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RPG Trigun: A New Start (WARNING: Smoking, drinking, and violence involved)


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Julie was sitting at a tavern in a very non-peaceful town. She stared at her half empty bottle of whiskey. She was trying really hard to ignore the fight behind her. A really buff guy was in a fistfight with a less buff guy. Julie finally decided to turn around and watch the fight. As soon as she turned, a bottle flew by her head. She just rolled her eyes and took another swig of her whiskey.

?Take an easy big fellow,? the smaller man said consulting the larger one, ?you don?t want to burst a blood vessel.? Julie looked at the smaller man through her bottle. He had black hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a black suit with little sliver cross cufflinks, a white shirt with about three buttons undone, and tan boots. He was carrying a huge cross. Julie swirled her whiskey around.

?Listen scrawny,? the larger man said as he picked the smaller man up by his shirt collar, ?you started this, but I?m finishing it.? The larger man pulled his fist back about to hit the smaller man, but the smaller man blocked with his cross. Julie almost dropped her bottle because of the smaller man?s courage. As the larger man?s fist hit the cross, it made him stumble backward. He fell on top of Julie. Julie shoved him off, picked up her gun, and fired it at the ceiling.

?Everyone except the scrawny man in the black suit,? Julie said while taking a cigarette out her pocket, ?clear out.? Everyone, accept the few that were passed out on the floor, crammed their way out of the doorway. The man, Julie had told to stay behind, looked over at her. Julie lit her cigarette and walked over to the man.

?Who are you,? the man said with a very edgy voice. Julie blew some smoke in the man?s face. He waved it away from his face and gave Julie an evil glare. Julie sat down at one of the tables, picked up a bottle of beer, and stared at it.

?I was going to ask you the same question,? Julie said as she turned the bottle around by its bottom. The man picked up his cross and started to walk out. Julie shot at the door, without even looking. The man turned back around. He knew he wasn?t going anywhere.

?I?m Nicholas D. Wolfwood,? the man said sternly,?but you can call me Nick.? Julie propped her feet up on the table and flicked her cigarette at Nick?s feet. Nick kicked her cigarette back at her. Julie sat the beer bottle down. She started rocking back and forth in her chair.

?Well Nick,? Julie said with a grin, ?my name is Julie, but you might know me as Julie the Typhoon.? Nick facial expression didn?t even change. He wasn?t scared of her or her reputation. Julie could tell he wasn?t scared. She liked a man that wasn?t scared of a wanted criminal.

?What are you doing in a town like this Miss. Typhoon,? Nick sarcastically said. Julie wiped her gun with her jacket. She then looked at herself in it. She had a sad look upon her face. Nick looked at her suspiciously.

?I?m looking for my missing brothers Vash and Knives,? Julie said with a sadden voice, ?Maybe you know what happened to them?? Nick?s facial expression finally changed. He was shocked that Vash and Knives had a sister that no one knew about. He shook his head. Julie quickly looked up from her gun. She had saw Nick?s shake of his head, but that?s not what caught her attention. Someone was shouting outside of the tavern. Julie stuck her gun back in the holster, grabbed Nick?s arm, and ran out of the tavern.

Hopefully this isn't bad for my first try. (not to mention I did at 1:30 in the morning).
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*Dragus sees a tavern clear out. Dragus walks toward it.*
Dragus:"... I wonder what's going on there..."
*Dragus walks into the tavern and sees a girl talking to a guy in the black suit.*
Dragus:"Miss are you Julie the Typhoon?"
Julie:"Yeah why?"
*Dragus runs over to Julie and hugs her(Hey they are brother and sister that first met whataya expect).*
Dragus:"I am your eldest brother Dragus the Hurricane... I have been looking for you along with Vash and Knives."
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OCC: this is gonna be good

IC: Terran had seen too much already. After four years in a wasteland, he comes back to find criminals hugging each other on the street. He takes a few steps forward and talks to a man with a cross hung across his back.

"Are these guys OK?" The man looked around at him with a surprised expression.

"Where did..."

"Over there." Terran replied humorously.

"I see... they're... just fine, I think."

"Right... I'm gettin outta here before I go nuts too."

OCC: take it away :cool:
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"Hold it right there," Julia said as she walked over to Terran, "what's the rush." Terran looked at the tall blonde women. He then looked at all of the men back away as another blonde walked upto Julie.

"I just figured I would get out of here before I got caught up in anything," Terran said with a shakey voice. Dragus looked at him and slightly smlied. Julie looked at Nick, who was watching all of the men stumble away from the scene .

"What's your name kid," Dragus said as he looked at Terran's machine gun. Terran looked a little unsure. Julie pulled Nick over to where Dragus was standing. Nick mumbled some unpleasent things as Julie pulled him.

"My name's Terran," Terran said under his breath. Julie looked at him with a wondering look on her face. He wasn't no mere human. Could it be possible that he was a humanoid? Julie walked up to Terran again. Terran blushed as she put her hands on his shoulders.

"What I'm about to say goes for Nick and Dragus too," Julie said with a smile, "but will you join me in my quest to find my missing brothers." Terran looked at Julie with surprise. They had just met, but she still wants him to join her. She put her hand out. Dragus and Nick walked over.

"Of course I'm going," Dragus said as he put his hand on Julie's, "they're my brothers too after all." Nick rolled his eyes in disbelieve. He took out a cigarette and lit it. Terran looked at him.

"What the hell," Nick said as he put his hand on Dragus', "Vash was one of my buddies." Everyone looked at Terran. Terran was a little unsure. He might regret this. He took a deep breath.

"Alright I'll come," Terran said as he put his hand on Nick's, "just because I'm tired of traveling the deasert alone." Julie smiled at Terran. Terran started to blush again. Nick seemed to be getting a little jealous. Everyone moved their hands and turned around.
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"GET BACK HERE!!!" Angie yelled as she chased after the little kid that had stolen her favorite watch (a gift from her father). She ran past a group of people but ignored them. The kid didn't seem to be tiring out any time soon. She pulled out her gun and sent a bullet whizzing by the kid's ear. He stopped abruptly.
"Are you crazy, lady?" he said, turning around.
"Well, I'm not sure about that, but I'd like my watch back," said Angie, holding out her hand.
"Whatever, I'm gettin' outta here," said the kid, dropping the watch into her hand and running off.
Angie put her gun back in the holster and tried to get her watch back on. "Oh, darn it, I can never get this thing on with one hand." The people outside the tavern stared at her. "Oh, hello." She smiled.
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"Hello," Julie said with a smile, "what's your name." Angie looked at Julie for moment. She then put her hand out and smiled. Julie shook her hand gently.

"I'm Angela Johnson," Angie said as she shook Julie's hand steadly, "but you can call me Angie." Julie shook her head. She was kind of shocked at Angie's hyperness. Dragus walked up next to Julie.

"That was some nice shooting back there," Dragus said with a grin. Angie stopped shakeing Julie's hand and looked at Dragus. Nick started shuffling his feet with impatience.

"Thank you," Angie said lovingly. Nick took his cigarette out of his mouth and flicked it at Julie. Terran looked at Nick. Nick let out a heavy sigh and walked over to Julie.

"Are we going to leave yet," Nick said with an annoyed voice. Julie turned around and gave Nick a cold look. She started walking toward the exit of the town. Her long jacket flared behind her. Terran sheepishly fallowed her. Nick also headed for the exit.

"Where are you going," Angie asked as the three stopped in thier tracks. Dragus was still standing next to Angie. Julie turned around and smiled brightly.

"We're all going to look for my missing brothers," Julie said kindly, "you wouldn't want to come along, would you?" Angie's eyes lite up as she heard Julie speak. She jumped for joy.

"Of course I would love to go," Angie said with excitement. She hugged Dragus without thinking. Dragus turned bright red. Angie quickly let go. Julie let out a slight giggle from under her breath. Dragus gave her that angry big brother look.
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Shonya stared at a poster with her face on it and frowned
"Why dont they just give up im not going back there"
She went to rip the poster off the pole but she stoped maybe she should go see her parents,No I dont care about them and they dont care about me.She quickly reached for the poster but then she heard voices coming and ran down the ally and jumped on a barrel and up to the roof of a building and whatched the people who were approaching th poster.
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Dragus:"Nic... Do you know anything about Vash and Knives?"
Nicholas:"Well I know that Trouble always follows Vash the Stampede... He is also known as the Humanoid Typhoon. he's a real goofy fellow to..."
Dragus:"Sounds Familiar.... Julie is known as Julie the Typhoon... I'm known as Dragus the Hurricane... People also say that me and Julie are real goofy people... But that's just rumors..."
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Angie smiled. "Oh, wait- I just remembered, I have to go tell daddy I'm leaving. I'll be back in a minute, okay?"
"Okay," said Julie. Angie ran quickly back to her family's resteraunt/house.
"Dad, I have something to tell you. Daddy?" It was silent. "Mama, you here? Toby? Cynthia? Eddie? Jeromy? Where'd everybody go?"
She walked around the empty building and tripped over something on the floor. She looked down and gasped in horror. It was her little brother Eddie, sprawled on the floor, covered in blood. The whole [I]floor[/I] was covered in blood. "Eddie! No, no, no, no," she kept saying over and over. "They're all dead." She started crying and ran outside, back to Julie and the others.
They looked shocked when Angie fell to her knees, sobbing frantically.
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"What's wrong," Julie said with a worried voice. Angie looked up at Julie and the others. Her green eyes full of tears. Julie bent down and hugged Angie. She was trying to give her comfort. Angie just cried some more.

"Maybe we can help if you tell us what's wrong," Terran said with a whisper. Angie stopped crying. She stood up and wiped her tears away. Julie stood up and looked at Angie.

"Thery're gone, all gone," Angie said as her eyes filled with tears agian. Dragus slightly patted Angie on the shoulder. Nick looked up into the sky and mumbled something to himself. Julie looked over at him.

"Who's gone Angie," Nick said trying to be nice. Angie looked at Nick. She didn't want to say, but she also couldn't keep it bottled inside.

"My family," Angie said wiping away her tears agian, "someone murdered them." Julie gasped as she heard Angie. Nick looked at Julie. She looked as she was about to cry. Shonya, who was listening from the roof, swallowed hard. She was also about to cry and she didn't even know why. She quickly jumped off the roof and ran out of the town.

"Maybe some traveling a bit might help you Angie," Terran said with a smile. Angie put on a slight smile and nodded. Julie still looked as if she was going to cry. To everyone's surprise, Nick walked over to her and hugged her. Dragus looked a little upset.

"What are we waiting for," Angie said as she faked a smile, "lets go." Julie pushed away from Nick and started walking. Nick shrugged his shoulders and started walking as well.
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Shonya stated wondering why the death of that girls family troubled her she had killed many familys and she didnt ever fell bad."Shadow lets go",Shadow looked at here and seemed to be asking "whats wrong".Shonya heard people walking toward her and there was no where to hide.She quickly put her hand to her gun.

[color=green]I merged your two posts; please do not double post. --terra[/color]

"What do you want"
Nick reconised the girl's face from a poster he had seen she was the girl that was missing.
"Why dont you come with us little girl"Nick said
Shonya 's hand flew to her gun and she quickly shoot Nick in the shoulder"Im not a little girl!"
Shonya ran off as fast as she could go she turned and yelled to Shadow,"Come on Shadow we have to go",Shadow jumped up and ran to catch up to Shonya.
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"You're very bave," Julie said as she checked Nick's shoulder. Nick smiled slightly, grabbed his shoulder, and kept walking. Julie hugged Nick's other arm. Dragus didn't like the fact that his little sister was crushing on somebody. Later up the road, the gang passed a small stone statue. Julie got a bad feeling as she passed it. Shonya peeked out from behind the statue. She let out a slight snicker as she saw the blood on Nick's shoulder.

"I think we need to get him to a hospital," Terran said quickly. Julie looked up at Nick. He was going pale and he looked very weak. Dragus grabbed Nick's other arm. Both Julie and him helped Nick walk. After about two hours, they arrived in another small town. Julie and Dragus hurried Nick to the local hospital.

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As they were entering the hospital, Terran noticed something behind them. When he turned around, he saw Shonya dashing behind the nearest building.

"Hey, guys..." before he finished, Julie and Angie both gave him a menacing look, " and uh, girls, that kid who shot Nick is back there followin' us."

"No surprise." said Dragus. "How, 'bout you stay here and see if you can keep her from finishing the job?"

"What? but..." at another look from the others, Terran stopped, and decided he should do what they say. After a while, Shonya seemed to be trying to get closer to the hospital. "C'mon," Terran said under his breath, "I dare ya."
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Shonya stoped wondering what was wrong with her when did she start caring about the people she hurt.SHe started to turn around and walk away but then a voice called out
Shonya turned her head to the voice and saw a friend of the guy she had shot then
Shonya said,"Go away I dont what to hurt you."
"What"Terran said.
"You heard me now im leaving "Shonya said
"Why did you shoot Nick"
"Because i felt like it"Shonya stared to walk away then Terran pulled out his gun and shoot at her Shonya doged it and pulled her gun out and shoot his gun right out of his hand then his gun went flying and Shonya shoot the gun and broke it in two then ran off.
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Angie looked worried. "I hope Mr. Wolfwood is okay." ((lol))
"Don't worry about it," said Dragus reassuringly. "He'll be fine."
"Are you sure?" Angie asked.
"I hope so..." said Dragus.
"I don't want to lose any more friends..." said Angie, trying to hold back her tears. "I never really had any... when I was little..."
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Back where Terran is......
?Aw man,? Terran said with a sigh, ?What am I going to do with a broken gun?? Terran looked into the distance to make sure Shonya was gone. He let out another sigh. An hour later, the group came back. Julie ran over to Nick?s side.

?What did the doctor say Terran,? Angie said with a worried look. Terran looked really worried. He was wondering if he should tell them what happened to his gun.

?The doctor said that he has lost a lot of blood,? Terran said softly, ?but he should be fine.? Nick had his shoulder wrapped but he could move his arm. Julie hugged him gently. He hugged her back with his other arm. Angie let out a sigh and Dragus snorted. Dragus looked over at Terran.

?What?s your problem,? Dragus said with a slightly angered tone. Terran pointed at his broken gun. Julie stopped hugging Nick and looked at what Terran was pointing at. She walked over picked up Terran?s gun.

?I can fix this,? Julie said kindly, ?but what happened.? Terran looked a little worried again. He shook his head and let out a sigh.

?Shonya stopped by,? Terran said hesitantly. Everyone looked at Julie as she griped her fist. Julie took Terran?s gun outside. She took out a cigarette, lit it, and sat down. A half hour pasted and Julie came back inside. She threw Terran?s gun, now fixed, gun at him. It almost knocked him over as he caught it. Everyone looked at Julie.
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I am NOT insanne, crazy, etc. Ask JoyKaiba, I just signed up. ^^

Komeko looked up. Ahead of her was a small town. The first thing that caught her eye was a bar.
"Alright!" she said, picking up her pace slightly. A wind of dust blew in front of her, making Komeko cover her face.
About ten minutes later, while she sat in the bar wating for her order, a conversation between two middle-aged men caught her attention.
"There's four of them," one said. "Two boys and two girls (I hope I got that right). Gun...peoples."
His accent with thick with alcohol. He had clearly been drinking for a long time.
The other man spoke. "Two girls? Didn't think that [i]girls[/i] would use actual guns."
Komeko couldn't stand it. "What's wrong with that?" she demanded, standing up. The two men looked at her.
"What's with you, kid?" the first one asked.
"Looks too young to be in a bar," said the second one. "Maybe...what? 12?"
The two burst out in laugher as Komeko's face grew red. "For your information, I am 15! Although most people often mistake me for 13, I have to say, you two brought it to a new extreme."
They stopped and looked at her. "You? You're 15? Wouldn't have guessed."
Komeko sat down, a few stools away from the two in a huff. The bartender brought her order, white wine in a beer tankard.
"You over 21?" he asked.
"Wouldn't you like to know," she mumbled, taking a sip. The bartender just shrugged and held out his hand. "$$10," was all he said. Taking out her wallet, Komeko paid him and he left. She sighed and drank.
"And I beat you AGAIN!" she exclaimed fifteen minutes later, which one would find her at a blackjack table, being half drunk. The man she faced, about 20, banged his head on the table, then handed her thirty double-dollars.
"See ya later," she said, standing up and walking out of the bar. She felt a wave of releif being spread across the building she left.
As Komeko jumped down the stairs, a few panicked voices caught her attention. Instinct told her to pull out the gun, which she did and ran towards the voices.
I hope that's not too bad for my first post here. Thanks!
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Shonya felt tears come to her eyes as she sat by Shadow. Shadow looked at her worried and had a sad look in his eyes.
Shonya stod up and said "This shoudn't bother me."
Shonya started walking toward the next town and Shadow followed closely behind. Shadow sat outside the town gate and wated for her.Shonya walked into a bar and sat down at a table in back and ordered a beer and drank it slowly.
Outside Shadow saw people coming toward the town but payed no attenication.
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"Wait until I get my hands on that little brat," Nick said with a fist at his side. An Anime Sweatdrop appered behind everyone's head as Nick mumbled. Julie walked over next to Nick.

"Calm down," Julie said with a bright smile, "you can't do anything in the condition your in." Nick glare at Julie. Julie didn't even move. Nick shook his head.

"A long as I can use my right arm," Nick said loudly, "I can still use this." Everyone looked at Nick as he put his cross in front of him. He yanked one of the belts, that was keeping the cloth on, and the cloth and other belts came off. Everyone looked on as Nick pick his cross up with one hand.

"Hold on," Terran said, "that cross is a machine gun." Nick nodded slightly. Dragus shook his head. (Warning: Vash's line comeing up)

"What kind of curch man are you," Dragus said as he looked at Nick's gun. Nick shook his head. Julie looked over at the town they were approching. She spotted Shadow. She let out a slight growl. Everyone looked at her as she stormed off toward the town. Nick put his gun down and fallowed Julie.
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Shonya heard Shadow howl and got quick she left the money on the table and ran toward the back gate and sneaked around the gate to the front and whislted to Shadow.Shonya then strated to run and Shadow ran after her.Shonya knew what she would do next she'd find her friend Vash.Vash was the only guy she respected and she alao amired him.But then Shonya ran strat in to Dragus and looked up at him with horror in her eyes Shadow growled at him with his teeth flared while he stood by Shonya.
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*Dragus looks in Shonya's eyes.*
Dragus:"Shonya... Look I'm Vash's big Brother, if you don't trust me or Julie but you can trust Cash why not trust us? I can tell just by looking in your eyes... The look of terror."
*Dragus then follows julie and Nick then stops suddenly.*
Dragus:"When you can answer it with your full honest opinion I will respect it... If you know what Vash looks like now can you tell me what he looks like now please?"
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[color=blue][I] I've taken the liberty of resurrecting Legato. I'm not sure what twist was intended, but I'm going to imply that Knives is still a villain. If anything I say here doesn't make sense, PM me and I'll change it if possible. [/color]
[color=red]Alright, I've gotten an update from JoyKaiba. She wants Knives to be good, so I'm editing this accordingly. Also, to clarify things, Legato's voice in Stocatta's head will be in green. Her thoughts will be blue. Others thoughts/feelings will be red. Enjoy![/I][/color]

Outside a lonely desert town stood a tall woman dressed in black. Her silver hair matched the silver moon which she gazed up at for guidance.
[I][color=green]Kill them!![/color][/I] The command echoed through her mind.
[I][color=blue]I do not wish to.[/color][/I] She answered back.
[I][color=green]Stocatta, you belong to me!! [b]Kill them!![/b] You have no choice![/color][/I]
[I][color=blue]You know, Legato, you can be a really B*s*a*d sometimes...[/color][/I], she thought back as her booted feet began to walk towards the town against her will.
She knew her targets. She knew her mission. He was right: she didn't have a choice. She didn't have a choice unless he let her have one.
"Capture the humanoids. Kill the others." The order was never altered...until now...Now, he wanted them all dead. If they would not join Knives, they would not live.
Stocatta Bluesummers found herself entering the town, approaching her targets stealthfully from behind. As she neared them, she could hear their thoughts pounding in her brain...
[color=red][I]"Why can't I trust them?!?! Why can I only trust Vash?"
"What kind of a priest is this [/I] Nick?[I] The guy's willing to shoot a kid!!"
"This girl had better learn to trust us, or we're gonna have to do something about her..."
"Shonya shouldn't be here. She's just going to cause trouble."
"They're all gone. I'll never see them again! Travelling is [/I]not[I] going to keep me from grieving! It'll only bury it."
"I hope Nick'll be okay. We haven't even left town yet, and we've already run into trouble!"[/I][/color]
"The trouble's only beginning, gang," Stocatta muttered under her breath.
Their emotions surged through her body: fear, anger, distrust, sorrow, and even a hint of love.
[I][color=blue]Damnit, Legato! You're not like me! You can't see into them before you kill them!![/color][/I] she thought to herself...and him.
The unseen puppet strings pulled her behind a building into hiding as one of the young women began to look furtively around.
[I][color=blue]You know, if you'd just trust me to handle this myself I'd get it done. You don't have to baby me through this.[/I][/color] she thought at him angrily.
But his voice echoed through her brain: [color=green][I]You know as well as I do that if I let you free for a moment you dash off in the opposite direction. You have not the same ends as I do. I can't afford to let you do as you please. You're too valuable to me, darling.[/I][/color]
[I][color=blue]Stop acting like you even give a s*** about me!! All I am to you is a tool. Go screw yourself, a**hole!![/color][/I]
Suddenly her arm contorted against her will. It reached into the holster concealed under her black trenchcoat and grasped her gun, made with the highest of precision and care--All for Legato's revenge on Knives...for abadoning him on the brink of death.
[color=blue][I]It's bad enough that I have no free will. What a curse to be a puppet of a psychopath seeking vengeance..."[/color][/I], she thought bitterly.
Legato's anger surged through her brain and her right hand, clenching the gun, whipped up, aiming into the street at the clueless people gathered together.
[color=blue][I]God grant you peace.[/I][/color] Stocatta's eyes welled up.
Her finger pulled the trigger.
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*Dragus hears the shot and pulls out his .40 caliber gold colt out and fires a bullet in the direction of the shot to intercept the shot.*
Dragus:"Who shot a gun? This is not good... people are after us I thought trouble only followed vash I guess it hunts us Julie..."
Julie:"You're sure..."
Dragus:"No, Then who shot the bullet at us then?"
Julie:"You got a point there..."
Dragus:"We better move then."
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Back in the desert legato and another strange man stood. legato was silent but his accomplice was belting out a haunting melody on the sax

Legato: So are you ready to make thyself known my friend

?:Well being a musician I'm always ready

Legato :goood then lets go give our adversaries a nice welcome

*in a rush of sand legato ad company begin their grand entrance*
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