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Sign Up CLOUD NINE [pg13=violence and possible mature themes]


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In another reality, there are two sets of humanity... the ground people, and the cloud people. However, there has been no contact between the two sections for thousands of years. While the ground people have advanced through technology, the people of the clouds have remained old-fashioned and humble. The people of the clouds are identicle to the people of the ground, but their limited resavoir of rescources has prohibited them from advancing... not that they have a problem with it. The cloud people (wich are what this story is about) sail across the skys in sometimes massive airships.. identicle to water ships, but through magical construction, able to sail the high wind currents. They make their homes on the highest reaching plateus (imagine Dun' Loireag from .hack) and trade with the airships. In the far west, there are even air-pirates. Thunder-clouds are the worst enemy to any cloud dweller. Cities, however, are not limited to mountains and plateus... using the same technique used on the airships, they can make flaoting cities.

That's all the technical stuff. Just so you know, this was all inspired by the musical peice "Cloud Nine" hence the name. Keep any magic your char. may have to a minimum.. they may have magic, but nothing like fireballs or beams of energy and the like.

Remeber, there has been no contact between the ground and the cloud people for thousands of years, so to each other, they are just myths. Though this is a story about the cloud people, if you absolutly must, you can make a ground person who somehow got to the cloud cities.

Now, I'm gonna post my character to give you an idea of what this should be like...

(Name, Age, Gender, Home City [give a description of your hometown], appearance, Personality, magic (if any, you may want to PM me to make sure it's not too extreme), BIO, weapons/skills)
Name: Niko (cloud people are diverse enough to not need last name)
Age: 15
Gender: male
Home City: Tor' Norath... A remote floating city, generaly out of the way of the trading circle. Built to be rough, the city is a network of wooden beams and platforms.. only a Tor' Norath born person could walk along the city and not become overcome with vertigo. Despite its hostile looking layout, the occupants are very friendly.
Appearance: 6'1'' and a small build. Brown, nearly black hair, green eyes (ya.. I like green eyes). Wears several layers of clothes to keep away the high altitude cold.
Personality: Perky and nice to be around, his sense of adventure and curiousity have gotten him into trouble numerous times.
Magic: he's still learning to use magic.
BIO: Born and raised in Tor' Norath, he can walk around the city as if he was on solid ground. He once knew a girl name Tellin, their two families had always wanted them to have a strong bond, and fortunatly their childish crush grew into something more.. unfortunatly she left on a trade ship to learn the business, and visits from trade ships in Tor' Norath are few and far between.
Weapons/skill: He carries a long Falchion strapped to his back, and being raised in Tor' Norath has given him exelent balance.[/color]

Get the idea? GOOD! I could use someone to be Tellin (the girl Niko used to know) a cloud pirate, and a few others... only be a ground person if simply can't resist.. I'd rather not have one.

Now get postin'! lol I hope some day you'll have the chance to listen to Cloud Nine (the song... duh) because it truly is an epic paice of music in my opinion!
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[B]Age:[/B] 15
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Home City:[/B] Tor' Norath A remote floating city, generaly out of the way of the trading circle. Built to be rough, the city is a network of wooden beams and platforms.. only a Tor' Norath born person could walk along the city and not become overcome with vertigo. Despite its hostile looking layout, the occupants are very friendly.
[B]Appearance:[/B]She's about 5'6", Long strawberry blond hair that goes to her lower back, but she pulls it back into a loose bun, some of her bangs hanging in her icy blue eyes. She wears what normal cloud people wear (i dunno!)
[B]Personalitly:[/B] She is caring and sweet
[B]Magic:[/B] She is currently learning fire magic
[B]Bio:[/B] She was born and mostly grew up in Tor' Norath. She had a really good friend named Niko. Their families wanted them to have a strong bond, but hers grew to something more than that, making her sad when she had to leave comming back everynow and then, but she wants to stay there for good. Having news to when she meets him again.
[B]Weapons/Skills:[/B] She usually caries a steel rod 2 inches thick. And her skill is in business.


Was that good? [/color][/i]
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(Name-Brandy Knots
Gender, Female(cloud person)
Home City-A small place with a lot going on
appearan-Her hair is black and eyes are green
Personality-She likes thing quiet but is the rowdy one ;)
magic-wind (like kagura on IY)
BIO-Wepon sith skill she dose well with it.....
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Name: Rugo

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Home City: A trading city that was often attacked by pirates. Other then that, a great place to live.

Appearance: 6'3, matted short brown hair, brown eyes, scar on left shoulder. Wears dark pants and dark green shirt. Cold doesn't bother him so he doesn't wear layers of clothes.

Personality: Great guy to be around unless you make him mad. Doesn't enjoy killing even though its part of the job

Magic: He has enough magic power in him to light a candle and thats about it.

BIO: When Rugo was 5 he was abducted by pirates and raised by them. He was tought all the necessities: how to kill, how to pilot a ship, how to pickpocket, how to fight, and how to out drink anyone( Rugo makes alot of money off of this one).

When he was 23, he took control of his first ship but strongly disaproves of killing and hurting. So he took the ship and started his own pirate group that would only rob rich merchants and military ships (this reminds me Skies of Arcadia, Vyse is gay though).

Now he competes with the other pirate group for riches.

Weapons/skill: Scimatar and knife
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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b][i]Name[/i]: Anya(Ah-niya) Himura
[i]Gender[/i]: Female
[i]Age[/i]: 18
[i]Race[/i]: Cloud Pirate

[i]Appearance[/i]: Short(5'2") 110lbs, charcole grey hair with light grey hilights. Pale pink, almost white, eyes, milky skin, wears red silk pants that tie with drawstring, a white, spagetti strapped tank top, brown leather jacket, brown leather boots, a brown leather bandana and a red bandana(the are underneath her hair so that you only see the bandanas on her forehead), grey fingerless gloves, and a thick, red knitted scarf.

[i]Personality[/i]: Anya is..different. She has an air of mystical presence, she's funny, witty, playful, somewhat of a clutz, a serious fighter, and when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, Anya is fierce and sometimes merciless. Well, what can I say, she's a great person to be with. Always searching for adventure and romance.

[i]Home City[/i]: Anya is from the pirate city(don't shun me, I am making this up) of Onietaro. *try to imagine the merchant city in Legend of the Dragoon*Crowded with people, always some sort of excitment, docks and ports everywhere. The city is mainly made out of wood and ropes and bridges.

[i]Weapons[/i]: Carries the usual ninja weaponry around her waist and back. Chinese throwing stars, a tanto and ninjato, numb chucks, and, her personals, a staff that has a blood red garnet orbe on the top and whip. And her deck of cards, they are powerful Anya uses them to cast spells and attack. They are called the Deck of Stars.

[i]Skills[/i]: *Note that all of these attacks are used only in desperate times*

[u]Aurora Blaze[/u]- This attack/spell is called from the power of her Deck of Stars. When summoned, a blaze of gasses and light engulf the victim and drains them of life energy and air. Can be cast with staff and cards.

[u]Stars Kisses[/u]-This spell is usually a follow-up of the Arura Blaze. When the Aurora Blaze drains the life energy from the victim, the Stars Kisses absorbs the energy and feeds it to Anya or whomever needs the energy. The gasses from the Aurora Blaze purify to usable energy and is enhaled by the person in need.

[u]Nebula's Blast[/u]-This attack/spell is a shower of light beams that inflicts an exsesive amount of damage. In a single blast, it could kill the victim. Used with cards.

[u]Galaxia of Demensions[/u]-This attack/spell is used only with Anya's staff. This is for those who are not fortunate enough to be killed instantly. Rather, they will get thrown into a dark demensia in which there is no return.

[u]Zodiac's Lash[/u]-This attack/spell is used only with Anya's whip. She calls upon the Zodiac's powers and transfers that power into the whip. When a victim is lashed, they will be sliced and diced.

Other than that, Anya knows a few little light spells and is still learning.


Anya was born to normal parents. She lived a normal life until the age of eight years old. Her parent's fell victim to a serious plague of illness and almost died herself.

But a young priestess took her to the bustling city of Onietaro and tended to her sickness. Anya lived with the young priestess for several years and was taught the ways of old. About the 5 Decks of Futures and of the legends behind them. She also learned how to fight and lived the lifestyle of the ninja. The young priestess taught her everything she knows, spells and all.

One day Anya came home to find the priestess lay dying on the floor of the temple. Anya tried to heal her, but death had his grasp. In her dying breath, the priestess empowered Anya with the Deck of Stars and all of its glory and power.

At the age of 15, Anya was a wonderer on the streets of the merchant city and was picked up by a gang of pirates. They took her under their wing and taught her the was of a pirate. Sailing the skies, searching for treasure, every minute was an adventure, Anya fell in love with the life of a pirate.[/color][/font][/b]
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Very good everyone... Inyuashagurl, thank you for editing your post, and demon, I'm glad you could join in^^ though you did go a little heavy on the magic... anyway, I guess maybe one more person and we could get this started ^^!!!!

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Name: Klai'n Vince
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Race: Ground Mercenary
Appearance: Klai'n likes to wear dark colors, preferably dark red. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. His skin tone is a ruddy brown color and he is about 6'5. Not to tall, not to short. He always carries sunglasses for some reason, even when it is dark out.
Personality: Klai'n is a strong silent type. He never really says anything unless needed, or when he is curious about something. He has killed before, but noone knows who. It may be a pirate, or another citizen, or a cloud member.

Home City: A'zergon, a small city on the coast of the northern ocean
Weapons: He carries a sword similar to the one cloud uses in FF7, he also carries a long wooden staff etched in runes. The runes have no magical property
Skills: nothing above average, though he can smack someone on the head really hard with his stick
Magic: doesn't believe in magic, thibks it is a joke
Bio: he is a rare case when a earth human was taken to the clouds. He doesn't remember how, but he was 9 at the time and he thinks it was by pirates. Someone took him in, and he was raised as a cloud child. When he was twenty five he asked for a ship to bring him back to the earth world, for he yearns to see it one more time. It was too dangerous for any pilot to accept and he is tryng to get there ever since.

(PM me if I did something wrong :) )
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