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Sign Up Live the Matrix

Wolf Maximas13

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Ok, i'm goona give this idea a spin. Here's the basic idea. The matrix is the same as everyone knows it to be, from animatrix, to enter the matrix, and the three ,movies, but in this its a bit diffrent. It's the old question of, what if there wasn't a Neo, or a "One". This is for that. This will be the Matrix with NO Neo, Morphius, Trinity, or anyone fromt he Nebacanezer( no i didn't spell it right. thats not an easy word to remember how to spell). The sign up will be either, human thats been pulled out of the matrix, human still in the matrix, pure human, or agent, and no smith either. The other ships are still out there like Niobes and such. So, you are more than welcome to be Ghost or someone else form the Matrix, or make one up. I would like to have enough people to have three or four shipd to run with. A ship will need a captain, an operator, and atleast three fighters ie: people who can go into the matrix. Plus as in some of the Animatrix showed there are more then the three main agents, atleast thats what i got form "a kid's story", cause there where way more than three agents up on the roof at the end. Anyways you can be a some small agent program in the matrix to help the machines.

ok, the sign ups.


state pure, in or out of matrix.

Real Name:
Code name: only if out of or still in the matrix. If you still in the Matrix you don't have to have one though.


Bio: how you got out of the matrix, where in the real world where you born, or how have you come to learn that the world you live in isn't the truth. you get which ones go with which.

Appearance in the Matrix: this is the fun one. remember, the women have sexy type outfits and the guys have nice suit style cloths. yes, some of the women do have nice suits, and you can do that.

Weapon: like something you like to enter the matrix with.

here's mine

out of the matrix

Real name: Lang
Code name: Wolf
Appearance: white shirt and white cargo pants. He has white hair that comes to alittle past his shoulders. It's held up by a black band. He has blue eyes that ahve a hint of white in them.

Bio: He was brought out by Niobe and Ghost. From there Ghost as taught him most of what he knows. From his knowledge to his fighting styles, and Wolf has learned a few of his own. He has just resently come into his captainship, and is getting his first crew. He fills he is ready for what lies ahead.

Matrix Appearance: White trench coat that goes to his feet. He wears sliver rimed sunglasses, and his hair is a bit longer then in real life. He has a black shirt under his coat, and white dress pants with white boots. He wears black fingerless gloves to finish it all.

Weapon: He likes to go in with his white handled katana, and two glocks. He likes close in combat better then gunfighting.


Name: last name only, and make it a basic american last name. like Johnson and such.

lol, thats about it for the agents. If you play one you can have there personality unfold as the RP goes on. And, if anyone was wondering how we were going to end this, if it gets that far, we won't. will do a kinda to be continued, and maybe finish it later. who knows. ok, lets see what happens :smirk:
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I never saw the Animatrix, and the Enter the Matrix game I got was so glitchy I couldn't play, but I still love the matrix, so...

Real Name: Roger Huckson
Code name: Mirth
Appearance: Brown messy hair, much shorter than in the matrix. Dark blue cotton make-do long-sleeve shirt, and black pants.

Bio: Born in SanFransisco. His dad was a very busy man, so he learned to fend for himself at an early age. He doesn't remember exactly how it happened, but he remembers overhearing somebody talking about an awakening from a lie, and following them out of curiosity. He watched another kid dissapear in front of his eyes, and the shock made him gasp and expose his hiding place. That's all he remembers.

Appearance in the Matrix: Brown med length messy hair. Sunglasses (of course) and dark blue hellraiser jacket (like vashes from trigun, except with both sleeves) Black pants and dark blue combat boots (like Spikes from Cowboy Bebop)

Weapon: Dual pistols
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Real Name: James Anderson (Hes not related to Neo at all)
Code Name: Gunner
Apperance: White hair, Black Pants, Black Polo Shirt

Bio: Born in England (still has accent) adopted, smokes, found by Spark who told him about the matrix and brought him along to the Logos. Sparks taught him all he knew about hacking and downloaded all the hacking disks he had (plus more)

Apperance in the matrix: Like the twins but in black (still white hair)

Weapons: 2 semi-automatic hand guns :smoke:
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Well, I havn't seen the animatrix either, but I can proudly say that I have completed Enter The Matrix [SIZE=1](with cheats)[/SIZE] oh, did I say that? anyway, I realize you already have several good guys, but I've always wanted to do this and... well you understand right?

Name: Mike Dorran

Code name: Flare

Age: 21 (i know u didn't include age, but i felt i should post it anyway)

taken from the matrix

Appearance: 6'2'' green eyes, and short black hair. brown pants and a long black jacket thats seen better days (lol)

BIO: When he was in the Matrix he was a pyro, and when he came out it was obvious, he became an explosive specailist and works on Wolf's ship as an engineer. Just being around him seems to brighten the crews spirits and you don't often see him frowning.

Matrix Appearance: his hair is slightly longer, and he has a burn on his arm. jeans, a black shirt and soft black jacket.

Weapons: two pistols and various types of grenades. (yay!)
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Name: Ice
Age: 25'
An operator
Appearance: has short blonde hair, about average height. wears jeans and a green tattery shirt.
BIO: was actually part of the matrix at one time! (i don't know if that is possible, so...) His best friend was killed in the matrix and he didn't want to be part of it anymore. He can go in it, but perfers not to. He is a great hacker, but can' bend the matrix. He was found by Wolf and joined his crew
Matrix Appearance: Similar to a blonde Mouse (as in the Matrix)
Weapons: a submachine gun x2, and a ton of gas grenades
(hope its ok)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Wolf Maximas13 [/i]
[B]Nebacanezer( no i didn't spell it right. thats not an easy word to remember how to spell). [/B][/QUOTE]

Nebuchandezzar ;)


Name: last name only, and make it a basic american last name. like Johnson and such.

lol, thats about it for the agents. If you play one you can have there personality unfold as the RP goes on. And, if anyone was wondering how we were going to end this, if it gets that far, we won't. will do a kinda to be continued, and maybe finish it later. who knows. ok, lets see what happens :smirk: [/b][/QUOTE]

Actually, you can have a pretty good sign up for an agent, example, mine.

Name: Agent Johnson
Created: 12/20/2199
Specifics: Agent Johnson was created by the machines to hepl with many of the problem agents faced in the population boom and subsequent rejections following the creation of eden Matrix version 01, being a top of the line Agent model, Johnson began searching for those who had rejected the program, and began dismembering them, Johnson worked along side Smith and Jones, two other agents that are very obscure in his memory databanks.

Weapon of choice: Johnson does not use weapons, he can dodge bullets and is an excellled martial arts programmed agent.
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I'm in the mood to be eeevil

Name: Agent Anderton

Created: 11/12/2199

Specifics: Agent Anderton was created as a termination tool to deal with renegade programs, and those who rejected the program. He was recently assigned with Agent Johnson on specifically hunting down those who rejected the program

Weapon of choice: Anderton specializes in light firearms, and martial arts weaponry, always giving himself a calculated advantage against the renegade programs, as they are potentially as deadly as he is, being written from similar programs. He always has a Glock 19, and twin daggers in his shoulder holsters.

OOC: if there are any issues at all in my sign-up, I would be happy to change it. I realize that agents would most likely not have twin daggers, but if it would give them a calculated advantage, I think they would. After all, they think like machines ;). Hope this gets off the ground! Ja ne!
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Name: Sar'ia
Code Name: Elektra
Age: 25
Apperance: Look at pic...Clothing she wears though are long sleeved. and Wears grey pants. Hair is usually kept in a ponytail or curled.
Bio: She was taken out of the matrix 10 years after all her family killed in a car wreck. She was a known hacker but mostly did only underground work to help out her status. You know nothing really big.
After playing around on her computer on day she began to notice weird peple talking to her and she began to look into their names. The people were also infamous hackers who seemed to disapear many years ago. Every now and then rumors were brought up that they were still alive but nothing substancial.
Being clueless to what was going on they began to clue her on about her living in a dream and how everything wasn't real.
But at the same time she was being tracked down by many Men in Black looking guys. They interogated her but never harmed her. Or so she thought. One day while laying around the house she felt something moving in her abdomen. She was bugged and had to get this out. (thought it was just an worm.)
One night after sharing this information with a hacker she recieved a package with a phone. It was Niobe. She met with Sar'ia and removed the bug, but not only that Niobe also freed her from the Matrix.
For 2 years now she has been free in the real world becoming ever so adept to what the Matrix is and how to bend/break the rules. She has yet gone back into the Matrix but patientl waits for the day when her chance willl be given. She continues to train her body though by going into many of the programs. And truly enjoys it there.
She only has a few weeks and she be able to sign up to join a ship.

Matrix Apperance: Wears a green leather suite with black shades. Her hair is in braids and her eyes are grey in nature
(used to wear grey contacts while she was in the Matrix.) Over the green leather suit is a long black fitting coat (at times) to hide an assortment of weaponry if needed.

Weapon: Kitana and sais(picture shown below) Will occassionally use guns and whatever weapons may be provided.
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great, thanks to everyone for signing, and thanks to shinji for making the agent sign up better. ok, now i would like to put people into ships. some have stated if there in my ship or not, but if you havn't you can be on others and i might let you be a captian (PM if you want to be). people can still sign up. like i said i'd like to have enough for about 2 or 3 ships.
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Real Name:Kristen lee
Code name: Kitty

Appearance:Spiked brown hair and Hazle eyes.

Bio: Got out of the matrix by being freed by a friend, Born NY, Began to relive the truth when she had a meeting with others that had heard some bizzar things.
Appearance in the Matrix: eyes are ice blue Black spiked hair outfit(Looks like what Trinity wares and her face is angel like
Weapon:sais and hand guns
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