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You like using irregular polygons don't you? Anyway, I think you could make the picture a bit bigger and the font a bit clearer. But it is great^_^

Oh, and I know why the color was messed up. It's because there's a break in the outline of the word, so it flows into the backround. If you draw a line on the break and close the word, you can then fill the word in with brown.
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Your banners are all really good, especially since they were done in Paint and are your firsts. But the Hurricane could have used a bigger logo and the whole quote. All in all, I say half a thumb up, which is good since the best is a thumb. If you got a hail of obscenities, then I'd be worried.
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Thanks, Alastor. When u want a new one, let me know.

Here's others i made...

Element banner
[b]S[/b]uper [b]H[/b]eros [b]I[/b]n [b]T[/b]raining
Bahumant11088's banner
SK8 4 LYF 2
Lite and Day

Tell me what u think...
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