (f), or Silla (f).)
age (please be around my age if your an Oracle and way below if your a human)
special skill (i don't care just make it match you char. and if you a human like impa make it healing or swords. but impa must be healing)
boyfriend/girlfriend: (you don't have to have one)
dislikes (of the group at least one, i like conflict)
how they look (i will get an image for each.)
favorate item, (please be a REAL item.)
a nick name.
fave dungeon (can be made up)


17 and a half human years (a bit over) (when converted into Oracle years she is 176 years old)
psychic abilities (all including moving objects with mind and reading minds and stuff.)
major crush on Link.
Ralph, who has a crush on me.
image enclosed
WindWaker Wand.
StarSeas (its a space dungeon/water/planet dungeon)
please keep cheking for updates.
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I realy don't know much about the zelda games so i'll do my best.

[b]Name:[/b] Ralph
[b]Age:[/b] 15
[b]Special skills:[/b] swords
[b]boyfriend/girlfriend:[/b] none but has a crush on nayru
[b]Appearence:[/b] [URL=http://www.zelda-world.com/ImgartpersoMOT/ralph.jpg]picture[/URL]
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[color=green]If your character is 176 then why would she have a crush on a kid like Link. Besides (I'm just suggesting here) I think it'd be cool if they were like the ancestors of the oracles. Then you could at least a normal teen age. Just an idea of mine..


[b]Character:[/b] Link

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Special skill:[/b] Great with Bows 'n' Arrows.

[b]Relations:[/b] Does not like Zelda anymore but is looking.

[b]Dislikes:[/b] Impa


[b]Extra Info:[/b] Has a Deku pet that follows him everywhere. Still just a baby Deku.

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[color=green]Please lengthen the signup a bit more and request some more detail. This will not only help your RPG, as it will flesh out your characters further, but will also help get me off your back, as signups should have some measure of content here. :) See the sticky at the top of the forum for more information.

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people i have updates the sign up. please take a look and i also have anelosed another two images. please tell me which you thing i should use as my image. and also please be descriptive on your sing up.
image one: [url]http://kawaii.nl/gallery/chobits01_1024768.jpg[/url]
image two: [url]http://syaron.isp.st/chobits_note.jpg[/url]

and also include the image i had on my origanal sign-up.
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